Monday, June 30, 2008

late night date with camera

So this is what I do sometimes when random fits of boredom strike in the wee hours of the night. I take pictures of crap around my house. I can't deny some influence, unconscious at the time or not, from past praised photographer Jesse Wright. This is a far cry from what I think he tackled much more successfully but I can't say I was necessarily trying for greatness. This is messing around, with an obligatory shout out.

photo magnetism

I am so predictable. I saw the top image by Paul Ekaitz and immediately fell in love. Oh, pretty colors! It makes me feel like a toddler or someone "not all there", but I can't deny what I'm drawn to.

Speaking of being lured by shiny/pretty (think Erin with crazy hypnotized eyes)... I found this oh so lovely photo on my new favorite blog I ♥ Photograph. Tons of inspiration and beautiful images. It's almost overwhelming.

[ Paul Ekaitz ]
[ I ♥ Photograph ]

Sunday, June 29, 2008

my mattress is showing... they say. Or I guess they don't actually. I just made that up.

At any rate hopefully you get the idea. I have been one with the laziness, one with the bed. I have not been giving the ole bloggy blog much attention. Such is recovery. But the tide is turning...

sweet victory

(photos by recovering lazyholic)

Monday, June 23, 2008

status report

Highlight of my day... being asked by the guy at the convenience store how old I am because of "all the grey hair".

Saturday, June 21, 2008

a tower bealls would be jealous of

(photos by recovering layzholic)

On another recent excursion (wasting precious gas and film, BUT dining on God's gift which is Sonic) I decided to go into new territory. To this point I have stuck to my part of town and on down south. This time I ventured around my old neighborhood. Generally a bit more depressing and unfruitful in terms of visual interest I happily was reacquainted with the 80's wonder which is known as "The Twin Towers".

I think they were a bit ambitious in the name but they win in terms of beating the surrounding competition. Closest threat is Whataburger. This, what I assume is home to many boring and important businesses, is comprised of two large boxes joined by a smaller box and covered in amber colored reflective glass. In the end it reminded me of one of those Bealls three-way mirrors I used to love when I was a kid (yes, I was/am weird) and resulted in something I think is dare I say kinda pretty.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

in love with your viewfinder

(photos by Jesse Wright)

I don't even remember now how I accidentally re-happened upon his work, but I had seen it before on JPG and then again recently on flickr (which as you know are my two frequent photo destinations). Something about my second time around stopped me in my tracks.

I simply love everything about Jesse Wright's photography.... dancing lights, minimalism, geometry, beautiful colors, the use of polaroids. It's like I stepped into a magical world where only my favorites exist, like it's all for me. Yes (crushing reality) it's not, but I'll pretend while I spend hours pouring over his images in webland. I feel (humbly) like he is someone that shares with me the same sensibilities and favors similar subject matters... but does it a hell of a lot better. I'm looking forward to what comes next and what inspiration I can possibly find.

[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

sequins sequence

(artwork by Virginia Cheverria)

Collage is one of those mediums that I love, always wish I could do and be good at but, in the end, table. I don't know if it's due to the laziness or real fear of truly being bad at it or what. Romanticizing it, it seems like it would involve a lot of cutting, pasting, and abandonment of control (compared to how I generally describe my style). In other words it sounds like a lot of fun. I really like what Virginia Cheverria does so maybe I can use her work to push me, throwing caution to the wind, and give it a try.


(photos by recovering lazyholic)

I'm not sure that driving around for a couple of hours in the city you live in could be qualified as a "road trip" but for lack of a better term that's what I'm going to call it. So on my last road trip I remembered this old building with glass bricks and old walls that looked like a distressed water color painting and beelined to it for some picture taking. I've always been drawn to urban ruins, "left-over" buildings, but up to this point have seldom taken the time to capture them on film. Some might find this subject matter depressing but I say beautiful, in a lonely embattled kind of way.

In an effort to stop writing ideas on paper and actually just get off my ass and produce what's in my mind I've decided this will be one of my active projects, to collect the broken down parts of Austin.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sewing comedic yarns

As mentioned a few days ago, Party Ends was teaming up with Coldtowne Theater to present the weekly Austin-celeb improv act, Stool Pigeons. Well, I went and I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had. I know that might sound odd... it's comedy, what's to be afraid of. I'm afraid of bad comedy, which seems so much easier to come across and predictably is paired with a mass of uncomfortable feelings while watching it. Fortunately this was not the case and I am proudly a Coldtowne convert.

John and Luther (aka Party Ends) did a phenomenal job telling stories too. I particularly enjoyed the Richard Linkletter castle/game/party story. On stage their easy-going and fun partnership was apparent as they retold what I'm sure were somewhat difficult (maybe embarrassing?) tales of younger days. I don't think I would have been so calm and comfortable.

You can find the Coldtowne theater schedule here. And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Party Ends events.


(photo by recovering lazyholic)

The latest JPG theme is Spiral.

happy father's day!

To one of the greatest people I've ever know, or will know. Genuine, friendly, talented and the very definition of a "good guy". I love you very much Dad!

Friday, June 13, 2008


(photos by recovering lazyholic)

I clearly have abandoned any idea of being thrifty with the 'ole polaroids as you can see here, and really as almost every day my blog suggests with continued picture postings. It hurts so good; I really can't stop. I love driving around and finding new visual treasures. Essentials: ample supplies of caffeine, good music, and film.

partying with that other paper

(link to That Other Paper)

I promise... I swear... I am not an egomaniac or deluded with some false sense of specialness. Now that I've cleared that up... hey look! That Other Paper used one of my polaroids. Granted it helps that my friends submitted it. Ah but I'm not going to get hung up on technicalities.

Enough about me. Read the article and definitely check out John and Luther of Party Ends as they tell stories (sorry... no campfire included) and the Coldtowne Theater troupe improvs their yarns into scenes. Tomorrow night at 8; tickets are ??? (not much).

Thursday, June 12, 2008


(photos by recovering lazyholic)

Summertime for the lazyholic is kind of like Kaliber to the alcoholic. Both can be dangerous gateways into relapse, teasing the weak back into full on "oholic" behavior. But when things go right it's sin wearing a halo and you have to trust that everything will be just fine and enjoy it. Snow cones and springs make nice accessories.

this real person reads your blog

(illustration by Damien Weighill)

Blogspot brother Your Face has an interesting concept going. Send in a photograph of yourself and this chap will translate your likeness into a drawing... I would say most times with amazing results. Ok, maybe not AMAZING (that's a pretty strong word that should be saved for special occasions), but they're pretty damn awesome.

The narcissist in me has been awfully tempted to see what he can do with my face, but the part of me that dreads any images of myself is in disagreement with that idea. Maybe someday... we'll see. In the mean time I will be content with continuing to view the drawings that are not of me. For a look at all of the faces he's done so far you can go here (not sure how updated this is). Look for "half-beard", "3-D face" and "Spiderhead" (all names given by me).

favorite journey

Swapatorium, the self proclaimed "journey through junkland", has been one of my all time favorite sites to follow for some time now. It's full of found treasures and oddities, many times in the form of old photographs. Match that with my affinity for folks in masks and I have suddenly hit the jackpot.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hate 3ish

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

For no real good reason I've really been hating the time between 3 and 4. It just feels like the part of the day that goes thud. I question what I have done so far and how much time I have left to finish my on-going list of things to do.

choke on this

Speaking of... I want to be excited about this. I AM, but I'm always cautious and withhold high expectations when it comes to too good to be true situations. I loved this book, now love the author even more than before, and am pretty keen on Sam Rockwell.

Check out the trailer to start forming your own opinion.

free snuff

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing the man that a few years back took my hypochondria to a new height (Choke + detaching retina), Mr. Chuck "I can't pronounce his last name" Palahniuk. He was endlessly captivating... articulate, amusing, insightful, and passed out inflatable bodies to boot.

High points: bookmark beads, signed copy of his new book Snuff, touching story about dog food and love.

Low points: really only one... note to MC's, act interested. It doesn't threaten your cool factor, I promise.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

can't stop myself

Like a moth to the flame or me to Rock Star, JPG has me under its spell. Maybe it satisfies my need to categorize something. Maybe I'm more competitive than I have ever wanted to admit. Maybe it's simply my love for photography and trying to keep myself moving in the right direction. OR maybe it... does... not... matter.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hair of the dog

Once again culling other blogs for unoriginal content I present to you my dream hairstyle. I think it's time for a change and this sort of says "Hey, check me out; I love me; I have a dog on my head. You should love me too because I am whimsical and fancy free." It says a lot doesn't it.

Check out the rest of the fetching styles on You might find some inspiration as well.

got back

(link to Curlinghats)

I'm probably the millionth person to post this but I don't care... I can't resist. It's a pinata hiney for crying out loud. Um, my birthday is coming up soon... hint, hint. I'm thinking tootsie rolls?

status report

I reek of cleaning agents, I am covered in a layer of sweat, and my house smells like a laundromat. I have literally spent all day trying to make my home less gross. It's funny how your house can still fall apart when you don't have a job. Should I even admit that?

I am exhausted, but treating myself to a well deserved Lone Star. So much more gratifying when you really work for it. Somehow in all of this I have also managed to tucker my dogs out, which is a bonus (no late night play time means sound sleep for me). I guess all of that following me around really drains a pooch.

P.S. If anyone is wondering, "Level 1" is on par with "Defcon 5"... in other words it's a good thing... although I suppose I set it up to be a bit confusing didn't I. Whatever, I got tired of thinking about it, so "Level 1" = "recovering lazy" and "Level 5" = "fallen on the bed". I have a feeling I'm the only one really paying attention...

Monday, June 2, 2008

to wrap up or not

In a very horrifying moment I discovered today that the above shirt exists. Not intended to be ironic (would that make a difference?) and further confirming that fashion today is quickly headed towards a crisis of comical proportions, I'm coming closer and closer to deciding how I feel about the oft worn scarf (i.e. what keeps us poor 'ole Texans warm in 95 degree weather).

I actually generally tend to like scarves... in winter. I can also appreciate individual style. Lastly, I am not, nor would I ever, thumb by nose at the Keffiyeh club in order to somehow suggest that I am the most stylish of all (as I sit here in baggy stretch pajama pants). But something is just not right about this on-going movement and I'm suggesting it's time to move on. If the birth of accessories as silk screened "art" wasn't enough try this smoke signal on for size:

Now that I might actually like to see on a t-shirt.

middle follow-up

How oddly appropriate. Somehow I was entrapped by the late 90's Sandra Bullock film Hope Floats, which I had never seen until that moment. It's Sunday; bad movies happen. I watched the last half and the movie ends like this:

Birdee Pruitt: [laughing] That's what momma always says. She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will, too...

Ha, ha.

status report