Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy 2009!

I was going to buck a habit of the last few years and come up with some New Year's resolutions this go 'round. I haven't made that kind of list in ages, which is shocking since I'm a compulsive list maker otherwise. I feel like I write the same thing over and over though, and all I'm left with is guilt and disappointment. So I'll simply state this is my resolution... Try Harder. Oh, and maybe buy a new phone.

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!

getting lost

This is basically impossible to see here, but if you click on the booklet or follow this link you can see the full view. The photos are from a recent trip to Odessa and back to Austin. Just as on previous visits to the oil town I practically peed my pants in excitement from the frozen in time feel of the buildings and scenery. I'm not totally selfish however and I don't entirely rejoice at the seeming economical plight of the city. I'm pretty sure my giddy fascination and enthusiasm is lost on most locals.

After randomly cruising the streets before heading back to Austin, I managed to get lost on the way as I turned onto the lonesome Texas highways. I'd like to believe I have a good sense of direction, but that's often proven wrong. Getting lost is no problem. I like the surprises that I stumble upon and the sense that I have nowhere to be and am discovering something new. It became a different story once darkness presented itself and fatigue set in. But all the while I tried to keep in mind that worse things could happen:

  • Run out of gas
  • Hit a deer
  • Hit a herd of deer
  • Hit a herd of cattle
  • Get a ticket
  • Be kidnapped by a cult of horny toothless men with designs on acquiring a sex slave

  • So there is a silver lining within a silver lining. Final thoughts however... someone needs to step up efforts to invent the time machine, West Texas sunsets are beautiful, and I am convinced that I am the owner of the unluckiest pair of underwear in the world. I know that might be superstitious hooey, but their track record speaks for itself. The end.

    Photos can also be seen on Flickr.

    a place for the rejected

    If you have any photos that you deem unworthy for the scrapbook, picture frame, or website because they are blurry, too dark, or just plain horrible, well there is now a home for them. On Deleted Images they are happy to accept your woeful discards and put them on display for all to see. I know photographs don't have feelings but something about this makes me glad for the "unloved" images out there.

    [ link to Deleted Images ]

    what would bass do

    In the above video Bhilmers proposes, via a jazzy graphic example, what the world would have been like if famed graphic designer Saul Bass had gotten his mitts on the opening to Star Wars. If Mr. Bass were still alive I think he'd approve (or at least be flattered).

    [ link to YouTube ]

    photographer's eviction

    Legendary photographer Editta Sherman is being forced to leave her New York loft of 58 years, along with other residents. She by the way is 96 years old. Now I'm not sure how rent control works, and do understand that Carnegie Hall (where she lives above) would like to expand, but ejecting someone after inhabiting a place for over half a century just seems wrong. Happy Holidays Editta.

    [ Editta's Myspace ]
    [ CNN Story ]
    [ photo by Bebeto Matthews ]

    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    home for the holidays

    For some reason I have LL Cool J's "Going Back to Cali" rattling around in my head. I'm not from California though, so damn... not appropriate I guess. Well, I am going home for the holidays, which has the word "going" in it but that's where the similarities end. I'm from small town Texas, a land called San Marcos with Outlet stores as far as the eye can see and a substancial amount of under aged binge drinkers. Geeze. Ok, the holidays have clearly stripped me of a cordial and clear train of thought.

    This is a good time however to go on a JPG Magazine tangent. The above photo is up for vote in the House theme. I titled it "Heart's Permanent Residence" and if you haven't figured out where that is that would be my parent's house. I'm not going to twist your arm but give the picture some props if you feel like it.

    LL Cool J [ Going Back to Cali ]
    Madness [ Our House ]
    Motley Crue [ Home Sweet Home ]
    They Might Be Giants [ Birdhouse in Your Soul ]
    Simon & Garfunkel [ Homeward Bound ]
    Yo La Tengo [ I Feel Like Going Home ]

    june 17th

    Every year on the same day Argentine photographer Diego Goldberg takes a picture of himself and his family. The project started in 1976 with just he and his wife and in the last 30+ years has gone on to include three sons. This sort of series has been done before and since, regardless it's interesting to see the transformations over time. How much do you think his kids hated this at one point though?

    This video is in Spanish but that doesn't really matter... you'll get the gist of it. However if you can understand what they are saying maybe you can let me know why the narrator is wearing those gloves. Please.

    [ Video via YouTube ]
    [ Diego Goldberg ]

    blue genie art bazaar

    Alrighty, so we're down to the wire. Today is the last day for any Christmas shopping. It is also the last day for Austin's Blue Genie Art Bazaar... tons of vendors featuring local artwork/jewelry/photography. Get to it!

    [ Blue Genie Art Bazaar ]

    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    daily obsession

    This is my new favorite place to find the best random photos.

    wiener walls

    Yeah, yeah, I know I can be a bit dachshund obsessed and my finds probably don't translate to most anyone that reads these posts. Sorry, sorry. Thankfully most things that I come across I do not buy otherwise I would probably scare people away. This wallpaper is really cute though. Fortunately I rent my house; I'm pretty sure neon pink dog covered walls would not fly. Potential crisis averted.

    [ Link to Single-tapete ]

    late breaking news: wish list addition

    It's not too late... there is still some time to buy presents. I thinkknow I need this. A BEEF JERKY PURSE. Being fashionable never smelled so good. And in a pinch makes a great snack.

    [ Nancy Wu via Craft Magazine ]

    being whiter

    In more sweater news my friend Josh entered an Ugly Sweater contest on CNN. Not only is it ugly (I mean that in the best possible way) but he made it himself. Double whammy. The deadline for voting has passed, but you can still view his story here.

    being white

    Further cementing that Stuff White People Like is hilariously on the nose with their "scientific" dissection of white folk's favorite things, my friends had an ugly sweater party (#118) this weekend. There's no glory in predictably living up to a stereotype I suppose, but damn if it's not a fun exercise in banality. Being able to laugh at yourself is never a bad thing.

    [ photo by recovering lazyholic ]

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    paperless post-it

    Speaking of Post-it's... Swiss Miss discovered this site, Sticky Screen. This is a great find for anyone that has a serious Post-it addiction and needs to save some money, as well as an alternative for the environmentally conscious. Just make it your browser home page and reminder away!

    [ Swiss Miss ]
    [ Sticky Screen ]

    ode to mod podge

    For a while now my friends and I have talked about getting together on a regular basis for a craft night. Well, it finally happened, with some ornament making as the first and most obvious theme.

    Second to felt, I have to say that Mod Podge is the most glorious gift to the crafting/hobby world. I made an ornament using a Styrofoam ball, some fabric scraps, and Mod Podge. Not exactly sophisticated or complicated I think it turned out ok and I had a hell of a time making it (as well as the other ornament, which involved hours of gluing felt and a 100 sequins). I'm looking forward to my next project, that will most assuredly involve some kind of gluing and channeling of my inner 5 year old.

    P.S. I finally put up my Christmas tree. It almost feels like Christmas. By the time it does I think it will have come and gone. Not sure what's up with my holiday radar.

    Mod Podge Products [ Plaid ]
    Project Ideas [ Mod Podge Rocks ]

    sticky art

    My affection for these little square pieces of paper is part of my genetic make-up I'm sure, at least based on the yellow evidence which is always plastered throughout my parent's home and then my subsequent similar habit.

    I wish I lived in L.A. so I could go to Giant Robot's Post-It Show. They certainly are taking the doodle to another level. Maybe I could go there for a family vacation. Mom? Dad?

    [ Giant Robot ]

    camera bag

    This bag needs to be mine. Question though... is it too obvious? Something tells me taking Polaroid pictures whilst toting a Polaroid bag screams loser. If not that, maybe using the word "whilst" will secure a dork label.

    [ International Center of Photography ]

    i like surprises

    So the other morning I wake up (and no, that's not the surprise) and go to check on my dogs. 99% of the time they are right by my side, which is adorable in a codependent kind of way. They have a dog door to go outside and usually I don't worry about them out there, unless they have been out for a while or there is a notable absence of "this is my turf" barking. This was the case that day. Lo and behold as soon as I get up I hear the whoosh of the dog door and see a little dachshund wearing a coat. At first I thought I was still dreaming or my mind had finally rotted into random hallucinations, but shortly after I got a text message from my neighbor asking if I liked Boo's outfit. Surprise! Mystery solved. Weird in a great way. And don't let the photo fool you, Boo couldn't be more content.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    christmas gifts: don'ts

    So many websites and blogs are listing some great Christmas gift buying guides. Undoubtedly helpful, especially to those of us that have yet to complete their shopping, there is however room to commit some major faux pas. Nothing is worse than the disgusted look or glazed over frozen faced "thank you" from a loved one as you give a present that says "I don't even know you" and/or "I hate you", rather than the intended "you're the best, Merry Christmas". The swiftest way to avoid disastrous results is to simply spell out what not to give. Here is my best advice for you all.

    making it easy


    Ok, I'm done. Officially out of my system.

    [ link to Neatorama ]

    simple paint by number

    And when you're done...

    [ image via Trend Hunter ]

    eat out of a toilet

    Sensing a theme? This just seemed like a natural segue.

    Some people like to read on the toilet. Well, now you can eat on the toilet, and out of a toilet. In Taiwan there is a restaurant called Modern Toilet. The chairs are toilets and ice cream (that looks like poop... yum) is served in a toilet bowl. Ah how clever and tasteful. Predictably, I want to go there. I could say so many other things, but I'm just going to leave it at that.

    [ Modern Toilet Restaurant ]

    eat some meat

    In all fairness, sometimes veggies can be scary so eat some meat if you'd rather.

    This photo is from a pretty funny ad campaign for heartburn medicine. You can see more here.

    eat a veggie

    Whether or not today will be meatless I'm not sure, but I just found this photo and couldn't resist posting. Have a nice Tuesday! If you're in Austin, stay warm!

    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    i wish...

    Testing out some stars... even if they aren't real.

    [ photo by recovering lazyholic ]

    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    picture perfect

    There is nothing like a good computer generated fake portrait of yourself to celebrate the holidays. And damn if this isn't a good look for me. I highly suggest you try it out for yourself. I'm sensing the best exchange of Christmas cards ever.

    P.S. Make sure you view the koala portrait on their website.

    [ Photobooth ]

    encouraging words

    Two of my favorite design/photo websites, Booooooom! and Design for Mankind have come together to bring us all a little encouragement. The idea is a simple one; the project calls for folks to submit a few positive words to help combat the negativity we are constantly facing. Submissions are now closed but you can take a look at the massive amount of entries which have been posted for a little pick me up. Sorry, no "hang in there" cat on a limb posters included.

    [ Design for Mankind ]
    [ Booooooom! ]

    creatures of the night

    I feel like these guys are going to come for me while I'm sleeping. OR, alternate thought...

    I have seen too many horror movies.

    [ photo by recovering lazyholic ]

    just because

    Thanks again Everything is Terrible!

    Friday, December 12, 2008

    color of the year

    In a time of economic uncertainty and political change, optimism is paramount and no other color expresses hope and reassurance more than yellow.

    Best illustrated by the abundant flowers of the Mimosa tree and the sparkle of the brilliantly hued cocktail, the 2009 color of the year represents the hopeful and radiant characteristics associated with the color yellow. Mimosa is a versatile shade that coordinates with any other color, has appeal for men and women, and translates to both fashion and interiors. Look for women's accessories, home furnishings, active sportswear and men's ties and shirts in this vibrant hue.

    So in other words the color of 2009 is a hopeful, androgynous drunk, with hugs that feel like the sun. Hmm, sounds like it will be a good year. Much better than this year anyway. Blue Iris, you kind of let me down.

    [ link to ]

    Thursday, December 11, 2008


    Oh, I look so forlorn, but really I couldn't be happier. Today I went to Birds Barbershop, home of the cheap haircut, free beer, and the illustrious Man Fest. I took a chance on an unknown, betraying the stylist code (i.e. cheating on current scissorist), and was thrilled with the results. You don't have to end up looking like Harry of the Hendersons when on a budget. If you find yourself at the Burnet location ask for Jennifer.

    They Might Be Giants [ Bangs ]
    Haircut 100 [ Love Plus One ]
    Pavement [ Cut Your Hair ]
    Hot Hot Heat [ Haircut Economics ]

    [ photo by recovering lazyholic ]

    destination, heart

    Here are your orders.

    [ My Little Underground ]
    [ Christopher David Ryan ]

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008


    I never want to look like a show-off (bragging is unflattering and hardly ever justified) but I can't help but feel a little excited about being a JPG Magazine website selection. One of my photos was chosen in the Favorite Chair Challenge. Indeed the chair shown is a sad smelly but much loved place to rest my weary self over the years. It's one of the few pieces of furniture I've managed to hang onto over the course of living on my own. If a chair had feelings I would venture to guess it's pretty happy for us.

    long and winding dog

    Speaking of dachshunds I found this wooden creation at the Wurst Gallery. Sadly it's sold out (not that I could afford the $100 price tag). In a positive turn of events the designer, Aaron Draplin, has a t-shirt version available on his website. It's pretty darn terrific although I'm not sure I'd look so hot in that shade of green.

    [ link to Draplin Design Co. ]

    lick of time

    Yes I love this because it's a photo of a dachshund, BUT also because it is terribly cute and a wonderful example of how timing can be everything.

    [ photo by Dina Goldstein ]

    snow day, ur night

    When people say that the weather in Austin is unpredictable they aren't lying. Within one day the temperature went from Spring-like to dare I say, Wintery... with real snow and everything. The flakes were short lived, but oh boy if it didn't get me in a holiday kind of mood. All I want to do is stare at Christmas lights and consume all things gingerbread.

    [ photo by recovering lazyholic ]

    Monday, December 8, 2008

    lazy day

    I don't know if it was the scream inducing nightmare I had in the middle of the night or the return of the swampesque warm weather that started my day off the wrong way, but whatever the reason I did not feel too motivated today. Unless you consider the following activities to be any example suggesting the contrary...

    1) Eat leftover calzone
    2) Watch Gossip Girl
    3) Learn how to grow an orange tree on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
    4) Take pictures of dog, Biggie
    5) Drink a lot of milk
    6) Drink iced St. John's Wort tea
    7) Eat ice cream
    8) Do crossword
    9) Eat hummus and pita chips
    10) Look at other people's photos on Flickr
    11) Write to friends
    12) Catch up on Google Reader feeds
    13) Hit "refresh" a lot on any browser window open
    14) Go to the bathroom
    15) Check the mail

    Yep, doesn't get much better. I think most of these "activities" qualify as lazy, gross, and/or lame.

    [ photos by recovering lazyholic ]

    Saturday, December 6, 2008

    what ephemeral means

    This is such a great idea. The Photographic Dictionary is an on-line dictionary that uses photographs to help further a word's definition.

    [ link to The Photographic Dictionary ]


    My house is full of so many lurking chores. Somehow it seems like a better use of time to make a project about it instead of actually take care of them.

    [ photos by recovering lazyholic ]

    my mistake

    In a similar vein as Post Secrets, comes Oh, a site determined to help free us from our demons, whether they are small embarrassing blunders or sizable misdoings. Feel better by letting it go. I love cybertherapy.

    [ link to Oh ]

    clever compositions

    A nice collection of photographs that trick the eye.

    [ Curiosidades via Design You Trust ]

    identity art

    "Oh what beautiful DNA you have!" That's what I keep hearing in my mind as I imagine displaying a little piece of me on my wall or desk. Delving further into this pretend scenario I try to decide if onlookers will be viewing a giant version or a more understated mini version. I guess it depends how much pretend money I have. Back in reality I'm not so sure about this sort of portrait (it feels weird), but for the self-loving person that has everything but their genes on the wall (and a mirror is just too obvious) I think this may be the ticket.

    [ link to DNA11 ]

    the best part is the start

    My friend Josh recently sent me a link to a site, fairly sure that I would instantly fall in love. OK, maybe not that last part, but he did know that I'd like it and he couldn't be more right. It's called Art of the Title and consists of the opening sequences of a variety of films.

    For better or worse the film credits can be the best part of the movie (bad if you paid money and it's downhill from there : good if that's ok and you're content with innovative/beautiful/graphic images); Art of the Title has done a great job rounding up some of the most stunning. Obviously, as evidenced in previous posts and my other blog, I adore movies and sometimes enjoy reducing them to the their visual components. So this site of course makes me happy. Below are some of my favorites.

    Thursday, December 4, 2008

    all i really want for christmas

    For Christmas-reals, if you are someone that feels strongly about getting me a gift (let me emphasize this is not a cry for presents, merely direction for any near and dears that think I deserve something from Santa) all I want is FILM, especially Polaroid film. Love and friendship are cool too, but if you're in a spending mood this is the ticket. And maybe a Peticure too, but that's really for the boys. They (and their freakish nails) say thank you.

    [ photo by recovering lazyholic ]

    wish list

    I am a girl with simple needs, and when my eyes met this super simple anti-laziness device I knew it had to be mine. Please make a notation on your "Erin Christmas List", if you still have room that is. Ok, I kid. And double crap, it's not even a real product. My holidays dreams were just dashed. Thanks a lot.

    [ Link to The Onion ]

    touching too much

    There is a major problem on the horizon. I think America is on the verge of a touch epidemic/all-out-meltdown. I'm not sure if anyone else has the "touch, touch, touch... feel" Kleenex commercial burned in their mind like I do. I am attracted to the ad when I pretend that it's a PSA for folks dealing with ritual OCD behaviors, which is not a stretch of the imagination, and would actually be really awesome. But realizing over and over again that it's not I am repeatedly repelled by the sound of it, as if cycling through some very sterile and neurotic Ground Hog Day.

    Look all around and you really can't escape the fingertip revolution. Facial tissue is a mere fraction of what's afoot. Of course I'm not talking about tenderness or physical expressions of love or desire; that would be weird. Where the action is, the cool, glassy canvas of technology awaits. Everything works better, looks better, is better there. And gosh darn it if I'm not trotting gleefully right along in being mesmerized, even if it makes me feel wrong, even if it's an expensive place to be.

    But you know what, is Kleenex onto something? Are they the new AT&T ("reach out and touch someone")? Is their advertising campaign a thinly veiled message urging us to just slow down and FEEL (especially their tissue)? Has Sergeant IPod and its minions somehow fractured human interaction? I never knew blowing my nose could be so New Age, and so liberating. Deliberate or not, reading between the lines might not be a bad idea. Translate however you wish. And for God sake if I could perhaps not hear the word "touch" for a day that may be enough to make it all better, and this whole touchy feely vs touchy steely debate will be moot.

    Image Credit [ Franz66 Flickr ]

    Hall & Oates [ Out of Touch ]
    Samantha Fox [ Touch Me ]
    Kanye West [ Touch the Sky ]
    Genesis [ Invisible Touch ]
    Diana Ross [ Touch Me in the Morning ]
    Ladytron [ Destroy Everything You Touch ]

    and here we go

    This summer I mentioned the impending debut of Polaroid's digital answer to their offing of the much beloved analog older sister (gasp, uses film). Looks like the day has finally come (not exactly directly via the Polaroid company), and with that my definite conclusion that I hate the idea. I'm sorry, it's just not the same. I will never love you.