Saturday, March 29, 2008

random photo of the day: busdriver

what took you so long?

Looks like Photoshop finally got with the program and decided to compete with other on-line editing sites. In a very logical move, Adobe has just launched Photshop Express, a free gallery with many of the tools you know and love from it's more advanced relative. Obviously options are somewhat limited but it works quite nicely for a quick fix.

low res for lazy-bones

(design by Cristian Zuzunaga)

sun spots

(link to ISO50)

Nice prints by musician and artist Scott Hansen. View more of his work here.

elephant artist

Wow! Something feels a bit unreal about this, but either way it makes me love elephants even more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

save polaroid

You know, the more I think about the demise of Polaroid film the more pissed off I get. Really? No more Polaroid? Now, I realize when you throw me in with the rest of the world I'm probably standing with the minority when you consider Polaroid vs. digital (or even still 35mm, but I'm sure that's on its way out too). But even if its not a mainstay, isn't quite as practical, and pales in comparison when you consider image quality, it's iconic. How can you ditch or outright dismiss it's pop culture status and deserved right to keep on keepin on?

I am glad at least that the business of going out of business is getting attention where this is concerned. ABC News covered the issue and you can see it here. The internet is also aflutter and sites like are calling for action. Go to their Flickr to see the instant film lover's personal pleas and favorite self-snap.

And PLEASE, PLEASE if you want to do your part to keep the (my) dream alive sign the petition. And if not for me, for The Muppets. Do you want to see the sparkle in those googly eyes go dark?

speaking of...

(link to Mustache March)

moustaches... Lomography is running a contest for best moustache photo to coincide with Mustache (yes, I spell it the other way) March . The deadline is March 31st.

So what is Mustache March all about?

"Lets get things straight from the get go shall we. Mustache March is not a contest. As we point out in our manifesto, it's a cultural movement. For a month. Short-lived by cultural standards, Mustache March will burn brightly while it does. Like most cultural movements, there are "rules" governing who is part of the movement and who is not. The following are the rules and regulations that will govern Mustache March's short, but brilliant life span.

What better way to start a cultural movement than to embrace an unpopular social practice in attempt to raise money for charity? The Follicle Freedom Foundation was born of this idea.

Our goal is threefold. Revive a once-glorious grooming practice, humiliate ourselves in the process, and raise some cash for a worthy cause.

Next, we bring back the cape."

How can you beat that? In my world moustaches seem to be the new beard and my door is wide open welcoming them in. Often adorned by pervs, TV icons of days passed, and currently the follicly bored, it's nice to see some folks turn a patch of sleaze into a fund raising movement. A bit of dashing, humility, and philanthropy all rolled into one. And if those guys are serious about that cape business I really need to buy these guys a beer and make them my friends.

random photo of the day: sara

Monday, March 24, 2008

kissing cousin

(design by Frank Chimero)

This seemed an appropriate follow to the last post. To view more about the artist go here.

random photo of the day: grant

seeing green

(photo by Daniel Everett)

lost walk

The gold standard in my opinion. Saul Bass. Here are illustrations from a children's book he did called Henri's Walk to Paris.

You can see more images here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

have a swell easter

judgement day

Enter your very own special Easter egg creation or vote for other's submission on Hatch Designs' First Annual Coloring Contest.

This was my favorite. I think the Easter Bunny and Jesus would approve.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

flickr color: karen horton

(photo by Karen Horton)

random photo of the day: mvsclz

black & color

Dress by Japanese designer Mina Perhonen. Handbag by Aaron Sciandra of Brooklyn Bags. I am infatuated with both.

5 from space

I saw this on one my favorite music sites, RCRD LBL, and was instantly mesmerized. Can't say I'm honestly all that familiar with the Jackson 5's body of work (aside from the early years that is), but their family activity and certain solo careers have certainly been a focus of the press in the last several decades. In other words I feel pretty confident in saying they're kinda a bunch of kooks. God bless them.

Inspirational anthem meets giant Jackson's meets early 80's sci-fi sounds meets possible foundation for present day Skittles ads meets disco Dali meets The Ring (before you die you see the Jacksons?), all rolled up into a mind boggling epic 6 1/2 minute video. I feel like embracing young and old alike, holding hands with black, white, brown, while proudly sporting peacock feathers. So yes, I CAN feel IT. And for some inexplicable reason I also feel like drinking a Pepsi or swimming with folks the from Cocoon.

P.S. I think there is a little foreshadowing with MJ's hair mishap.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

random photo of the day: isis

k card

(link to 8mm ideas)

Why I have always liked this handwriting paper I don't know, but if we're all keeping track of my fixations and favorites this only makes sense since it was a staple of early youth in school. These cards place simple line drawings and no frills anti-Hallmark sentiments on the front, matched with a blank inside. The simplicity makes me love it, but not without a dash of hate for not thinking of it myself.

ode to joy

(photo by Tony Schanuel)

Satisfies my unnatural fascination with old motels and the photos that capture them.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


You know, sometimes I reach for the stars, BUT sometimes I have to reach for the scissors... contrasting safety scissors mind you (that cut multi-colored construction paper and then spin on my hand). This is what I call balancing work and play (um, with some magic?), represented by a hand. Where is Job when I need him, to complete the circle. Pennies anyone?

random photo of the day: thunderbird

testing testing, back from beyond