Saturday, February 28, 2009

biggie has the blues

Biggie and I just got back from the emergency vet. After almost a day of throwing up and diarrhea it was time to get checked out. Poor guy has no appetite, can't keep water down, and just looks plain sad. Hopefully the prescriptions they gave him will make him all better. This is what happens when dogs are dogs and eat things they're not supposed to. Poor BB.

UPDATE: Biggie is so much better now. Thanks for everyone's concern. He is currently snuggling with his BFF Boo, but has gotten his appetite and rambunctiousness back. Yay!


JessRice said...

Oh no! Poor Biggie. What did he eat? Leona's sitting right next to me munching on a milk bone. She's getting fat... maybe we can have a dog play date when Big's feeling better?

erin said...

not sure what he ate. he came in with dirt all over his face last night, so who knows. secretly i think he's really bulimic... been feeling a little self conscious about the weight if you know what i mean. ah, i joke, and only because he seems to be doing a little better. he ate some food, AND held it down so that's a good sign. thanks for checking!

Elizabeth said...

I hope Biggie recovers quickly. Lulu got into the trash for the 2nd time ever (and in two weeks) yesterday. But the only thing in there was Hershey Kisses wrappers so I imagine I'll be picking up silver poop for the next few days.

Rocks In My Socks said...

Oh no! That's scary. Glad he's doing better though.

erin said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I'm glad Lulu didn't do more damage. Got to love the unpredictability of our dogs... at least when it has a happy ending. Sorry about the silver poop though.

Thanks Seana! As you've seen first hand he's pretty much back to the old Biggie... chasing (and eating) tail.

Sheena said...

Oh my goodness, how very cute! Glad he's well!

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