Wednesday, December 2, 2009

round trip

Another holiday down. My Thanksgiving was pretty darn great. There were no drive-ins this year unfortunately but spending time with my family brought a different sort of joy. Things I learned or was reminded of:

·Being called "that girl" works when it's out of the mouth of a 3 year old
·There is no such thing as too much sugar
·Memories never fade even when structures disappear
·My parents effortlessly and naturally make me feel that being me is just fine, and in fact sometimes great, simply by being themselves
·True story, chili petines are indeed hot and are like chewing a small piece of fire
·Taking photos is one of five things on the planet that make my tummy flip in a good way
·Readers Digest can spur interesting conversations
·Dog Fancy is strangely in circulation at my folk's house
·I come from a family of deaf people

There are probably some other things but this is the bulk of it. Definitely moments that I will savor.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

print society

I took my sweet time putting up a post about this site, but I have it on a list therefore am obligated to follow through. Print Society is pretty awesome. It is essentially an open marketplace for artists and fans of art, offering a means to further advertise printed works. All that is required is creating a profile, which is free, and adding photos and links to either your own pieces (sold on Etsy or other sites) or the artist's. Prints can be favorited, tagged and a select few are featured as editor's picks. How can a site that promotes selling art with no strings attached be a bad thing.


Poking fun at people is sometimes cruel, but it also an unavoidable fact of life (and is ok when done the right way). Human beings try a multitude of things and inevitably fail on occasion. And sometimes we all take ourselves so seriously that a bit of humor is in order to realign our egos and serve as a reminder that one of the most important marks of being a good person is the ability to laugh at yourself.

Regretsy is a website that pulls some of the best of the worst from Etsy. In their own words... "Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet." And that should be a clear indicator of their agenda. I would be horrified to be on this site, I'll admit it. And I do worry for those particular folks that somehow sunk their heart and soul into a project. But come on, an Ellen Degeneres cat fanny pack (as seen above); this is begging to be featured. On the bright side, maybe they made a sell.

LISTEN TO THIS: "Cruel to be kind" -- Nick Lowe