Saturday, June 21, 2008

a tower bealls would be jealous of

(photos by recovering layzholic)

On another recent excursion (wasting precious gas and film, BUT dining on God's gift which is Sonic) I decided to go into new territory. To this point I have stuck to my part of town and on down south. This time I ventured around my old neighborhood. Generally a bit more depressing and unfruitful in terms of visual interest I happily was reacquainted with the 80's wonder which is known as "The Twin Towers".

I think they were a bit ambitious in the name but they win in terms of beating the surrounding competition. Closest threat is Whataburger. This, what I assume is home to many boring and important businesses, is comprised of two large boxes joined by a smaller box and covered in amber colored reflective glass. In the end it reminded me of one of those Bealls three-way mirrors I used to love when I was a kid (yes, I was/am weird) and resulted in something I think is dare I say kinda pretty.

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