Tuesday, February 17, 2009

explaining the spike

Yesterday I was uploading some photos to my Flickr and noticed that a few photos had been favorited. I don't get much traffic from non-contacts usually, so it's always interesting when it happens (and I wonder why). Later in the day as I was catching up on some Google Reader I read one of my favorite designer's blog and noticed that he had put a link to my Getting Lost set. How awesome! Not only is it nice to gain a bit of exposure, but it was via Aarron Draplin (who I've also written about a couple of times here and here). And to top things off he loves dachshunds. I'm probably more excited than I should be, but thanks Mr. Draplin!

Draplin Design Co. [ Draplin.com ]
Interview with Aaron Draplin [ Hearhear.us ]

[ image cred Draplin Design ]

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This is very cool!