Saturday, February 28, 2009

biggie has the blues

Biggie and I just got back from the emergency vet. After almost a day of throwing up and diarrhea it was time to get checked out. Poor guy has no appetite, can't keep water down, and just looks plain sad. Hopefully the prescriptions they gave him will make him all better. This is what happens when dogs are dogs and eat things they're not supposed to. Poor BB.

UPDATE: Biggie is so much better now. Thanks for everyone's concern. He is currently snuggling with his BFF Boo, but has gotten his appetite and rambunctiousness back. Yay!

Friday, February 27, 2009

keeping track

Obsessive compulsion as art. Good stuff.

[ Simon Evans via A Cup of Jo ]

wondeerful (ugh... i know)

This is one of my favorite photos right now. I can't get enough of it.

photo cred [ Horatio Baltz ]

frank chimero

My friend John (thanks!) pointed me in the direction of these posters. I have mentioned artist Frank Chimero before, and my affection for his work has only grown. You can check out the gallery of State Prints here.

AT post [ Apartement Therapy ]
Frank Chimero website [ ]
Frank Chimero flickr [ Frank-sparrow ]

goodbye craft

Seems that a lot of magazines have been folding lately. And while I think it's not so bad in some ways (see ya paper usage) it's still a little depressing to bid adieu to some quality publications; there is definitely something to be said for holding a good read in your hands and giving your eyes a computer break. How long until they cease to exist all together? Anyway, so long Craft Magazine, the latest kill to make the news.

[ Craft Blog ]

Thursday, February 26, 2009

william eggleston

I'm sure to many people William Eggleston is no stranger in the photo community, but I felt compelled to post one of his photos. I just love his work.

William Eggleston site [ Eggleston Trust ]

quiet life

This is not nearly as cool as the news about my mom but I thought I'd share this. One of my photos is now part of The Quiet Life Camera Club online gallery.

go mom!

My mom is a writer and just found out that some of her work will be quoted in an upcoming issue of Oprah's magazine O. I'm so excited and proud of her! Here is the quote...

What might my life be like were I to give in to the rhythms of my own ragged dance? Like this, I imagine, walking down the trail, past grapevines and winecups and huisache blossoming in the sun. Just like this attentiveness, this pleasure, this being present in the world.

It's an excerpt from What Wilderness is This, a collection essays from women writer discussing the Southwest. My mom's name is Susan Hanson and can you find the book here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 minute photoshop: reality

I'm not very good at this. But really wish I was with all my heart.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

drive bys

I really love this series, Drive, by Andrew Bush. Not only is each image visually interesting on its own but collectively tell a nice story about people and their cars. Check out the full story and more photos on Seesaw Magazine.

[ Seesaw Magazine ]
[ Andrew Bush website ]

end of the rolls

Yesterday I got back the very last of the newly discovered unprocessed film. This was one of the photos... my friend Michael after surgery.

tumbling on the fence

So, as if I didn't already spend too much time on my computer (half of which I should clarify is WASTING time), I couldn't fight the urge to explore one more internet path. That path is Tumblr.

I have followed several sites through Reader for some time now. I guess I felt that ultimately it would be easier or make more sense to go "full tumble" and take the plunge. I'm not sure why but I'm feeling a little gross about it; it's a visual assault with rapid firing updates is why perhaps. My brain has already been altered, I think for the worse, in these technological times. I'm not sure if it's needs to take this next step.

But it's done (for now). It's not intended to be anything special really. I wouldn't even go so far as to call it a blog. It's just "a taste of things that are good"... a virtual scrapbook. If you want to watch or play along you can find it here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

film resurection

I finally took in all the rolls of film that I found at my house the other day (sans some black and white). This is from the first roll I took when I got my Holga a while back. Nothing too exciting but it was nice to see the end results once and for all. All in all I think I was hoping for a some surprise gems and came up a bit short. Plus H.E.B. sort of did a funky job on the processing. But I scratched a task off my list of things to do and that always feels good.

i hardly know her

I discovered a new Flickr viewer the other day. It's called I Hardly Know Her. Essentially you type in the Flickr name of the profile you want to look at it and boom, you end up with a minimalist version of their page. It sort of reminds me of a very basic Tumblr site. At any rate it's a interesting alternative to the every day view.

Here is mine.

[ I Hardly Know Her ]

more reminders

I can't stop myself. Four new reminders up.

free tony

Coincidence is a weird a thing. I have been scanning some old photographs lately. Just around that time I read a post on the Day-Lab blog about the Tiger Truck Stop on I-10 in Louisiana. Oddly enough one of the photos I rediscovered was of that very place. It was probably almost 8 years back which is how long the tiger has been there (if not longer).

To backtrack a bit... the Tiger Truck Stop is home to a lone tiger, and he lives in a cage on the property of said truck stop. It's a tourist attraction to be sure... it lured me in. Fascination aside it's also really sad and a bit heart wrenching. Who knows what kind of care he gets but regardless living in such solitude in a tiny cage seems unjust and definitely not the quality of life such a majestic wild animal should have.

Hearing that this fella was still captive made my stomach turn. I am however glad that there is a movement underway to try to free Tony. I encourage everyone to sign the petition as well as read up on other ways to help on Big Cat Rescue's site.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

bad idea, great jeans

This was one of my favorite SNL commercials of the past and I have been looking for it forever. Hulu has finally given me this wonderful gift. It's not quite as funny as I remember so all that web hunting feels silly now, but I still get a good giggle out of it. P.S. I miss you Phil Hartman.

explaining the spike

Yesterday I was uploading some photos to my Flickr and noticed that a few photos had been favorited. I don't get much traffic from non-contacts usually, so it's always interesting when it happens (and I wonder why). Later in the day as I was catching up on some Google Reader I read one of my favorite designer's blog and noticed that he had put a link to my Getting Lost set. How awesome! Not only is it nice to gain a bit of exposure, but it was via Aarron Draplin (who I've also written about a couple of times here and here). And to top things off he loves dachshunds. I'm probably more excited than I should be, but thanks Mr. Draplin!

Draplin Design Co. [ ]
Interview with Aaron Draplin [ ]

[ image cred Draplin Design ]


As most people may know already I am obsessed with making lists. Add to that, an almost equal obsession with making forms/using basic graphics. Sadly one of my favorite things about my former job was developing templates (really living on the edge!). Anyway, I have been developing some printables, marrying my two loves, to possibly sell (along with some other things) in my Etsy shop. Here is one that I have been working on. It's a grocery list template. Of course I'm sure I've omitted some staple items or have not allowed enough room for certain categories, but this is the best I could come up with without it becoming totally impractical and never ending.

If you happen to want it (or see the full view) you can download it for free. You can print as one large sheet (regular print paper) or print 2-up or 4-up. I like making them small, but you have to be able to write (and see) tiny.

Sorry the file is kinda big. I got too lazy to resize. Wow, I AM lazy.

[ download grocery list ]

Monday, February 16, 2009

photographing the past

Even after all this time I still miss my grandmother Carper. It doesn't hurt like it used to but the longing for her laughter and friendship never goes away.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

wild horse

I just love ridiculous wall paintings. Really, really love.

more archives

I uploaded some more photos from the ole archives. I love this picture, and not in a I'm full of myself way, but how amazingly adorable way. The kangaroos deserve all the credit.

In other news, I think I ate too many Girl Scout cookies. And I wish my pinky would stop being weird.

being blahggy

I haven't felt like being bloggy lately, which I guess is pretty obvious. I'm too lazy to post stuff from other people that has inspired me or made me laugh. So I'll just post some stuff I've been doing. I'm self-centered like that.

After having lunch with my dad the other day I did some wandering along 183. Luling has some good stuff to take pictures of. Who can't like a giant watermelon? Also a giant chicken (which I haven't uploaded yet). If only the town didn't smell like rotten eggs.

1 minute photoshop: complimentary

Nothing says I love you like referring to a color wheel.