Tuesday, December 1, 2009

print society

I took my sweet time putting up a post about this site, but I have it on a list therefore am obligated to follow through. Print Society is pretty awesome. It is essentially an open marketplace for artists and fans of art, offering a means to further advertise printed works. All that is required is creating a profile, which is free, and adding photos and links to either your own pieces (sold on Etsy or other sites) or the artist's. Prints can be favorited, tagged and a select few are featured as editor's picks. How can a site that promotes selling art with no strings attached be a bad thing.


sahadeva said...

Thanks a bunch for the great post Erin. We really love your "Challenge" print over at Print Society - keep your killer prints coming!

Saha from Print Society.

erin said...

thank you so much!!! and sorry for such a late reply. continuing to love the site and hope you guys are getting tons of great feedback!

roxanne columbus said...

hey erin, got that prepaid credit card issue resolved told you about a while back. but what do you think about if i get in touch with you about your work when i'm back in texas? i'll be back this year some time. how's your work coming along?
cool site by the way

roxanne columbus said...

hey erin, got that prepaid credit card issue resolved. but, what do you think about it if i wait to look at some of your stuff when i'm back in texas--it'll be this year? still interested by the way. how are projects coming along.
ciao bella, roxanne
p.s. cool site you posted.

erin said...

hey Roxanne! sorry i just got this comment (didn't realize only some posts needed me to approve comments and i never look at that part of my blog). ANYWAY, i'd love for you to look at my stuff. i'll be here! projects are coming... i wish there were more hours in the day, but i try.