Monday, March 29, 2010

need to want less: seating

Almost daily I drive by my favorite vintage store. Almost daily I nearly get in a wreck as I crane my neck to see what chairs they have for sale. Then I remind myself I do need yet another chair. For some reason I have a weakness for old chairs. I do not have enough rooms or butts to justify purchasing more chairs. If I can somehow convince myself that my dogs would be more comfortable in a beautiful old Eames chair then maybe...

soft food

My adult self says "Erin, the last thing you need is a felt version of your favorite foods... try the real stuff, as in go to the grocery store once in a while". My child self says "with a small portion of my allowance I can make yummy toys that are huggibly delicious". I'm not sure who to listen to. Scenarios involving fuzzy fabrics generally win.

For those less conflicted you can go to July Hobby's Etsy and buy your own set of patterns.

[ via Made in England ]

say hello to his little friend...

For the friend that has everything... Scarface bedding, and LOTS of it. You can't go wrong.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's like a dumb switch that I can't turn off in my brain... I can't stop playing word association in my head. The latest peek into my mind comes in the form of greeting cards that I designed called "Symbolisms". They are simple sentiments that you can give to someone that you love (or hate). Probably not very practical and potentially passive they're an easy way to express yourself. One side is a picture and the opposite side has text that supports the image, or vice versa. All cards are business card sized and come in a envelope that matches or compliments the color of the particular card. I'm going on and on...

A few examples are below but you can see the on-going project on my website and find out more specifics on buying at my shop.

gee these gifs are terrific

Sometimes gifs are a bit gimmicky or seemingly made for "gifness sake", as if to say "see what I can do" while not really doing much worth showing. I have been guilty of that at some point or another. But I Am Not An Artist, "an animated gif paranoia about nonstop design workers", boasts an endless array of examples that are the contrary; they aren't just moving pictures, rather a fusion of minimal compositions, pleasant color palettes and clever ideas.

The project was created by Johnny Cooper and Matthew Cooper with the intention that other designers contribute as well. P.S. You can get news and updates on their Twitter.

lcd custom card system

Terrible pun... forgive me. This is a really great idea for a card though, no?

Create your own personalised cards with these super minimal LCD debossed cards. Great for any occasion, there is a handy alphabet sticker guide so there’s no guess work, just lots of colouring in fun! These cards are designed by Yellow Owl Workshop in San Francisco, who specialise in creating expertly crafted paper goods. They are a limited edition and made from 100% PCW recycled paper. They come with a custom envelope and measure 17.8cm x 10.2cm.

The card can be purchased here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lazy marriage

How does one make the ultimate romantic lazy gesture? Why, you marry your pillow. This man did it... truly sleeping with the one he loves. The funniest part, I'm probably just a few extended naps away from such nuptials. I do cherish the time I spend with my fluffy bed mate.

polaroid updates

•The film finally returns [ The Impossible Project ]
•Polaroid scarves [ Philippe Roucou ]
•New York Polaroid Project [ New York City Polaroid Project ]

[ image credit rchappo ]

spending time with clint

Recently I have been spending a lot of time with Clint Eastwood... through the wonderful portal of time suckage called Netflix. I can't really explain the sudden fascination, although he's an icon and starred in some of the more memorable films of the past (as well as being an Oscar award director). And any praise I have for him will just make me look like I've been living in a cave and am only now caught up on pop culture up to the 70's.

I just know that there is something magnetic about his screen presence (and not in a creepy I-wish-you-were-mine way) that makes me want to know him. He comes off as cool and scary, so basically if I had a chance to meet him I'd probably cower in terror but be unable to break free from my awe and stand awkwardly nearby. If I only I could really live out that nightmare scenario.

Besides his roles there are a few elements that make some of his movies worth watching (keep in mind I may be in the minority here). They are as follows:

The opening credits/graphics to Fistful of Dollars as well as the entire soundtrack.
•The opening title sequence to Magnum Force (screen shot above)
•He stars in Every Which Way But Loose with an orangutan that drinks beer

And yeah, that's it, but I've only just begun...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

photo contests

I don't know if such info would mean much to anyone reading this but I thought I'd post a few links to current photo contests in case there are folks looking for their big break/a challenge/a way to pass the time.

Click the name of the contest for more details. Deadlines are listed to the right of each.

Hearst 8x10 Challenge -- Deadline May 31, 2010
Austin Center for Photography -- April 4, 2010
4th Annual Foam Magazine Talent Call -- May 1, 2010
Hey, Hot Shot -- August 22, 2010
Small Victories @ Booooooom -- April 30, 2010

some newish photos

Me and the 'ole AE-1 hitting the town. You can see larger versions on my Flickr.

vida simples

I can't read Portuguese but on the off chance you can please check out the little write-up on my Reminders series in the March issue of Brazilian magazine Vida Simples.

Monday, March 22, 2010

jason munn + flatstock

This year I vowed to finally make my way into the Flatstock poster show part of SXSW. Somehow in years past I have missed it and I couldn't let that trend continue. With excited eyes opened and a determination to keep my wallet closed I walked into a little bit of paradise. Nearing the end of the line I came upon a wall of posters that made my heart happy and I knew I had arrived at The Small Stakes/aka Jason Munn booth. And manning it was none other than the designer. Being my usual unsmooth tongue-tied self I professed my undying love for his work, sounded like an A-1 jackass, and of course broke the promise to myself to not spend money. How could I walk away empty handed. So I bought the above Why poster and I do not feel one bit guilty.

My new oath was that I only purchase one poster. I stuck to that (mainly dictated by my thinning stash of cash) however really liked what I saw, especially from the following designers:

Lil Tuffy
La-La Land Posters
My Associate Cornelius

new in the shop!

As a fan of Scout Books I couldn't resist trying out their "Make Your Own" option. I can't say that my design is going to set the world on fire but as a dedicated list maker and promoter of a 12 Step Program I am happy to have yet another tool in my efforts to do things and assist others.

If you would like one they are available for sale in my shop. Each "Journal of Doing" comes with a custom white pencil that has an inspirational message or one of the 12 steps on it. More specifics, like size and materials are listed at my shop as well.

wiener time

Thank you Nathan for sending this to me! Nothing better than a wiener gif.

so long sxsw, hello life

I have no idea who the gentleman in the photo is. He was busy making out with a stuffed bear, as one does when faced with attractive taxidermy and a fewmany drinks in them. At any rate he provided a nice moment I could not help but capture. Ah SXSW... a time to tie one on... oh, and see some films and music.

I'm not going to bore anyone with the things I did or didn't do. OK, that's a lie; I may have a few comments down the line, but really I'm posting this mainly to explain my absence and say hello again. Hello.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wiener time

I think if I ever get another dachshund I would like a long-haired one. I will need a bigger lap before moving forward with that though.

[ Doug Hock via Celections ]

insightful toothpaste

Another day, another silly way to really discover the "real me". I can now add slow witted.

[ via Internet Therapy ]

color wheel

My friend Seana got a booklet called "Room Service: How to Re-do and Re-new Your Home Using Fabrics with Celanese Contemporary Fibers" (wooooo, that's a mouthful) from our pal Jessica. I love this color wheel image. That is all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new in the shop!

I have a few more photos for sale in my shop. The one above, as a 16x24 print, and my Texas flag photo (as 11x16), and my horse photo (as 16x24). As an unintentional and lame bonus you get to see more of my shoes... and bare feet. And no, no feet have compromised/tainted any images.