Wednesday, February 18, 2009

free tony

Coincidence is a weird a thing. I have been scanning some old photographs lately. Just around that time I read a post on the Day-Lab blog about the Tiger Truck Stop on I-10 in Louisiana. Oddly enough one of the photos I rediscovered was of that very place. It was probably almost 8 years back which is how long the tiger has been there (if not longer).

To backtrack a bit... the Tiger Truck Stop is home to a lone tiger, and he lives in a cage on the property of said truck stop. It's a tourist attraction to be sure... it lured me in. Fascination aside it's also really sad and a bit heart wrenching. Who knows what kind of care he gets but regardless living in such solitude in a tiny cage seems unjust and definitely not the quality of life such a majestic wild animal should have.

Hearing that this fella was still captive made my stomach turn. I am however glad that there is a movement underway to try to free Tony. I encourage everyone to sign the petition as well as read up on other ways to help on Big Cat Rescue's site.


SKH said...

I signed it.

John Morrow said...

I believe that I had heard this was the retired LSU mascot. I'm not sure if that is true. They have had a tiger in that cage for over 20 years, but I don't know if it is the same tiger. My friend told me he stopped there one time and someone was throwing things at the tiger and saying, "You dumb tiger. All you do eat and sh*t." It is a very sad sight. The cage is tiny.