Wednesday, July 25, 2007

judging a book by its cover

Sometimes that's all you need... and all that matters. "Orta June", "Jewel Mae", and a "guarantee of true quality". That seals it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


The latest contest on Polanoid is "Expired". Not too hard considering most of my film is expired (fortunately, but really unfortunately). A nice lazy day captured here. To check all entries go to The winner receives SX-70 film.

sunday scanning

What a way to spend the day. I unintentionally got lost in boxes and boxes of old papers, photos and random objects. I am a pack rat. I think I was born this way and see no signs of slowing down... although let's face it, I could be a little more selective.

I have old school work (dating back as far as 1984), lists and lists (list-itus has plagued me for years), family pictures, and on and on. My favorite... a list of what I will do once I graduate. So ambitious, so particular, so weird. Now which comes first again... marriage or job?

I love my scanner for helping make it possible to share with everyone (anyone), although it is doubtful the sentiment is reciprocated. Now I just need to put everything back somewhere. No easy feat.

If anyone wants a better look at my scanned treasures go here... photos & etc.(don't skip the homemade contracts and movie reviews).

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

where are the veggies buster?

I love lists. And I love found objects. This is the perfect marriage. Milk Eggs Vodka grocery lists lost and found is a book by Bill Keaggy and is collection of funny, embarrassing, and confusing grocery lists.

Grouped by chapter, you'll find sections such as "You're So Vague", "Just Plain Funny", "Sad Grocery Lists", and "Badd Spellrs" to name a few. My favorite has got to be "Eating Wrong", I suppose because that's the one I can really relate to... "note the conspicuous absence of yucky things, like say, fruits and vegetables". Welcome to my world.

Comical quips and food facts are sprinkled throughout and you'll also be interested to see the variety of surfaces folks use to jot down their needs (see "Creative Recycling").

Now you might think twice about where you put that scrap of paper after you go to the store ... or you can pray to find a stranded one and get a good laugh (or insight into the bizarre).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

new hobby?

Always on the quest to find more things to occupy my time or learn how to do something new I was elated to find this book. Quite honestly I think I already have enough interests to keep myself busy (now acting on it is another thing... I AM a recovering lazyholic), but you never know when you're neglecting the hobby of a lifetime. If you need MORE hobbies or a place to start check out this book. Aside from some of the usual suspects (knitting, scrap booking, soap making) what about taxidermy, urban animal husbandry, falconry or seed trading for instance. The world is your oyster so it seems. Buy it at Alibris and get started on your new life.


As if I needed more things to collect... I have become reacquainted with the View Master. As a collector of nonsense I have also skillfully learned to justify certain purchases. In this case, heck it's cheap and unobtrusive so why not.

I spent a few hours (yes hours) on ebay and bought about 15 reels and a viewer. Then for my birthday my friend John got me a truly badass older model. I love my friends because they are wonderful enablers (and have good taste).

Above is an image from an "LBJ Country" reel. This is the only reel that doesn't list a copyright but I suspect it was from the 50's. What's especially cool about this one is that Barton Springs is shown, as well the now defunct "amusement" park Aquarena Springs in San Marcos. Check out some more choice pictures (early John Travolta, Captain Kangaroo, performing elephants...) here. More surely to come soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

555 fixation

For some reason I love, and have always loved, that moment in a film where the character gives their number to someone or the number is posted on screen. Yes, probably not the thing most people are excited about when watching a movie... how about the plot or actors or any of that other "important" stuff. Well for me it's waiting for that moment, when the "555" comes up. Will it or won't it be there. Odds are these days it will, so it's more of a treat when it's not a 555 moment. However there is one 555 that has always been stuck in my memory. Say Anything, Lloyd Dobler leaving his number with Diane's father, "555-1342; 5..5..5..1342. 555-1342". Who really knows why. Maybe it's because I love John Cusack or because he was so awkwardly adamant.

At any rate, I DO know I'm not the only one that's got a 555 fixation. 555spot is just one a few websites dictated to spotting and logging the fictitious wonderfulness of the 555 world. I guess at least if I'm weird I am not alone in this.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

another reason i wish i could sing

Corinne Rose played last night at the Parlor on North Loop. A little blue grass, a little country, a lot of fun. I'll be honest it doesn't take much to impress me when it comes to vocals since my singing style is akin to a shaky prepubescent boy gargling rocks while jumping up and down. Even so, I was blown away by drummer/singer Maria Mabra. Stand up bass, banjo, and guitar complete the circle with a little bit of mandolin and lap steel to round things out.

I don't rave about this band because the bass player just so happens to be my real estate agent (that makes me sound a little fancier than I really am) OR for the fact that his wife gives a mean haircut (er... since we're on the subject though, let's get blatant... Method Hair, Shannon... check her out). I guarantee if you see these guys play you'll do a little dancing and foot stomping, and last time I checked that's a good thing.