Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello! Long time no see. In case you wondering where I am now check here for updates:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

many many thanks

I've come out of accidental retirement with a cliched piece of "art". I've missed you blog, and have no-one but myself to blame. If one were to look at my posts they'd think not much has happened this year. In some ways that's true (hello, frequent stops by Netflix), but it has not been without its peaks and valley's.

Here I am now, and life is good. Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time to embrace that reality. I sincerely hope that regardless of the holiday that everyone is warm, safe, has a full belly and people around that they love and love them back.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

oh my stars and stripes

Happy 4th of July! Ingredients for a successful holiday: no shoes, this shirt, an assortment of meats, pals, and things that go boom / sparkle in the night.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

timewhine #5

timewhine #5

Depressed yet? I love to blog about sad things apparently. I also love to create graphics that are fancier ways of saying "duh".

People die. Things go away. Nothing lasts forever. But tragedy can be repurposed.

Beauty ends. Life goes on. Sit on that.

Roger Ebert

Recently we lost Roger Ebert to cancer. I remember reading in the news that afternoon that he was undergoing treatment again and would be reducing his workload. Just a few short hours later he died. I can't imagine the pain that he endured and hope that he has found peace. 

He was a hero to me as a child. His reviews fueled my love for the movies, and I obsessively highlighted my favorites and built lists around his recommendations. He almost single-handedly introduced me to what are now considered the classics of the 60's, 70's and 80's, and opened my eyes to art-house and off-beat cinema (pop passed the jump for my great and not-so-great list of must-watch-movies from childhood; Ebert should not get the creditblame for some of these travesties).

He was a hero to me as an adult. His passion for film never wavered, and despite a disease that drained and disfigured him, he carried on -- eloquently and intelligently, with humor. Few people find such success and respect, and endure in the face of such challenge. 

He was the last word, and sometimes the only word that mattered, in sealing a movie's fate.  I doubt anyone will come close again. 

I hope they have a theater in dachshund heaven (where I plan to go when the end comes) and that I'll be able to see him at the movies, where he'll be keeping a balcony seat warm for me.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

leon borensztein


Leon Borensztien, how I adore thee. His portraits, for the most part, I've speculated are either capturing the awkwardness between poses, or the overall oddness of awkward people. I think I prefer to believe it's the latter and all of these folks lived in one sad, yet groovy small town, back in 1982.  

You can view more of his work on his site, here. And a few of my favorites are after the jump.

timewhine #4

timewhine #4

I recently used a few vacation days. The original idea was to go on an extended weekend getaway. Plans fell through, but I should add that it was without any regret. Although I would have welcomed a change in scenery I also thought about all the things I could do free from the shackles of work. And I thought, and I thought some more. And I got very familiar with Evernote, and didn't just make regular notes, but fancy notes. The whole process only makes you feel slightly better about not actually getting anything done by the way. So that happened, and nothing happened. My accomplishments were in spending a little too much time giving myself mental lashings for having "doer's block" (it truly is like being stuck in mud -- you get angry and a little panicky), and feeding and dressing myself. Yay for a shining a dim light on achievements in lameness.

real people pez

Holy Pez! I need desperately want a custom dispenser. Hop Pop Factory made these as party favors, using 3D technology to replicate the faces / heads of the employees that attended. I'm a freak for these plastic guys. In fact I'm the proud owner of roughly 1,000 (oh those were dark days on ebay). It would be so fun to be able to add something like this to my collection.

Read more about the process that was in play to make these here: Hop Pop Factory blog.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

checking in with instagram


Hey! When I'm not busy having a staring contest with my computer or sleeping, I take pictures of my occasional ventures into the world. Will there be dogs? Yes. Otherwise, it's anyone's guess. Curious? Follow me on Instagram.

timewhine #3

timewhine #3

Unless you're Michael J. Fox in 1984, or have strangely morphed into some form of playable media, your options are a bit limited.  And let's face it, even DeLoreans aren't totally reliable. The awful truth -- what's done is done, and you can't go back. Carry on*.

*Feel free to wear an orange puffy vest. It couldn't hurt.