Friday, February 4, 2011

michael williams

I am naming Michael Williams the undisputed champ of taking nighttime mountain photographs. Unreal. There are tons to check out. Go now...

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flying saucers

As I mentioned I few weeks ago, I made a few silly purchases. One such buy was the publication Flying Saucers, which is another little magazine that Raymond Palmer is responsible for. I can't quite bring myself to read them; I don't think I'm enough of a hardcore UFO buff but the article "The Astounding Analysis of the Lens Flare UFO" looks kind of interesting. Maybe I should stop admiring the covers and give the insides a chance. A few more covers are here. I really like the silver paper on one of them; unfortunately it didn't translate too well on my scanner. 

zoe strauss

I couldn't help but post some images that I saw over on La Pura Vida. Photographer Zoe Strauss recently took to her Flickr account to upload tons of 35mm work. I have fallen in love with all of it (and am an old fan of this image). She really captured the dynamics of a neighborhood... vibrancy vs decay, joy vs strife. Some images are hard to look at because they are so honest and grim while others simply bring a smile to my face.  It blows my mind that many of these are considered outtakes. 

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new in the shop!

Well I finally put these up in my shop... yay with barely enough time for V-day. I have discovered that I loathe taking product shots. So I kept trying and trying and I was unsatisfied with how they turned out... maybe those pockets of time to take the pictures was too small and I felt rushed. Anywho out of frustration I opted for no pictures on Etsy. Hopefully this is ok. If someone is absolutely dying to see a real live photo of the cards I will happily send some.

This set of cards is like the bigger sibling to the little Symbolisms cards I have done in the past. One design is actually from that project. The cards are professionally printed on 5x7 100# paper. They are blank inside and come with a brown bag colored envelope. AND if you purchase by February 11th shipping is FREE. Each card is $4. Follow the link(s) to purchase.

Honey You're The Sweetest
Your Love is My Fuel
Ready to Go All the Way

Thursday, February 3, 2011

australian mugshots

Really it's just a coincidence that I'm posting these Australian mugshots (see earlier post with claims of its dangerous shape). My love for you truly is unwaivering. Anyway, these images almost read more as thoughtful portraits than criminal captures. One woman even looks quite serene, while others look like they're ready for an afternoon with tea and friends. A few more can be seen here as well as after the jump.

[ via My Modern Metropolis ]

Günther Uecker

Whoa, check out these sculptures by German artist Günther Uecker. This would something fun to try at home... and hey, if it doesn't work out you can always hang a coat on it (or a million teeny pictures). More over on Synaptic Stimuli.

these shapes will (kill) you

Here we go again. In a part 2 to this, I am bringing you the dastardly shapes that will kill you. The options were sort of limitless... yet I settled upon these. I almost wish I had kept going and made it extra long, but I wanted to stick with 20 as with the other poster. But come on.... French FRY would have been a great follow to the "french foe". I'm not going to strain my brain about it though; I just knock these weird things out try not to look back. I sometimes feel like I have an inner voice after making this stuff that says, "ok do you feel better now" and then I answer "meh, sure I guess". And that's that. P.S. My brain is sort of like a generic brand of tapioca today... lots of work, no sleep, many power outages, and dull flat-lining thoughts. Apologies if it turns out I accidentally posted a grocery list or cute photos of dachshunds doing cute things that only I would care about. Oh and while I'm dolling out apologies... sorry Australia. You're great, and I'm not scared. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sherwin tibayan

"Best General View" is a series by Sherwin Tibayan which examines how we view the familiar through anonymous photographer's eyes. I find it a very interesting and visually engaging approach in how the American landscape is experienced.

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[ via Lenscratch ]

it's 2011 - let's celebrate February!

Well it's a new month and as promised here is a new desktop wallpaper to commemorate the month. February is National Boost Your Self Esteem Month! So look in the mirror and say "damn you look good" at least once a day. Also don't forget that this month is also Dental Month, Pudding Snack Month, and Typewriter Appreciation month. Sounds like a party.

P.S. I have to be honest, I'm not totally jazzed with this wallpaper, BUT I'm trying to stick with the plan and keep making one of the suckers every month. Time sort of slipped away and I made this on the fly. However, it's all yours for the low, low, low price of free. Size options are below. Just follow the link...