Friday, May 29, 2009

allison v smith

I think I have a new hero, idol, person to sort of cyberstalk (not as creepy as it sounds I promise), and be inspired by. I know... I am kind of gross when I'm star struck. Really though, in case you can't tell I am completely head over heels for Allison V Smith's work. The images I chose for this post don't even remotely cover the talent shown on her website. Thanks Will for this present.

Her website [ ]
Her blog [ Superficial Snapshots ]

fighting the death rattle

The New York Times Lens blog has posted a nice little follow up story to their Polaroid article from the other day. They write about the possible/hopeful reemergence of the film and asked readers to submit their favorite Polaroid. What they ended up with was a flood of entrees which was whittled down to about 400. There are some really great submissions but best of all it provides further evidence that there are a lot of folks not ready for the film to disappear.

And pardon my moment of self-servingness (and my lack of proper grammar) but a Polaroid of mine is at the bottom right-ish.

becoming friends with sunsets

I don't know what has kept me away for so long but I really need to invest some time with summer sunsets, preferably not near the Department of State Health next time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


What a great idea for a project! Julie Shiels stencils text on found objects for a series called Discarded. See more of the images on her blog. Original link via The Lulu Bird.

molly schiot

Molly Schiot has some really funny and insightful (in that remarking on the obvious in a clever way) illustrations. Thanks My Love For You is a Stampede of Horse for posting this.

[ Website ]
[ Blog ]

easier than reading

Here is a truly bizarre time killer. Go to Easier Than Reading, choose a puppet, a background, a dance and add audio. The end. Here (screenshot above) is what I did although I'm not sure if this link will work. If not, no loss. Make your own in 5 secs. It will probably be better.

font itch

I love a good font or creative alphabet as much as the next guy/gal. And pretty much every day I find myself faced with some new delight (beard font, tie alphabet, clothes-pinned skin, etc., etc.) when exploring the internet. It is with glee and much enthusiasm that I present to you this Jock Strap Font. Thank you Pier Gustafson for giving me what I never knew I needed and thank you for your glorious name. See more of his work here.

Shaun Sundholm pt. 2

In April I mentioned the extremely gifted photographer Shaun Sundholm. Well now it seems he's gone and struck up a print deal with the esteemed 20X200. Yay him! Prints come in different sizes (the 8 x 10 goes for a VERY reasonable $20) and they are selling like hotcakes so get while the getting is good. Buy here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

super photos

Here are two different photo series that play with Superhero themes.

Dulce Pinzon's explores the lives of Mexican immigrant workers in New York, paralleling their struggle and sacrifice for their families to that of the more traditional comic book icons, and essentially stating they are the real heroes despite having any supernatural powers. See more of the photographs here, as well as further insight into this project.

Ian Pool has a decidedly more comedic take on the lives of Superheroes with his series, showcasing what they do when no-one is looking. You can see the rest here. One lingering question... what is Darth Vader's favorite bathroom reading material?

1 minute photoshop: consensus

When sentiment and Dentyne collide.

more wiener time

Yes, I know I have a problem. I also know that all of this dachshund stuff appeals to almost no-one that is reading this right now. So thanks for allowing me to get this out of my system. Again.

German postcards

Dachshund pillow

Dachshund purse

I wonder if these dogs know these dogs

Dachshund ear buds

laziness rocks (urgh)

This ad campaign for the Ministry of Health is pretty great. “Sedentary people can’t run away from diseases. Exercise.” Step #8, or you'll turn into a sick rocking chair. The truth isn't pretty.

[ via I Believe in Advertising ]

getting by with booze

This place is closed now. I wonder how everyone is surviving.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ahndraya parlato

Good stuff by Ahndraya Parlato found on Design for Mankind.

1 minute photoshop: chronology

Notice "took photos" is nowhere to be found. Really lame.

know when to go, when to hold it

Just throwing this out there, but maybe this is something the Alamo Drafthouse should consider adding to their movie synopsis page. Then I will know, after a few beers, exactly when the best time to go pee is. For some urine assistance go to Run Pee (it was working early and now seems to be grouchy so good luck).

P.S. For some reason I have Kenny Rogers The Gambler playing as I write this. "Know when to fold them, know when to walk away...".

adrian johnson

Adrian Johnson is an artist that I discovered on Share Some Candy. I really love his colorful and sometimes humorous illustrations. And how can you not appreciate such an amazing artist statement.. "Mostly I like doing nothing in particular, for which my talent knows no bounds".

Check out his site here and this Grain Edit interview.

veggie heaven

I can't pretend that I am a fan of vegetables (there are a few I tolerate) but I am a fan of these things.

[ Aaron Miller via Share Some Candy ]
[ Materialiste via Not Cot ]
[ I Believe in Adv via Yay Everyday ]

Saturday, May 16, 2009

design 911

My friend Josh (aka THE nicest guy on the planet) alerted me to this site. Design Police's "Visual Enforcement Kit" offers a variety of downloadable labels for folks to slap onto offending designs. Feel free to use on me anytime. I never have any idea what I'm doing.


This is an interesting series of kid photographs manipulated to look like puppets. Sort of creepy and darling at the same time.

[ Winkler+Noah via The Magenta Links ]

1 minute photoshop: concilation

Seriously my brain is not all there today. I somehow wacked out my sleep schedule. Hanging out with people later should be interesting. When words fail I'll just eat some eggs. That won't raise eyebrows.

off the rails with barry

So yesterday I mentioned that I was running the risk of going "full-teenager" and since nothing dark and dreary came to my rescue I now find myself driving down girly avenue with the pedal to the metal. I don't know exactly how I got here but I have set my sights upon Mr. Barry Gibb, he of the Bee Gees (I'm sure he needs no introduction).

I swear this man is the spawn of some Kennedy and a lion, with extra teeth and a rich mane that could fly him to heaven if he tried hard enough. I speak of course of the 70's version, and only of the one Gibb to be clear (I think the other two split the difference with the hotness genes). This eight foot satin God single-handedly invented chest hair and although I would have to be a dog to hear half of his lyrics he is/was the definition of machismo (it's true, I looked it up on Wikipedia). Just standing in place, without even touching someone, I'm sure he can simultaneously impregnate at least a dozen women. Speaking of, as a child I was convinced that Kip Winger was his love child from a one night stand with a pair of acid washed jeans.

Anyway, delirium and a case of Bop-itus have brought me to this weird low, wasting time on YouTube looking at a man that was famous before I knew what music was and is more than twice my age. Today I have officially regressed. Someone either make a "funny" Disney movie about how I am young again and give me all the box office earnings or intervene with a jarring CNN headline to break the spell.

Sergeant Pepper version [ Wrecking the Beatles ]
Early Bee Gee [The 60's ]
SNL Barry [ Barry Gibb Talk Show ]
Classic Barry [ Staying Alive ]

[ Image cred Michael Ochs ]

Friday, May 15, 2009

skinny ships

I really like this poster by Richard Perez (aka Skinny Ships). It's like stained glass typography. He has some other amazing work as well. Some of you may have seen this poster blowing through the internet (which I also like). See more here.


I have been following Lamebook for a few weeks now and it has some pretty funny revelations on the lameness of the human race, all via Facebook. Mean spirited or genius? You decide.

Beef & Sage

I have a train of thought going... For some reason when I see laser photographs I think of my friend Will. And then it occurred to me that, while I have a link on my sidebar, I have grossly neglected to post one of his (and his Beef & Sage counterpart Kirk) very funny videos. I am a jerk. Without further adieu. See more on the Beef & Sage site... now.

Manbabies from Beef & Sage on Vimeo.

laser visions

While I'm going back in time this seems like a good pit stop. Never has a site deserved the "photo magic" tag more. We Have Lasers is some delicious eye candy. I'm just sad that I never got a portrait like this. The wound has been reopened. Thank you Lindsey and thank you for this!

junior high revisted

I have determined, and this probably isn't a brilliant discovery on my part, that my personality is compiled of a few different sub personalities, and I don't mean that in a dissociative identity disorder kind of way. One such "fascinating" slice is the teenage girl that loves celebrity gossip, bad romance movies, and cheesy pop music.

This facet of my personality sharply contrasts with my sarcastic snarky side. And thank God. Without a balance I would surely have no friends or be busy writing fan letters to the Jonas brothers (and creeping them out because I'm way too old for that). Anyway I'm worried that the scale is about to become out of whack and send me into a hairspray and glitter tailspin because I find myself liking this song. I need a copy of American Psycho stat.

Isn't this photo above charming by the way. I'm the sad looking mess coordinating with my bff.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

100 abandoned houses

I love abandoned buildings and neglected places so naturally when I saw Kevin Bauman's series 100 Abandoned Houses, which focuses on the dilapidated areas of Detroit, I fell in love. Sometimes it feels weird to find so much joy in something so depressing. Aside from the straight forward subject matter I guess I enjoy imagining what used to be there in the building's prime, and then what happened. See all 100 here.

the coloring of money

One Dollar Project via My Modern Met. Go here for more.

average website

If you're looking for a website that is full of uninspiring hohum tidbits then I have found it. Meet My Life is Average. You won't be amazed. You are guaranteed to feel a little better about yourself though if the rest of the internet is too intimidating and big for its britches.

"Today I saw a girl that was cute. I thought about talking to her", "Today, I wore the same jeans I had on yesterday and nobody noticed", "Today, I said goodbye to my friend, and then we both kept walking in the same direction".

I feel like Steven Wright would approve.

1 minute photoshop: unemployment

And the circle goes 'round and 'round. Here is my offering to the cyber beast. Now pay me back with a job.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the visual dictionary

Today is becoming website day. The Post Family turned me on to this site. It's reminiscent of The Photographic Dictionary which I mentioned a ways back. In this case the photos are literally the words rather than photographs representing the feel or imagery associated with a word. You can view alphabetically or enter a search word. Looks like contributions are welcome as well, so if you have a picture of a word and it's not already there, fire away.

i have a hunch

Hunch is a pretty cool site that I recently discovered. It is the latest project from Caterina Fake, one of the founders of Flickr, so you know it has the potential to be interesting. The purpose of the website is to help you make a decision regarding a multitude of things, from "What kind of car should I buy? Should I switch to a Mac? Should I dump my boyfriend? Where should I go on vacation? Should I get a tattoo?". Suggestions are provided after answering only a few questions.

I tried it today and posed "what job should I try to get?". Putting together dollhouse furniture was one bit of advice, so... I'm thinking I may need to test it out a bit more. Sign up and see what cyber counseling you can get. And I'm pretty sure that anyone can sign up but if for some reason not, let me know.

family photos reach the next level

You may already be familiar with If not, go now. To me it's sort of a hybrid of Family Portraits and the much beloved Sexy People (and probably a bunch of other sites I'm not familiar with).

1 minute photoshop: econoclock

Got my mind on the money and money on my mind. Let's just say if I were Cinderella and the carriage is actually cash, I am officially hanging out with a pumpkin. Wow, my metaphor powers just jumped the shark.

lost tonight

Oh Lost, you break my head a little more with each passing episode, and as much as I used to pine for you my feelings have changed a bit. All that said I still can't wait for tonight's season finale. No matter how confusing you are you're still a great diversion in a somewhat otherwise dismal T.V. landscape (30 Rock I'm NOT talking about you).

By the way isn't this poster terrific?! I'm not sure who made it... I can only trace it back to this Tumblr.

UPDATE: Maybe this person made it?