Monday, November 30, 2009

new in the shop!

I have a few new prints in the shop from the "Need to Want Less" and "One Minute Photoshop" series and have also made a change to previously included prints -- each is 10x10 vs. 8x8 in order to offer a more generous border for various framing/matting options.

I'm also scrambling to get a few other projects finished up to include in time for holiday shoppers, you know, just in case someone wants to give the gift of Recovery.

Thanks for taking a look and as always if there is something from my website/flickr that you would like and it's not available just let me know and I can most likely get it for you.

ready to ride

I was graciously gifted a bicycle for my birthday... in JULY. Thanks to my ever-generous father it is now at home with me. I'm so excited! I want to ride my bicycle.

[ Image credit ??? ]

Thursday, November 26, 2009

need to want less: gluttony

This is what happens when you make something VERY quickly. No matter...

The holidays are well underway and whatever your stance, whether considering the origins, the corporate sponsorships, the overeating, or sporting events, there is some little good nugget to take from each one of them. Personally I know that I have shown a few chinks in my armor as of late, but in a continuing effort to ditch the wah brigade I am happier to think about the best parts of Thanksgiving. So much could be better, but SO much could be worse and I am thankful for everyone of those people, places, and things that make life worthwhile. I sincerely hope that each and every one of you has a great day today and are able to spend it with friends and/or family.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be back soon! And as always, thanks for stopping by!

Almost forgot... listen to this as you're gnawing on that turkey leg or scarfing some pie.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the a frame

Note to self: this has been done, and done, and done. Do not do. The categorizing fiend in me loves this collection though. And I like confirmation that the leg shot is all too familiar.

For a view of Print Mag's evidence see the full Flickr set below.

[ Print Mag via The Daily What ]

christoph niemann

Big surprise. I like this.

[ Christoph Niemann via Yay! Everyday ]

Maurizio Anzeri

Most certainly bizarre but at the same engaging, Maurizio Anzeri combines mediums that individually conjure up memories of my youth. I however never imaged family photos would go with weird 70's string art.

[ via Horses Think ]

1 minute photoshop: incurable

Still quite a useful product, even if your mind has reverted back to its 16 year old self. Quick thought... maybe I should create a new slogan for Adobe's PS CS4: "Photoshop, the tool for a tool". Kind of catchy, in a self-deprecating way.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what next? try the book seer

Ever finished a book and found yourself asking "what now?", jonesing for either an equally gratifying follow-up or a read to get the bad taste out of your brain? The Book Seer is the ticket. With a couple of quick entrees -- last (enjoyable) book and author's name -- the site sifts through a few other literary-based web offerings for some suggestions.

I tried Choke simply because it was the first thing to pop into my head. Amazon's picks were pretty pointless... more Chuck Palahniuk books, really? LibraryThing was a bit more diverse however. You can probably figure all of this out by simply cutting to the chase and starting at Amazon or LT, but getting caught up in the gimmick is definitely more fun.

[ via Internet Therapy ]

words become images

Another cool project... Words Become Images is based on a simple concept. You supply the words, he supplies the images based on those words. Done.

[ via ]

double dog dare you

Now THAT'S a rat tail. If anyone that is reading this ever gets their hair "styled" like this please send me a photo and I promise I will send you something good.

[ Blame it on the Voices via The Daily What ]


Samsies is an interesting project curated by Alex Carman, Dave Geeting, Sophie Curtis. The selection process seems possibly painstaking but the results are nevertheless a curious study on very similar images taken by complete strangers. I know I have seen many a photo that reminded me of something else, and I have probably unconsciously or accidentally taken a picture that very much mimicked or duplicated a scene snapped by someone else. Whether these are examples of "the sincerest form of flattery" or variations on popular themes I like what they're doing here.


Monday, November 16, 2009

mod & witty

I would formally like to add this to the list of stuff and things I don't need but would love very much to have... if only to find out what the rest says.

[ High Steel Heels via fletter's Tumblr ]

1 minute photoshop: misfortune

In a continued, seemly uncontrollable, exercise to exorcise and fully disclose the current emotional/financial demons that live in my brain I give you another 1 Minute Photoshop. I can't quite catch a break and am hell bent on sabotaging glimmers of progress as I try to fix the broken things too quickly. And that my friends is my uncomfortably public confession to the world. I feel better and more icky at the same time. Now on to less revealing subjects...

clowns + new year's = duh, naturally!

Awful Library Books continues to impress. I wholeheartedly believe there are more bad books than good in the universe, AND that it might not be our loss.

I am also sensing a repost come New Year's Day.

jen gotch

Jen Gotch is one of my favorite Polaroid photographers. I was so delighted to read today that she has opened up her shop. I'm sure she will sell out in no time. You can check out what's available here and keep tabs on her latest work via her blog.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

1 minute photoshop: refresh

Stevie Wonder [ We Can Work it Out MP3 ]
ABBA [ Take a Chance on Me ]
Roy Orbison [ That Loving You Feeling Again ]
U2 [ All I Want Is You ]

isn't is fantastic

Chris Buck's Isn't series casts look-a-likes in uncharacteristic yet "relevant" situations. Pretty funny and brilliant if you ask me.

[ via How Design ]

jobish in the city

Still tryin' just to get up that hill...

[ via Good ]

wurstfest was the bestfest

And that's not the first time that's been said before...

Wurstfest is an annual festival that celebrates fried food, alcohol, face painting, and carnival rides German style. Last week my friends and I went for the x'th time, depending on who you're talking to (my 4th or 5th). I tried some new-to-me vegetables, cloaked in a battered disguise and almost regretted it all the next day. Overall it was definitely worth it.

This photo is of my friend Seana; without her I would be an emotionally disfigured nonsensical person. If you want to see more photos of our brief adventures check out my Flickr.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

need to want less: update

Book of Love [ I Touch Roses MP3 ]
Reading Rainbow Theme Song [ YouTube ]
Jim Halpert as Facebook/Bookface [ Tumblr ]
Rent a Book [ Book Swim ]
Faces [ Wicked Messenger MP3 ]

wiener time

Because it's been a while...

[ Lab Partners via Uppercase Journal Issue 3 ]

[ David Hasselhoff via The Long and Short of It ]

Monday, November 9, 2009

loving home

I saw this book cover over on Milk Tooth's Rain the other day and was instantly smitten. Yay for big words and straightforward (near childish) illustrations. Bonus, it may actually provide useful information INSIDE. I know... weird, a book that includes informative contents. This book also conveniently provides a fluid segue to my current favorite song.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros' Home. If you're not smiling after a listen then you are clearly a robot. Actually, make that a broken robot because this song even manages to break through the metal skin of my most androidy days.

1 minute photoshop: exit

I know, I know... so sappy. I'll stop now.

the people that made me make things better

I would be screwed without those two people on the left. Thanks Mom and Dad; love you!

i'm alive

... and that's the good news! The bad news... well let's not get bogged down with any details. I'll just say I'm still working on redirecting my course. I have missed my blog and have officially reached my threshold for number of times I can watch Xanadu without throwing up glitter, so here I am mid life mending.

And if ELO ain't your thing (which for shame, if not!) here's another equally appropriate anthem for you to listen to. I'm so glad I'm not a clock (I might be able to work with being an ice cream cone though).