Monday, January 28, 2008

12th st. - the rainbow connection

electricity in the room

(art by John Espinosa)

Are you feeling what I am feeling? Nothing like a deer mind meld.


(artwork by Olimpia Zagnoli)

spicing up conversation

(link to Greener Grass Design)

Some people have their ear to the ground. And well, some have their ear to the grounds (ba-da-dum). The phone of the past has been reincarnated into those oft used seasoning shakers (you know, salt and pepper), prompting second looks and comments like "oh, I remember those phones" from the 20+ crowd, and oblivious yawns from everyone younger. Eh, either way, I think they're pretty darn cute, and quite the conversation piece (oh... so clever).

for bathrooms in mourning

(link to Renova)

Applies to mine. Take note Mr. Landlord.

traded out for workaholic

Sometimes when I'm not a lazyholic I'm a workaholic. New posts coming soon.....................

Friday, January 18, 2008

horsing around

(photography by Julian Wolkenstein)

hey! i know you!

(photo by Ben Aqua)

It's always a shock when you're combing the internet for random crap and then you stumble upon an image that is surprisingly recognizable. I saw this and found myself saying aloud, "hey! I know you". I worked with this girl for a few months. The internet takes "it's a small world" to another level.

better late than never

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Dan Deacon. My fragile thin skin and poor circulation braved the cold (whoa is me). The dance worthy beats and energetic crowd provided a nice distraction. Luckily I also made it to a prime spot on the stage so I could see his performance and the mob jumping up and down around him. I was quickly overrun but eh, I saw what I needed to see and was just glad to get out with all limbs intact. This guy is a weird cat, but I'd be ashamed if I had missed him.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

cool beans

(artwork by Takao Sakai)

simple pleasures

(artwork by Geoff McFetridge)

In case you can't read the poem that accompanies the last picture, it goes a little something like this...

"It looks like a smile
If you turn up both ends
Push on it hard
and eventually it bends

The corners stand up
as if trying to meet
Like soldiers on duty
(except when you eat)

But whats important about smiles
Is what goes on underneath
Don't turn your back on a smile
Because all smiles have teeth"

Why do I love that so much.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

better than a giraffe or dog

Just imagine if this was what you walked away with when leaving a children's party. I wish they taught this balloon art at clown college. Something tells me it might interfere with the number of gigs they end up booking.

benday day

(artwork by Roy Lichtenstein)

Austinites, time's running out... don't miss pop art legend Roy Lichtenstein's exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art. Show ends February 3rd. Works shown will cover not just the "comic era" but extends to artwork up to his death in 1997.

the biggest loser

(link to Think Geek)

I'm not sure if I should be excited or scared about this product. I suffer from chronic snooze disorder... let's say Stage 5 to give it some dramatic weight. This clock could actually be the one thing that cures what ails me. But I'm not sure if I am brave enough to gamble. Every time you hit snooze money is automatically drafted from your bank account and sent to a predetermined charity. For a good cause (mine and theirs) but the trial period would suck me dry.

pantone pens died for art

(artwork by Daniel Eatock)

"Pantone Pen Print
Dimensions: SRA1 640 x 900mm
Edition Size: 73 original prints

– One complete set of Letraset TRIA Pantone markers
– arranged in the colour spectrum
– left for one month
– resting on their nibs
– on a stack of 500 SRA1 sheets
– 70gsm uncoated white paper

The edition number was determined by the number of sheets the ink bled through from the possible 500.

The numbering of each sheet corresponds to the position it was within the stack and also determined its value.

The final sheet the ink reached, (furthest from the top) was numbered 1 / 73 and valued at £1, the one above numbered 2 / 73 and valued at £2 etc. The top sheet (the sheet the pens rested on) was numbered 73 / 73 and valued at £73

Sold Out"

license to mail

(link to Royal Mail)

I admit it, I was a stamp nerd once. These mini book covers translated into postal currency may just result in revisiting this abandoned hobby (probably not, but eh it doesn't change my love for these little suckers).

Just released in the UK to commemorate 100 years since Bond creator Ian Fleming was born. Fleming penned 14 007 novels, all of which were adapted to the big screen over a few decades (in case anyone was living under a rock).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

i am just "liberated"

"A new museum in Colombia is drawing the lazy. But it's by design: the exhibit is encouraging people to embrace laziness, liberating themselves from obsessions about career and work."

inside out

(photography by Justin Quinnell)

standing alone

(photography by Myoung Ho Lee)

A little more impressive than you may initially give it credit for, this series is all about placing a giant white backdrop behind a lonely tree, setting it apart even more than it already is. Bonus, this reminds me of one of my favorite shows... "Six Feet Under".

solo vino

(link to Park Life)

Class up your next picnic with some Solo cup glassware. It's a nice way to romance that special someone... in a kind of lame, but cutely charming way. Buy it here, then go pick out the wedding invitations.

fake fur

(link to Generate)

Now you can be foxy(er) with a clean conscience. The retro felt pelt accessory can be found here, along with many other things you don't need... but might make you happier.

what i aspire to have

(link to Foster's)

A nest egg for your nest egg. If only it came with money.

dippin dot dog

(design by Sabi Van Hemert)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

sparkle motion

(link to nog)

abusive alphabet

(link to Thijs Verbeek)

Painful looking letter art courtesy of clothespins. The website is a little misleading as it suggests there is a full alphabet available, however skips here and there only showing about 3/4ths of a set. Either way the results are inventive and awkwardly attractive.

let your fingers do the walking

(link to Yosoh)

cutting edge wrist cuff

(link to Toy Me)

created by collage

(created by Peter Clark)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year... let's get personal

(photo courtesy of Square America)

Resolutions, no thank you. I am however sometimes a fan of benchmarks and obvious transitions and what time is better for that than New Year's. 2007 was a shaky year that gave me one of the biggest beatings to my heart ever, but lived up to the wonderful cliché about opening and closing doors, birthing a better me. And all that crap about the things that don't kill you and getting stronger, well it's kind of true.

I carry with me that nothing is permanent and the delicacy of the unknown can go either way; years can fall apart, ideas can become undone, and failure is a part of life. In personal struggle there are always positive possibilities however, even in the most tragic garbage that can get shot your way.

Some truths from 2007 I cherish, that can not be challenged... pizza is always good, polaroids are awesome, friends don't let you down, and happiness is indeed a warm puppy. Here's hoping 2008 brings new surprises, continuing good times with my friends/family/dogs-extraordinaire, creativity, health, happiness, and the will, motivation, and luck to make it happen. The same wish extends to everyone.

The road to recovery ain't easy but it's getting better. Happy New Year everybody! And for those of you that helped turn my 2007 around, love you! Now eat some black eyed peas and watch a mind numbing tv marathon.