Friday, August 21, 2009

time out

Another week has passed and the posting has been pretty non-existent. I have been working 6 days a week and have not had a lot of free time. Then some additional stuff and things happened and I kinda feel like the above photograph. So I'm going to take a bit of a breather, soothe my soul with some mindless T.V. (hello True Blood, Project Runway, Flipping Out, and Top Chef... you showed up right when I needed you). Hopefully this absence will make your heart grow fonder and you'll still be here when I get back.

In honor of T.V. week I strongly urge you to listen to this amazing song by Dinah Washington.

[ image credit Elle Moss via File Magazine ]

Friday, August 14, 2009

new abc's

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

I am pretty sure that I have some sort of disease that makes me think of a bunch of random things and I can not find any peace until I get it out of my head. This time around it has resulted in creating a set of flash cards illustrating my new version of ABC's. Words often represent more than their material literal counterparts, whether it stems from a metaphor, an idiom, pop culture, or plain old personal experiences. What I have created I suppose is a grab bag of all of those things, unleashing my damn dam, and flooding you with some dumb connections that are pretty self-serving and silly. I would say "enjoy" but I can't really promise that.

meat to rest your head on

When I saw these meat pillows on Milk Tooth's Rain I instantly welcomed a new home accessory into my life (in the wishful thinking sense). Sweet Meats offers a variety of deli delights but obviously I am drawn to the bacon. Mmm, more rest, less fat.

james reynolds

At this point James Reynolds' series Last Suppers has made the blog rounds. Even so I couldn't help but mention it myself. His photographs capture the requested final meals of prisoners on death row. The images are stylistically stark and interesting, but when you consider the human connection to the project it's also moving. To see these pictures in full size please visit his site. You may also recognize his Far Foods series which has also been garnering some attention.

carpaccio magazine issue #5

The latest issue of Carpaccio Magazine is available and I am lucky enough to be one of the photographers in it. There are some really, really amazing photos and illustrations featured, so please go check them out here (it's FREE). I particularly like Gregory Dryapack and Charlie Engman.

weekly prescription

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a lovely message from someone. And when I say lovely, I mean angry. And when I say someone, I mean a person that did not like me using their artwork on my site. Now I don't claim to be above scrutiny here, and although I did give name credit and link to the original site I did not ask for permission and I certainly should have. I realize there are certain codes that one has to adhere to in this technological bloggy world, some more fiercely than others depending on the person/artist in question. So that said I offer my sincerest apologies again for overlooking and breezing past this person's preferences... I assure you it was without malice.

With this back story sufficiently laid out, and without trying to sound hokey, it seemed like a good time to prescribe some general means for being nicer. A good point can be lost when it's covered in shit, and while nice guys might finish last, they certainly will also live longer.

This week try to understand why people use the golden rule, follow Patrick Swayze's Road House philosophy, Relax, attract better health with honey, and then look on the bright side of life. And after this meditative journey, if anyone still wants to verbally kick my ass, knock yourself out... I'll be living in stress free bliss with the company of dachshunds, watching the occasional episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

hello again and goodbye

So I never really intended to stay away from here for so long. What I had intended to do was write up some post declaring my love for the recently deceased John Hughes... thank him for being the film maker that cemented my early ideas about attaining "true love", furthered my fascination with the mysterious folks that attended high school long before I did, and allowed me to become friends with made up characters that I would never actually meet but felt a kinship with none-the-less. In other words, to get sentimental here, he managed in his 80's filmography to connect with every burgeoning emotion, fear, and wish I had (even throwing in some great soundtracks and laughs). His movies ARE my youth and go hand in hand with some of my best memories.

Instead of further developing this idea I just worked and slept and before I knew it a whole week had passed. Note to anyone reading this, you probably do not want me in charge of any eulogies should the need arise. My lameness just gets in the way.

What I have said here certainly doesn't do him any justice so I offer you a few links (after the video) to some sites that did it much better, although at this point you have probably already seen them.

The John Hughes Edition [ Slash Film ]
Sincerely John Hughes [ We'll Know When We Get There ]
Don't You Forget About Me Documentary [ Jezebel ]

Friday, August 7, 2009

weekly prescription

Sometimes ideas and thoughts have an accidental way of aligning. Such is the case with this week's prescription. An old friend that Facebook found for me (an actual friend suggestion that was logical) turns out is coming out with a book soon, penned by her and her siblings. After looking at the site I simply can't wait and in an effort to help them achieve their dream of becoming a bestseller I want to do my part and urge folks to buy an advance copy. Trust me, you don't need to know her for this book to be a good read.

I also just heard the horrible news about John Hughes passing, which I could not ignore, and that along with the Public School (a bunch of local talents that are part of a collective) art show, a theme ended up making itself (and if that is a grammatically correct sentence I will be very surprised).

So channel your inner child, get a little angsty, soothe it with some Pepto ice cream, and go back to school for a bit. There are no trips to the Principal or homework required.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

coloring books

Here are some ideas to pass the time. Grab your box of crayons and get to workfun.

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book from the Co-Op Store. Don't be afraid to color outside of the lines. They can't hurt you, they're only drawings.

Grey Gardens Coloring Book, "signed by the artist", but I don't know who that is.

Technically not a coloring book but could be if you wanted to, wonderful illustrations by Blake Hicks that every die-hard Wire fan needs.

in and out

I think this ad might be on to something. I'm going to have to try it out... the double bowl system, not the laxatives.

This image is part of a campaign which I found over on I Believe in Advertising. Some comments on this post made me laugh because they can't laugh about it. Yeah it's silly, but come on... just a chuckle at least?

this is home

Design For Mankind and Christa Jonathan have partnered up for a project called "This is Home". The concept is similar to a previous DFM (and Booooooom) collaboration that took place earlier this year.

The idea is this... write a one sentence anecdote about what home is to you. Send it to them and watch for your submission, as well as others, at This is Home. Then you can choose a phrase you like (yours or not) and create an image to accompany it. The winning designs will be made into limited edition postcards which will be sold.

The deadline is August 31st. I have already submitted my idea, which is pure over sappy dribble, but it's simply impossible for me to turn the cheese off sometimes... so why fight it.

need to want less: character


I guess there are less shiny things when you develop character. And more work. And more frustration.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

taryn simon

I was looking at Rachel Hulin's (a photographer who's work I admire) blog today and was thrilled to see the list she compiled in honor of her 31st birthday. It chronicles her love of photography over the years, referencing photographers and experiences that have inspired her.

One in particular that caught my attention was Taryn Simon's work, the above shot being one of my favorites. The High Life indeed.

another reason for popsicle worship

'Sup, pops? Where have you been all my life. I could have been keeping it real as I was keeping it very drippy and salty in my non A/C'd house, but you showed up a bit late. I can not turn away this summer treat even if it is tardy so let's get down to business.

For more popsicles (and other wonderfulness) go to Gary Garay's site. I dare you to ask him how he feels about having such a Gary-rific-ish name. Personally I like it.

[ Link via Beautiful/Decay ]

gee your hair smells terrific

It's been a while since I mentioned Sleevage, the website that catalogs and discusses album cover art. Then this marvelous piece of magic caught my eye; it's for the Fabulous Diamonds. I have no idea why I love it so. As far as I know I have no affinity for sweater backs, but maybe this image unleashed a secret desire. At any rate it is good stuff. I will deal with my subconscious later I guess.

need to want less: companionship pt. 2

I am really excited to be able to offer one of my Need/Want designs. As much as I don't feel comfortable giving myself a pat on the back, I really can't deny that it makes me happy if something I make makes someone else happy (so many "makes" and "happy" in there). So even though I feel like I make silly things I guess at least a couple people like them.

If you happen to be one of those people you can purchase it at Wall Blank. It comes in two sizes (at a very reasonable price). You will please Biggie and Boo (my dachshunds, little friends, cuddle bugs, and the source of much hilarity) and me too, allowing me to continue to pay bills and all that fun stuff. I am so bad at self-promotion, but apparently have no problem with guilt trips. And on that note, if you perchance missed your opportunity to buy my previous Wall Blank print (the horse in the field... for some reason I do not believe in photo titles yet my other junk feels naked without one), you can buy it again. You can get it here. And now I end my very parenthesis laden post.

Oh and thank you so much if you do buy something! And if you don't, I still love you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

bored issue #2

A couple of my photos (the two on the right side) were included in Issue #2 of the British zine Bored?. You can find the other photographers featured as well as a link to purchase a copy here. Don't buy it for me, buy it for the maker... it's pretty darn cheap.

humiliating end of the road

I am indeed very much an animal lover so I feel slightly ashamed of myself for loving the site Crappy Taxidermy so much. BUT I would be a giant stick in the mud if being passionate about critters meant I had to completely abandon my sense of humor. I also am from Texas and it's part of your upbringing to develop an appreciate for taxidermy in some form or another. So with that I bring you another glorious website to waste some time on. It's pure ridiculousness.

i am attracted to labels

I fully admit that I sometimes am a book-by-the-cover person. You can trade "book" for any product and "cover" for any means to wrap it up or label said product. In this case it's beer and these labels look delicious.

[ Link via The Dieline ]

the secret to my success

Wow, I just realized how to finally break through as a career woman. All I need is a scarf and a few clips. Duh. It all seems so obvious now. Thanks again Everything is Terrible for the advice.

UPDATE: Lame, apparently the video was removed due to "terms of use violation".

need to want less: income

The things that go through my mind are not very mysterious, or are definitely becoming less so as I continue to make these things. Themes include: relationships, food, and money. Lately, emphasis on money. As I just mentioned I recently got a job. Last night was my first night. I say only this... I'm going to need to find a place that has more bacon.

put that in your computer and smoke it

I like to imagine that's what the pipe is saying after years of being part a lame retort telling people to essentially suck it up (hello, decades ago! adding further evidence I'm much older than I think I am). Anyway, I honestly just like the image as well as most of what Kevin Van Elst does. You might like his style too, so go take a look.

[ Link via NotCot ]

1 minute photoshop: luck

Last week I participated in some sort of accidental pepperoni eating marathon. On one of those days, purely acting on a "why not" whim I asked about a job at the restaurant my friends and I were at. The next day I got the job. Being a sort of superstitious person I connected the invisible dots and attributed my luck to the common thread of pepperoni consumption. Don't ask me to make it make sense. I can say I did not have pepperoni on Friday and it was not a good day. That is the extent of my scientific data. And YAY, I have a job... albeit a very low paying, life-does-not-feel-any-easier job.