Tuesday, June 26, 2007

right now

A renewed interest in... pop rocks, the nursing profession (go ahead and scratch your head on that one... I'm not telling), all things View-Master, plus I happened upon a trailer for a movie called Paris, Je T’Aime that I must see.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

beer + music + party

Party Ends did it again with last night's Draft Sessions. Of course you can't really go wrong when you partner up with Independence Brewery, The Laughing, and some rappers. The beer was delicious, the night sweaty, and the music smutty (in a good way)... a glorious collaboration. To check out more pictures go here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

does this make me look skinny?

I'm not really the cup and saucer type but after finding this little pairing I have to rethink that. A U.K. site called Lazybone is selling this pair, using an anamorphic image... which means, if you don't already know and can't tell from the picture, that something distorted becomes decipherable once matched with a reflective surface. You have your choice of "coffee" or "tea" or you can submit your own logo/word for something really original.

If you're bored check out the rest of the site. Melamine plates, a sleeping bag you wear, a Twister duvet... definitely not always practical (er, pet doorbell anyone?) and certainly not items necessary to your survival or a better life, but bizarro and sometimes fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007

p.e. a. t.

I am 31 and haven't been in school in ages, so why do I still sometimes feel guilty or like I'm up to no good when I go out on a weeknight? Well, fortunately those silly thoughts quickly pass, partially aided by a Lone Star tallboy and the event de jour. Inevitably I have a great time and praise the freedoms of being an adult. Last night at The Mohawk is a prime example. It was AMAZING.

Party Ends sponsored one hell of a show. Two highlights... Astronautalis and Til We’re Blue or Destroy. The former is a one man rap monster truck. He plowed me over with his ability to make music out of simple solicited suggestions from the crowd. Add five shout-out words from the crowd, some beats, you get magic. I am awed by anyone that can make lemonade out of lemons, and on the fly. He also apparently watches a lot of Battlestar Galactica on YouTube, lives with his mom, and has hypnotizing neck... all OK in my book. I will follow you wherever you go (and, no, not in that creepy way).

The latter are just plain cute and fun. This was my second time to see them and was reminded why I loved them so much the first time. These guys filled the room (literally and figuratively). Layered vocals, multiple keyboards, double drums, plus a trumpet, tambourine, guitars, and more, they match their wall (think waves not bricks) of sound with boundless energy. A particular favorite song is "Crazy Tigers".

Music like this makes me happy. Thanks Party Ends for getting me out on a "school night", not that my arm ever has to twisted too hard for the right cause. More photos of the evening can be seen here if you so desire.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

furry models

Such good sports. Great company and my favorite models. Aside from being beautiful and lovable companions they are endlessly tolerant of having a camera shoved in their face. One of the best things to end up on the other side of my lens.

the best way to lose your hearing

I'll keep this simple. Check out When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. You won't regret it. Their show at Beerland last night kicked off their summer tour. You want beer thrown on your face, lively vocals, double threat drums and then some, and a sweet cover song to wrap it up, this should be your musical destination. You'll leave slightly deaf, slightly befuddled, and very entertained. For dates and venues check out their msypace profile.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

book worms

Current featured project on Polanoid is "Books". Enter your favorite Polaroid that is of a book, about a book, of a place books live, of a place where books die... you get the idea... it's gotta involve a book, broadly or literally. The winner receives 3 hand numbered Shot of the Day books, which highlight Polaroid fan faves from their website. Upload a photo, vote, or just browse. Contest ends June 11th.

sit on this

What happens when you give a bunch of folks a toilet seat and say "have at it". Certainly some people might have a few ideas in mind. If they're artists you get this. Check out the "No Shit!" art show at The Parlor in Hyde Park while you can. No newspaper accessories needed to help pass the time; instead grab a cold one and some famous Parlor pizza (don't forget your breath mint as you leave). And if you can, take a spin on the Baby Miss Pac Man before you head out.

The Parlor Hyde Park
4301 Guadalupe St. & 43rd.
Austin, TX
(512) 323-0440

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

top tees

Personally I can never have enough t-shirts. It's sort of a problem and I think I actually own more that I hate than I love, racking up a pretty impressive bin of losers that never get worn, but that I can't part with for some reason. Always on the quest to find a better, greater t-shirt (hence the crap pile in my closet)... one that will somehow complete me... I have recently stumbled upon threadless and have fallen in love.

Amid the cyber continent where a million t-shirt companies live is one that can actually boast and deliver some quality designs. There's no way to entirely avoid the "zany" one-line-zinger-wear or an image that borrowed heavily from some grunge-graphic site, BUT since these designs are made by tons of different folks via regular contests and submissions and YOU get to vote for the styles worthy of round 2 (getting printed), the odds are greater you'll find just what you need. Bonus, they are all printed on American Apparel, which are the softest shirts around. Yeah, Dov Charney's a perv but oh well.