Thursday, July 31, 2008

continuing correspondence

right on!

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"The Draplin Thing", by Jess Gibson, is an upcoming documentary discussing design. Check out Gibson's website for more info and updates. I can't wait!

P.S. I couldn't agree more.

lets be friends

These two cameras of mine are a bit neglected. I just bought the Big Shot a few days ago, against my better judgment (it didn't cost very much though), so my excuse is I don't have any film on hand. I can live with that for now; I'm content with it as a decorative piece (um, randomly set on a table staring at me). The Yashica Mat is a different story. I have had it a bit longer, and while it also effectively doubles as a household accessory, I REALLY want to play with it. Too many cameras not enough time. Yes, that IS possible even when you're not employed.

I also have a novelty camera (imagine an elf with a giant moustache and a removable nose that serves as the lens... got that?) that I want to bust out. It requires 110 film, which I don't happen to have lying around. Weird, I know.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mad paper, meet bad peeps

What a cowinkydink (that's sort of an awful word). Turns out JPG's latest theme is Folded Paper. To get in the spirit of things I figured I should give my poor little guy something to do. Down with the Peeps. You can see the rest of this party gone wrong on my Flickr.

QUICK ADDITION: There must be something in the air and the internet has aligned (in a truly random, unsubstantial kind of way), but I looked at Design For Mankind and one of the posts was about a blog that is dedicated to Origami, titled appropriately enough Origami Blog. It makes my categorizing little heart go aflutter.

silly rabbit

I bought some origami paper for a $1. I have some overwhelming need to master this whole folding paper thing. Why? Because it's FOLDING PAPER and I can't ever seem to do it right. It's mocking me. This is the best I could do. This paper will be tamed... oh, it will be tamed.

note to self

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The other day I went treasure hunting with a friend. Neither of us were looking for anything in particular which I usually find more enjoyable... no disappointment, only nice surprises. We went off our traditional beaten path and took a gamble on Out of the Past. Wow and OH, MY. It was an overload to the senses and will probably haunt me for some time. There are literally piles of artifacts, "arranged" on a series of shelves, with small carved out walkways to navigate your way through the chaos. If you like a challenge and don't mind searching for a gem among some damaged goods then it's completely worth a visit. There's a really nice lady working there to boot. Astonishingly they have a myspace so you can check them out here.

I walked away with this super cute Golden Book for $3. Love me some words.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

playing dress up

Playing dress up is not just for kids. If anything I think it's for adults. For starters you can get your mitts on more props and clothing. You can also select pretty much any locale. Time of day/night is relatively open to whatever you choose. And, you get to have a glass of wine or a beer while challenging yourself with this activity.

I have this God awful/great book called Color Me Beautiful. Within its pages holds many a fashion tip intended to "make you glow" and get your fashion and beauty on track all by getting in touch with your correct color palette. I can't wait to continue this project!

logan's re-run

I originally read about this on Kitsune Noir. Tom Muller did the redesign of the classic 70's sci-fi film Logan's Run. Obviously not quite as splashy and campy as the original I feel that his spin captures in its simplicity the flip side and coldness that many futuristic films of the era demonstrated in their themes.

P.S. I finally saw this movie a few weeks ago. Reminded me of my 30th birthday. Kind of.

P.S.S. I determined that American Apparel was directly and possibly solely inspired by this film.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

apologetic glassware

This was only $2.00 so I can't feel too guilty for spending the money. To the regular fella this might not seem that exciting but I was pretty pleased (um, another simple pleasure I guess... silly glasses) to find it, at none other than my mainstay Room Service. That place is like Heaven with the Devil running shop.

frenchie favorite

I just adore Alain Gree. His super cute children's illustrations simply make me happy. Sometimes it's that easy. Item #102 to add to wish list.

Monday, July 21, 2008

from 0 to 60

multicolr meets flickr

Read about this site on Miss Modular. I'm not sure what I would ever do with this, but it's still pretty cool. Using the Multicolr tool you can search the vastness that is Flickr, by color, in a matter of seconds. Not only that, you can make it interesting by adding a color from the palette, therefore rounding up any color combo of your choice.

neon sunset

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the idea of things

(photos by recovering lazyholic)

A certain theme makes its rounds in my head from time to time. It's the "idea of things", meaning I feel that I'm one of those suckers that gets lost in the fantasy of what could be, painting a picture in my mind with all the right components, almost like building a set. Maybe that's why I like photography so much, because it's freezing a moment... a moment that seems so right in my eyes, reducing everything to the perfect configuration of color and shapes. Captured satisfaction.

I'm moving out of my house soon. I've lived here for almost a year (much less time than my last place). While I'm happy to be moving on (goodbye cracking walls, sloping foundation, challenged plumbing) I can't help but reminisce, not of the things that happened here, but of the idea of what originally drew me to it-- hardwood floors, cute porch, proximity to restaurants, old home charm.

That's when I'm faced head on once again with the illusion versus reality. I feel disappointed by what I build up and isolate. How often did I sit on that porch? How many times did I venture down the street for that bite to eat? Part of me thinks I failed myself in not seizing my opportunities. Part of me wonders, could it ever be as satisfying as the mental snapshots I've held hostage? Can a moment looking at a floor be that great? It seems so silly but I can't shake my habits.

The idea of things creates initial appeal, is the attraction. The photograph should be the extension, preservation of grandeur that can't fail because it will now last forever.And all the moving parts in between aren't casualties in experience, but really the part that's worth living.

Blah, blah, blah, etc.

jpg favorite: andrew james

(photos by Andrew James)

In the 'ole JPG newsletter that just arrived on my e-step, photographer Andrew James is the "Member of the Week". I had never seen his photos before but boy oh boy I have now and I am instantly a fan. I guess when I'm bowled over I REALLY like what I see.

Many of his images sort of strike me as gloomy and gently sweet at the same time. I particularly like the two photos above.

[ ]
[ ]

list lust

(artwork by The Small Object)

As just mentioned I have many a list on standby. Some lists are repeats of lists; some lists are scratched off; some lists will go uncompleted and fade with the paper they're written on. I am, and have probably said before, a compulsive list maker. So even though I REALLY don't need a nifty (and cute) stamp to get this head of mine organized there's always a part of me that thinks "man, this just might be the ticket and I have discovered the tool that will finally set me straight".

OR... I will use it once or twice (very excitedly and enthusiastically I might add), then relegate it to some dusty desk cranny, and be back to writing on post-its and envelopes. And I'm back to square one, sloppy ocd girl with good intentions. I seem destined to only partially obsess over what to do, what I want to do, and what to think about wanting to do. I'm a mess.

[ The Small Object ]

i wish...

(link to Boing Boing)

i either had this OR thought of this... or maybe both. I could make "a living" off my hare brained ideas or be inspired with something new to do. Come to think of it, the latter might not be such a great idea; I have a notebook and a head full of projects just bottlenecking their way into procrastination.

UPDATE: The inventor of the "Fun-o-Meter" has posted details on his website.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

mission accomplished

Yay! I feel better now. And dogs, they have moved on to quieter things like the ever precious cuddle session.

stop the madness

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

My dogs, bless them... I love them to bits, but they have been driving me mad. They are obsessed with a squirrel(s) that has taken to my bedroom's window unit. It goes "click click scurry" and they go "cry bark" and some freak out noise I can best describe as an animal being flung into a fast moving washing machine full of nails (I know... that sounds completely awful, but believe me their "screams" make me think their world is coming to an end). They want that critter and I have lost my mind. Maybe going for a swim will clear that up (my eyes are going cross from working on cover letters anyway). Wish me luck.


I'm on the job hunt. The search is over, yes?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

best week

(photos by recovering lazyholic)

My favorite week of the year just passed. Full of birthdays (Seana, Emily, ME, and of course America), condoned laziness ensued, with beautiful blue water, beer, friends, family, sweets and fiery color schemes as my companions. See you next year!