Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

Be safe! Don't eat too much candy or drink too much punch!

Friday, October 24, 2008

someone wearing my almost

(photo by Lou O'Bedlam)

The other day I came upon this photo. I almost got this very tattoo, using a different font. Somebody told me it was depressing and I guess made a convincing enough argument that I did not go through with it. I still like this Vonnegut quote. Almost to the point that I am wishing for it again.

flickr color: sasha magni

(photos by Sasha Magni)

$1 camera

lazy felt

If you are equally (and bizarrely) obsessed with all things felt, like I am, then here is a project for you. As deemed by the crafter, it's The Lazy Girl's Guide to Felting Rock.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

boo birthday

Today my little man, my tender vittle Boo turns 2! I'm not sure what his real age is since he's a rescue dog but that's what's on his paperwork. Works for me. Extra treats and snuggle time galore. Boo, try to take a day off from being scared of life. You'll be ok precious.

P.S. Yes, this is pretty much where his name comes from. Poor misunderstood scaredy Boo, with a heart of gold.

hopelessly devoted to you

Smashing Magazine quite often offers advice that is so over my head it lives in another galaxy, but I love their wisdom, tips, and finds nonetheless. It gives me secret hope and every now and then, real live inspiration and resources to better my pursuits. I was delighted when I saw their Ultimate Collection of Useful Photoshop Actions. I say a big "YUS" to myself.


(link to Azumi and David)

Comfortable and cool and someone going for that horsey in blinders feeling. I guess you don't have to worry about losing your sunglasses sunplastics when they are stuck to your face. For more unusual designs and wares that you can buy go here. You know, I'd actually try these out if I weren't claustrophobic.


I might not name my first born MOKB, but doesn't mean that I am not forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me. Thanks once again! Please read their ACL overview here.

flickr color: anita chiu

(photo by Anita Chiu)

The weather continues to get cooler, but it's still Texas. Why can't I live here... just for a few days.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

level 4 + blogging = smarty shots

Well speaking of the time I spend blogging, I guess it's appropriate timing to mention a new blog I started. I know... what the world needs now... and what I really need to be doing (don't judge). Thankfully this one won't be that time consuming. It's called Smarty Shots.

The very basic premise is that through my love of movies and screen shots (which is like taking pictures by cheating), coupled with injected morsels of wisdom-- either made up garbage by me or reflected in the film's scene or general plot-- I want to convey a brief message. So, one big picture and one phrase... like movie fortune cookies. Bam.

The hardest part was navigating my way through WordPress, which I feel was way more difficult and tedious than it should have been. I would have stuck to Blogger actually but I had paid for some stupid CSS upgrade and didn't want it to go to waste. After an arduous tussling with basic codes that any web developer would laugh at I finally have a finished product. I'm not sure how often I will update it. Like I said it's a simple format. I just have to mull through lots of DVD's to come up with material. And there you have it.

poster for the people

(photo by gosarahpalin)

While I'm talking politics... I saw this site on Urban Prankster today. A Frightening Prospect is an interactive wheatpasting project, urging people to spread the word via poster that Sarah Palin is bad news. To better ensure that Americans with a devious/artistic/political streak have the proper tools the site not only supplies wheatpasting how-to's, but a high quality print out the poster. It's that easy. It's that awesome. Thus, we have a topic that has also called "awesome" 100% out of retirement.

mad movies

You know, No Country did win an Oscar®. A little food for thought...

Or not.

P.S. Don't forget, you can vote early.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

look at me when i'm talking to you

Now here is a handy invention for scolding parents or the socially inept**.

**WARNING** Not for those with personal space issues.

Design by Jooyoun Paek of Bed Head, lazy fashion fame. If I ever become rich and famous you can be by personal stylist. I will of course probably not be rich or famous long after, however may make a new career out of appearing in the "Don'ts" section of most magazines.

mmm brains

Sunday marked my former alma mater, Alamo Drafthouse's, second annual Zombie Walk to commemorate the Dismember the Alamo Film Festival. The walk consisted of a few hundred (I am really bad at estimating crowds... but it was more than 50 for sure) folks dressed their Zombie best parading from Red River and 11th to the Capital. And when I say parade they were led by a marching band so that's a pretty accurate account.

This year there was no bus rocking or fountain swimming so Austin was not seeing red, but a few children probably peed their pants and were left with emotional scars, and a member of the Texas Highway patrol stopped the mob dead (ba dum dum) at the steps of the Capital, protecting innocent locals and tourists from the wrath of entertainment.

Road blocks notwithstanding, the zombies message rang through loud and clear. More brains, more brains, more brains. And Halloween is officially almost here.

Dismember Tickets [ ]

pizza party

Last week, after the tongue wagging Presidential debates, I went to The Parlor for their first Pizza Box Art Show. Prior to the event I had plotted my own entry, but upon viewing what the artists came up was quickly relieved that I spared myself the embarassment. I'm clearly not as imaginative as I thought; their entries were pretty ingenious. Well most were. The guy that fought someone over hiccups got my vote.

I believe the show is still up, but if cardboard galleries aren't your thing the beer and garlic bread pizza will make up for that. Oh, and don't forget to get in a round of Burger Time.

Pizza Costumes [ ]
Pizza! Pizza! [ YouTube ]
Loverboy Trailer [ Video Detective ]
TMNT Pizza Crunchabungas [ X-Entertainment ]

is blogging a form of laziness?

(photo by Marcel Boshuizen)

Up until now I have considered blogging (specifically me writing on my blog) to be an activity, something that helps free me from the bonds of laziness. I'm wondering now if that is not the case, or if there are degrees of activity that elevate you to a higher and higher level of recovery. I say this because in the last week I have been too busy to post anything. Writing a blog takes a back seat when I seem to be living my life to the fullest (which I define as leaving my home).

A while back I briefly ran a series of Polaroids that ranked my level of laziness. I think I may have to get back to that and perhaps consider the opposite end of the spectrum... the degrees of recovery. And with that, to make it extra confusing and more nonsensical, the ranking should be opposite of what it was before. So 5 is the most active and 1 is the least.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

beverage advice

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

Some people read tea leaves. I read tea bag tags.

cinema sponsors

Not only do I like the minimalistic redesign of these film posters, but I like how the artist chose to focus solely on the products featured in each movie. I have an idea for another one which will require some digging into the 80's. Back to the Future: Pepsi. Now that was product placement that you couldn't hide from, which is amazing since most of the movie takes place in the 50's.

Thanks for sending my way Bannister!


what a heart says

(photo by Kerry Ball)

That's a good statement to live by.

lazy food

As a fan of crap food and all things convenient I have to say that even with that in mind I can not endorse this product. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the traditional process of putting knife to jar and spreading is not terribly taxing. Furthermore when taking short cuts on already simple tasks I think we start running the risk of simplifying to the point of annihilation and are left with unholy individually sliced crimes against human kind. In other words this is just plain gross.

[ PB Slices via Neatorama ]

Monday, October 13, 2008

number 8 is great

As I mentioned yesterday I have been trying to make a better effort to work on step #8 by actually using my gym membership. So far so good. Maybe I will stick with it this time. If Hightower was my personal trainer then I would say without a doubt. To dream.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

recovery destination

I saw this sign today on my way to doing step #8 (thanks Gina!). Good to know the time and day for recovery. This should help tremendously.

smashing movie posters

Smashing Magazine has a post today declaring their list of "50 Beautiful Movie Posters". I was surprised to see a couple of entries from The Alamo Drafthouse. I agree that they are indeed beautiful, but it's interesting to see the scope of their circulation. Well deserved, however I think I forget sometimes that the world is not a small bubble called Austin.

P.S. I am intrigued by W. Seems like it could be amazing or god awful.

hand face

(design by Olly Moss)

Sort of creepy, but lifted by pastel hues, I like this face made out of hands. It reminds me of something I saw on Sesame Street or the Electric Company... I think.

Portfolio [ ]
Blog [ Dope City Limits ]
Flickr [ Olly Moss ]

Friday, October 10, 2008


For some reason this is one of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken. My little Biggie (does that count as a double negative?) looks so precious, but at the same time the overall image is dark and sparse. I took it well over a year ago with my Holga using expired Polaroid film... all factors that can make for an unpredictable result.

JPG Magazine has had a theme running for some time now called "Beloved" which I submitted this photo to. They just recently opened the theme up for votes to decide entries for Issue 20.

You can vote for me here if you feel so inclined (and are a JPG member). Thanks!

colored paper

I am either a simpleton or enjoy the beauty of simple things... they are different, I assure you. I'd like to think I am the latter. Brightly colored paper is one of those simple things I enjoy. So if all else fails I guess I could infiltrate a pre-school and I'd be content for the rest of my life (hmm, maybe I should reconsider my earlier statement) .

Top image credit [ Victoria Siddle ]
Bottom image credit [ Marianne Duroselle ]

man's best garment

(photos by Erwan Fichou)

Erwan Fichou has an on-going series of portraits featuring people with their dog(s), wearing clothing made from said dog fur. I would never suspect just looking at the picture(s)... if anything, that they are a little too into coordinating with their pet. I think it would take me a very long time to get enough hair from my little dachshunds to make even one mitten. Get to work guys.

For more on the practice of knitting with pet yarn check out If It's Hip and for more of Fichou's photography go here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

lazy technology

(design by Ivonne Dippmann)

I'm starting to think it might not be such a bad thing to have laziness issues. The market only seems to be geared more and more towards me. How is recovery possible when the world keeps getting more comfortable.

top design pt. 2: wizit

Since I'm on the subject of Top Design I thought I'd take a minute to bid farewell to the moody tsunami that was Wisit.

Actually I will miss him. He wasn't my favorite designer aesthetically, but he seemed very good-natured and sweet. Your opera will never die... never.

bedtime stories with bravo

Last night my neighbor was so kind as to share some Bravo with me. No waiting for the internet to post my favorite shows. One such show is Top Design. There are some obvious reasons for this:

1) I like design/decorating shows
2) I have a weakness for reality shows
3) I have a greater weakness for reality shows that center around challenges

But there is another reason, which I suppose should be considered more of a bonus than anything. I have this thing for listening to certain people's voices. Yes, that's an odd confession I'm sure, but the awful truth is I can't resist a good bedtime story voice... a velvety golden throat that has the power to tranquilize me into perfect relaxation. There are some that possesses the power of sonic Valium and others that would just give me nightmares.

*All photos from

2009: year of the OCD

(link to Bubble Calendar)

I'm not sure I could restrain myself...

Great gift for that special designer / obsessive / compulsive in your life.

every morning

(design by Nicolas Burrows)

This is old, at least in internet years. My current conversion is 2 weeks in cyber rotation equals 10 of our regular 'ole human years. Anywho I still get a kick out of this image.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

summer escapes, bring on fall

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

I can't get enough of the fall nights. Now daytime needs to get on board.

take this memo

I would officially like to add these glasses to a never ending list of things I want but don't need.

versatile pleasures of rayon

Little known fact: Wearing rayon results in gaping mouth syndrome.

Take a look at the wonderful blog I'm Learning to Share for more golden oldies.

giving good cover

(original content via delicious industries)

These old magazine covers have been making the blog rounds lately and I can no longer deny the joy they bring to me, even if I'm jumping on the band wagon.

From what I gather this publication offers independent product reviews and from the looks of it they are still around. Maybe it is the British equivalent to America's Consumer Reports. As interesting as it could be to do dig into its second banana to what I have my sites set upon. I'm content to cherish the bold and simple vintage graphic packaging.

Superior Sandwiches [ Whichwich ]
Book Matchmaker [ Which Book ]
MP3 Donovan [ Season of the Witch ]
Roald Dahl's The Witches [ Alibris ]