Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

Have fun and be safe! Don't take any candy from Kiss members.

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Monday, October 26, 2009


I have a list of things I would like to post here but can't seem to find the motivation as I am currently living in slumpville. This is where many pity parties take place at a table for one. So I'm going to take a bit of a breather from the blog and see what I can do about mending some broke(n) things. Be back soon-ish. Please stay tuned.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

when greatness collides

Do you like felt? Do you like fonts? Do you have Photoshop? Here is a little piece of heaven. Download for free here.

[ Font Soup via How Magazine ]

we shall become one

I can't tell you how much I want this book. The Onion is great. Lists are CLEARLY great. Categorizing things makes me tingle. Pop Culture, yes please. John Hodgman is aces. AND "24 Stupid Inventions For Lazy Americans".

Naturally I feel like was made for me. I know this is premature, but I'm going to go ahead and make a not-too-subtle Christmas list wish. This is me willing it to be so. Available here.

aiming high and higher

Now here is a list I could really use. Not an everyday sort of list but one that could certainly get me focused for some long term life changes. Right now this gal can fill up both sides easily... getting it all done will be the harder part. As always you can download your own copy (black and white version) from my website.

[ download dreams and goals list ]

the past and evolving

Andrew Musson is a long time Flickr pal. He is always quick with a nice comment and supportive of my images. Having someone in your corner like that is a great motivator. He also is a photographer and he has a great eye. I have especially enjoyed watching his style evolve and his pictures seem to get better and better. Above is one of his latest which I really love. Someday soon I need to get acquainted with my medium format camera (the clarity and format can't be beat); I am officially inspired.

Walk the Dinosaur [ ]
Eating the Dinosaur [ Entertainment Weekly ]
Dinosaurs - sitcom [ YouTube ]
Jesus Riding a Dinosaur [ The Searcher's Flickr photostream ]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

listen to margaret

Uppercase Journal currently has a project calling for folks to choose a favorite book and design a poster for the movie version. This I will admit is definitely not my favorite book, however it does hold a special place in my heart. It doesn't hurt/help that I am a nostalgia junky. Anyway, this poster is my silly submission. I really enjoy the projects that UJ conducts even if nothing comes of it. The deadline is November 20th if you would like to send in something of your own.

muppet face off

In my world most roads often lead back to Muppets, or can if I search the internet long enough. While writing that last post I couldn't help but hazily remember a Muppet sketch (either Sesame St. or The Muppet Show) where a puppet's eyebrows came off. In attempting to jog my memory I unleashed more than I could have imagined. I am not sure if I have found the actual clip that I was initially thinking of, but all of these finds more than compensates. There is also a whole Wiki site about this!

Also check out the Vendaface and for something TOTALLY different, Xiu Xiu's "Muppet Face".

i didn't recognize you without your brows

I am not as obsessed as I used to be but I have to confess that a good pair of eyebrows still does it for me. I am not a snob and will not shun you if you are poorly groomed, overgroomed or merely have unremarkable brows. A good pair will entrance me though. Am I freaking you out yet?

What Consumes Me recently posted an interesting link to a site that asked participants to identify fifty famous people in three different varieties -- as normal, without eyes, and without eyebrows. Interestingly people had a harder time recognizing the eyebrowless. Not sure I ever would have jumped to that conclusion but looking at some of the photos I can see how it could be tougher.

michael jordan helped me pay my rent

Ok, so that might sound misleading. Last night I waited on a Michael Jordan, but it was more of the Michael B. Jordan variety. And when I say he helped pay my rent I mean he left me a tip. Where is the excitement in this? I have been frustrated (more than normal) as of late about my money situation so having a fruitful-ish day is a nice change. I also am more familiar with TV actors than I should be so I was proud of myself for immediately recognizing this fellow (The Wire (a personal favorite), Bones, and several other procedural dramas... and one soap opera). I am assuming he was here in Austin for Friday Night Lights.

He was a nice guy, sat at the Frogger video game table (which scores points) AND was overgenerous on a meager tab. Thanks guy for helping me keep a roof over my head and putting a couple of stars in my eyes. And also for further verifying what a dork I am. Thankfully I did not let on that I knew who he was and make a fool of myself.

[ photo credit Retna ]

Friday, October 16, 2009

charade credits

There is no way that the film opening of Charade has escaped the attention of other design loving junkies; however it was only after a recent late night Hulu binge that I discovered the colorful and hypnotic splash of graphic goodness.

welcome back!

When my friend told me the news the other day that Polaroid was coming back I was filled with glee and surprise. On the one hand it shouldn't be that shocking that someone finally wised up and realized there is still demand for the product, but on the other hand it is also a bit amazing that someone is actually doing something about it. It looks like the petitions and all the press the film's demise received helped turn things around.

Now I am not sure what this means for the Impossible Project. According to their site they are moving forward with their own brand. The more film the merrier I say, hopefully returning at reasonable pricing. And now maybe certain websites/retailers can quit with the gouging ($180 for a camera!).

weekly prescription

Welcome to this week's mixed bag of fun and doing! Check out the zesty and clever typographic flairs added to the plate over at River Restaurant; when Where the Wild Things Are and A Serious Man are sold out seek out the acclaimed documentary Afghan Star; consider YACHT's mission statement but don't forget to tap your toe in the process; #657 out of 1,000 gives you a chance to revisit the unpopulated McDonaldland (is Grimace homeless now?); and hope that Broken Lizard is as funny in person as they were in Super Troopers.

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Listen -- [ The Hype Machine ]
Do -- [ 1000 Awesome Things ]
Austin Event -- [ Paramount Theatre Box Office ]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

pieces of charlie

Speaking of Charlie... I remember when I was a little kid he was kind of a big deal, as much as an animated spokesperson (spokesfish?) can be. When doing a Google image search I found a bunch of merchandising treasures, one of which was the above scale. I have to have this, that's all there is to it (although "sorry charlie" is a bit of a discouraging message when checking your weight). I also found a Pez dispenser, however could only find it on one site so I'm not sure how legitimate it is. And how about a lamp, a camera, a watch, a motorized tape dispenser and on, and on, and on...

Buy your own scale here.

[ image credit Telstar Logistics ]

need to want less: craving

I love tuna no matter what (exception, as tuna salad); it is sort of a win-win. But dang if sushi isn't the best version. I miss it and this pain will not go away until it is back in my life.

P.S. I think I had more fun than I should have making that Starkist can, especially the little Charlie tuna.

salva lópez

Spanish photographer Salva López lives on a perfect pedestal in my mind. And because perfection is hard to narrow down to just a few examples I found it quite difficult to choose only a handful of images for this post. Each of his photos seems to be about one thing, honing in on a central subject that is simply and softly presented, however the whole composition never suffers. Whether it is a portrait, a forgotten landmark, or a common fixture, they all shine when captured with his lens. One of my favorite series is "Roig 26". To top everything off he is also a skilled illustrator. My envy is very visibly showing.

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[ Blog ]
[ Flickr ]
[ Tumblr ]

the font police

It seems that NBC is in some hot water due to their unauthorized use of three different fonts. The Font Bureau, which sounds like a company name a child would make up (important, serious, and oversimplified) but is very real, claims highly visible ad campaigns have used these trademarked types (Bureau Grotesque, Interstate and Antenna) and owe $2 million. That's a pretty big oops.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

lazy sunday -- kill some time

Sleep in, take a nap (or 2), watch a movie marathon, stare at a wall. Who cares as long as it does not involve labor. Have a happy lazy Sunday!

LISTEN TO THIS: Get in the mood to do nothing [ "Lazy" -- Marilyn Monroe ]

Friday, October 9, 2009

weekly prescription

Hey look who's back... it's the Weekly Precription! I'm just sure everyone has been clamoring for a dose of to-do. Or not. At any rate, in an effort to maintain some sort of consistency (aside from also trying to post on a more regular basis) I'm bringing Dr. Recovery out of unofficial retirement.

This week I feel like it's a good time to embrace youth, whether it is going back to before you were born (I can't believe The Wizard of Oz is 70 years old), watching a story from the past continue, hearing something that makes you feel young, revisiting a dying format, or pretending to be somewhere else.

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Do -- [ We Love You So ]
Austin Event -- [ Do512 ]

Thursday, October 8, 2009

goodbye irving penn (1917-2009)

I picked up my first camera when I was just a little kid, but it wasn't until I was in high school that I started to learn about photographers, get to know specific work, and build a mental list of inspiring favorites. Irving Penn was one of those original photo giants that helped turn on my imagination, and he sadly passed away yesterday after a long life and legendary career. During this span his images varied from high fashion, to stark portraiture, to odd still lifes -- everything equally exhibiting the talent and ability to capture beauty in all its forms.

required reading

I need this book.

[ via Kenneth Spencer Research Library ]

quick pick message

The line between laziness and convenience is sometimes a blurry one. With this list I'm not sure if I have come any closer in clearing up the debate. I give you the Quick Pick Message ("When you don't have time to write it all out"), for those brief thoughts you've got to pass along. My head tells me this is straight up lazy but my heart says it's not, after all lists are the cornerstone of recovery.

This list can be yours in two ways: as an 8 x 10 free pdf download (white background) or you can buy a bunch of printed mini versions in my shop, which includes a small pencil and is enclosed in a customized prescription bottle and bag (and if you ask nicely I will throw in some extra sheets). So go tell it like it is and enjoy!

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[ buy quick pick messages ]

sometimes there is good mail

Every now and then I get something in the mail I don't dread. Usually this is a catalog of some sort... pretty pictures of things I can't buy. The other day however I got something I truly wanted which is a copy of Allison Smith's zine Things I Like About Texas. As a Texan (and die hard admirer of all its charms), and also superfan of her work, I was so pleased that I finally could show some of my hero worship via this purchase. I know it's not much but I AM trying here and there to treat myself with some goodies while also giving to my favorites artists. You can buy a copy for yourself at her blog.

[ photo credit Allison V Smith ]

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cataloging corporate america

These are the folks that are longing to see your TPS reports. They are sexy and they rule the world. Now there is a place to admire them. Check out Sexy Executives for a plethora of hot head shots. You know, if you're into that powerful moustache, grey suit wearing, earning many figures more than you kind of thing. You can also follow on Twitter.

deemed laziest cover

Best Week Ever has awarded Dustin Diamond's (aka Screech from Saved By the Bell) "scathing" behind the scenes book the laziest cover ever. And I think I agree. I would also add, the "most magiciany", the "most unreadable", and the "most desperate". But thanks for the laugh DD.

say hello and stick it

Post-its® are and have been a part of my life forever. As I think I've stated before the love/reliance/dedication to the wonderful pad of paper was handed down to me from my father. So in a continued effort to embrace them and share their versatility I introduce you all to "The Hello Project". It's simple... write down/illustrate "hello" in whatever way you would like and submit it to For more info check out The Donut Project. You can also follow THP on Facebook and Twitter.

meg hunt

I discovered Meg Hunt's work via Share Some Candy and I especially love the above image. Fun, great colors, and very retro-y.

[ Blog ]
[ Website ]
[ Twitter ]

Monday, October 5, 2009

missy prince

Sometimes/often words fail me... trying to think of a new way to say I really enjoy (insert loved thing here) I feel like I'm either repeating myself or not doing said thing justice. When experiencing such a vocabulary drought I have to leave it as "this is awesome" and allow you to hopefully come up with your own adjectives. Right now is such a time, and Missy Prince (aka Box of Cobras) has one of my favorite Flickr streams to watch. Now you go, and exercise that brain and those eyes.

new random photos

Just some odds and ends taken while driving around town. The Sunkist Cadillac made my day. You can view them larger here.

the birth of the crayon

Does everyone remember this clip? It was one of my favorites (although I'm not sure if it was from Mr. Rogers or Sesame St.). I think I thought this is where all the Grandma's work... with a quite groovy soundtrack.

[ via Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks ]

Friday, October 2, 2009

more mark weaver

I have not met a design of Mark Weaver's that I did not like. The above is one of his latest and is no exception. In other exciting news he has just released free iphone and desktop wallpapers. Both available through Kistune Noir.


Work by Nik Daum.

A Dordle is not quite a drawing and not quite a doodle and not quite bad. Each mark of lacerating genius is thoughtfully recorded in the margins of advertising briefs, discarded printouts, or the company stationary. The turds are then scanned, colored, composed and polished on computer. Hopefully, this preserves the playfulness and stupidity of the drawings while giving a bit more depth. Idle hands are the Dordles’s playthings, the tools driven to craft through boredom and profound soul-crushing dissatisfaction. I hope these dordles provide you as much excitement as what drove me to draw them in the first place.

[ via Ok Great ]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

uppercase issue #3

I am so, so excited to be a part of Uppercase Issue #3. I have been/am a long time fan of their website (and shop/publications). For their most recent magazine they asked for submissions for a "Cover Me" project. Folks recreated an album cover in hopes of getting it published.

I did Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's "Now I Got Worry", mainly because it's a phrase that lives on repeat in my mind and at the same time (conveniently, and secondly) is a terrific record.

You can view a lo-res on-line version of the issue here but really you should lay down the cash for a copy you can spend some time seriously perusing. By the looks of things Issue #3 is, not surprisingly, full of great content.

i see bob saget in your future

And who wouldn't want that? I would not actually. This fortune teller (aka Cootie Catcher) seemed like a perfect segue from the Community post since the opening credits feature one of these folding geniuses. You remember this thing right? Do kids still play with them? How else do you know who your soul mate is or how much money you will make.

Check out Sycamore Street Press' here or make your own using these DIY instructions.

tv thursday

Thursday has always been one of my favorite days. This feels like a weird statement, as if ANY day can truly be better than the next, especially over a span of decades. I want to say that this love began with a regular childhood ritual that involved The Cosby Show and Mexican food (although I never actually had Mexican food... I got chicken fried steak; this place also sold jewelry and was located in a former funeral home, BUT I digress). Thursday fondness continued over the years and most recently re-established its specialness (due to my mildly superstitious and very nostalgic personality) via a series of dates with a certain fella.

So now I find myself in the midst of yet another Thursdaissance and it has come full circle to TV land. No, Cliff Huxtable and Co have not come back to NBC. The place that has been home to my beloved The Office and 30 Rock has just gotten better with the arrival of Community. A long time Soup fan I was eager to see what host Joel McHale could deliver as an actor but was a little nervous. Additionally I figured this new show could easily be a lazy addition to a great roster... a show you are supposed to fall in love with because it follows a show you already adore, without any real effort put forth.

I tell you what... it's pretty great. It doesn't hurt that series supporting actor Chevy Chase is essentially passing the cocky-smirky-funny-yet good intentioned-guy baton (I think Bill Murray would also be proud... I am picturing the ulimate 80's high five); I have a complete weakness that traces back to youth for this character type. But aside from this very Erin-specific draw, the ensemble cast is, so far, promising, the writing spot on, and the continued potential for guest teachers (cameo greats) limitless. I'm no critic, so I can only simply state that it makes me laugh and I can't wait for more. Some choice sound bites (starburns, doucheray vision, my knowledge will bite your face off, and...

Last... Parks and Recreation thanks too ( guitar shovel, rock fight, ovaries before brovaries, sugar slam); you're part of this magical package of relapse that I do not feel so guilty about.