Thursday, December 11, 2008


Oh, I look so forlorn, but really I couldn't be happier. Today I went to Birds Barbershop, home of the cheap haircut, free beer, and the illustrious Man Fest. I took a chance on an unknown, betraying the stylist code (i.e. cheating on current scissorist), and was thrilled with the results. You don't have to end up looking like Harry of the Hendersons when on a budget. If you find yourself at the Burnet location ask for Jennifer.

They Might Be Giants [ Bangs ]
Haircut 100 [ Love Plus One ]
Pavement [ Cut Your Hair ]
Hot Hot Heat [ Haircut Economics ]

[ photo by recovering lazyholic ]

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William said...

the first and only time i went to birds, the lady cut my hair for a minute and a half before exclaiming "ok! what do you think?" i didn't have the heart to say "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" so i went home with the same hair as before and thirty less dollars. very disappointed. but yours looks great, erin!
ps- you should add "she bangs" by ricky martin to your song list