Monday, April 14, 2008

random photo of the day: baby big

something lighter

(photo by Fernando Amutio)

a day at the farm {snake}

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

Yesterday on the home from seeing the Our Body exhibit at the Witte in San Antonio my boyfriend and I decided that it might be a fun pit stop to go to the good 'ole Snake Farm. I love animals, I love kitschy highway-side attractions, so why not. I can safely add this "farm" to the list of things to never do again. This place conjures not so much warm fuzzy animal adoration, rather sadness, sympathy and anger. Do you have to be well-backed or loaded to give a crap about the animal kingdom? You shouldn't. These guys need to try harder or just pack it up. I won't get into details, but unless you want a healthy dose of depression in your life, stay away.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


(link to design milk)

nu shooz

Not sure if I will actually buy these BUT dang if it's not tempting. A striped color wheel with a bullseye effect (that center should be my predictable consumer heart and not the Converse logo), I'm hypotnized.

As part of the CONVERSE (PRODUCT) RED™ line, this pair is designed by graphic artist Scott Patt. I'm not sure how I feel about the Product Red movement, but I suppose some points should be earned for good intentions. Regardless of your purchasing motives 10% of the cost will go elsewhere and you can dance about town with a clean-ish conscience, flashing some fabulous color.

random photo of the day: subway

the kids are alright

Actually they're pretty awesome. Went to see The Kids in the Hall at The Paramount last night, living out a teenage dream. I was addicted to and inspired by these "kids" all throughout High School. Now more like the "Young Adults in the Hall", their age barely shows (a little grey hair, an added pound or two) and in the time that has passed they have not lost their charm or their talent. Performances featured favorite characters (Chicken Lady, Kathie and Cathy, Headcrusher) and new material, none of it tired or overdone. Although Sizzler Sisters where were you?

I speak as a die-hard so I may be a bit biased, however listening to the roar of the sold out crowd I'm not alone, whatever the case may be. Good company, good laughs. If you've never seen them before I'll try not to judge too harshly. Redeem yourself quickly and go to the closest video store or check out You Tube for a tease.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

random photo of the day: loverboy


Last night I found myself abruptly awoken from a sound sleep. It's the middle of the night, and I think someone is breaking into my house. This is not the first time I've gone down this fearful road. Maybe it's irrational... I don't know. I have an active imagination, and with said affliction go into panic mode.

Step 1: Grab two dachshunds to shield me from what may come (makes total sense right), heart racing, and hope for the best. If dogs don't bite maybe with dark shadows on my side the intruder will mistake each armful for giant biceps and scurry.

Step 2: Text boyfriend and pray for reality check response. Can a technological flare be seen/heard at 3:30am?

Step 3: No. But that's ok. Seal off entrances, take a deep breath and turn on T.V. Bless you TCM; I get the tail end of a mini-Hitchock-athon. Yes, Hitchcock (I guess not generally a calming presence in times of panic). I have really been on a kick with this guy so it's exactly the mental diversion I was looking for. Thankfully we're talking Torn Curtain which is all cold war suspense and Newman's blue eyes, not themes of "who is trying to kill me; who just died?".

Step 4: 7am. Break-in who? Of course chirping birds and the sounds of an awakening city don't hurt, but I have to thank the big guy for helping to finally deliver the zzz's and getting me past my frenetic worrying. Let's try to make our next date a little earlier under less stressful circumstances. The Wrong Man or North by Northwest maybe?