Thursday, April 30, 2009

some space movie

Have you heard that there is a movie called Star Trek that will be coming out soon? It is apparently based on a 60's TV show. Ok, I kid. Unless you grew up in a cave and currently do not own a computer/television (in which case you will most likely not be reading this) then you know full well what I'm talking about. This is a cover for the UK's May Esquire Magazine. I really like this design my Noma Bar.

[ via Yay Everyday! ]

inappropriately sweet

Yeah it's crude, but something about it really appeals to me. In other words if I got this card I would be more than fine with it.

[ Gemma Correll's Etsy via Mixed Plate ]

website update

I scanned some old photos recently and was feeling so nostalgic that I added a new section to my website called The Black & White Years. They are some of my favorites (for the subject or simply just the finished product), and even though they're predominately rough around the edges and of poor quality I still feel like they represent a whole part of my visual aesthetic that I have all but abandoned, and I miss.

This photo of my grandmother wearing my mother's wedding dress will probably be one of my all time favorites regardless of how many pictures I take in my lifetime.

no laughing-ish matter

This swine flu turns out may be no laughing matter, or maybe that's the overexposure to sci-fi movies talking... not that any illness is funny but honestly a name like that is begging for some chuckles. Anyway, living in Texas the reality of this craziness is unavoidable (not that it's much different elsewhere) . So how about some levity. This PSA (discovered on Public School) is pretty hilarious.

Also worth a look, if you're in need of a break from the onslaught of seriousness, is Craft Magazine's Pimp My Swine Flu Mask feature.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the whïte elephänt

To pick only one photo to post here is a challenge so I picked the most recent image that Mando (aka The Whïte Elephänt) has posted on his Flickr photostream. If you look at my favorited images you will find that many, many are his photos. He is a fellow Austinite and manages to really capture the color and magic of night, to the point that it does not register that we live in the same place. Aside from a truck load of talent he is also one of those friendly folks that is quick with a compliment and shows no trace of ego.

I encourage you to take a look at his work here.

40 amazing online photo magazines

Smashing Magazine can always be counted on for creating extensive lists of links, examples and sources of all things design. Recently they offered up a diverse group of Amazing Online Photography Magazine. These magazines are a great way for more folks to access some amazing work as well as provide a way for emerging photographers to get their foot in the door. And they are more environmentally friendly to boot (although in some instances nothing will ever replace a publication you can hold in your hands and feel).

1 minute photoshop: vulnerability

A few days ago I had my first brush with criticism about some of my pictures. The delay was not due to any super talent on my part, rather brought to light due the increasing power and reach of the internet... word travels if you happen to look in the right place, and opinions are always hiding somewhere. Needless to say I did not handle it very well and was a second away from having an ugly tourettes-esque moment or curling up in a ball crying. A quick call to the right guy set things right in my mind.

This brush with hateful opinions reopened my eyes to the fact that sometimes I am just way too sensitive... regarding a matter of things. Hopefully from this point forward I can take the bad as well as I can take the good... graciously, constructively, and rationally. Let's hope. That said I can't bite my tongue regarding one completely ridiculous comment. Dear whoever you are, if you are ignorant enough to confuse a silly photo of a mundane household activity as a sly attempt at racism you're the one with the problem. Not exactly taking the high road, but I only veered off a little.

One quick aside. Design For Mankind has a great video, as part of the Dialogue series, called Dealing with Criticism.

mankind is no island

Jason van Genderen, winner of the 2008 of Tropfest New York for his video Mankind is No Island, uses a mixture of found type and street photography to create a stirring and emotional portrayal of the homeless in New York and Sydney. In his examination the question is asked, when we say "I ♥ New York" or proclaim it on a 1,000 different souvenirs, do we love the city or do we love the people, and does that include ALL people. The video speaks better than I do. One extraordinary bonus, the film was shot exclusively with cell phones.

Thanks for sending me this clip Mom!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 minute photoshop: repetition

Did you know that the other day was Record Store Day? Guess I missed out on that one too.

The best record store I have ever been to [ R.A.T.S ]
Strange vintage album covers [ S.A. Steve's Flickr ]
Album covers obscuring body parts creating an illusion [ ]

tonight's the night

I'm pretty excited about this. Tonight the Alamo Drafthouse is playing Weiner Takes All, a documentary about the rough and tumble world of dachshund racing. This weekend is Buda's annual Wiener Dog Races. I went once, a few years ago, and am debating whether or not I will attend this go 'round. It would be Boo's first time so I'm thinking maybe yeah.

If you are interested in buying tickets to the film go here. It's at 7:00 pm.

[ image credit Grain Edit ]

turning gross to great

To this day I have managed to avoid the cyber-phenomena of yore, Two Girls, One Cup. This design by Frank Chimero reminds me that I'm not missing anything and in the process wows me with the gunk he spun into comic gold.

In general I love Chimero's work. You can see more from his Venns set here and more here.

happy late earth day

I didn't post anything yesterday because I was busy enjoying Earth Day. Sadly my major contributions to saving the environment were dreaming of buying a new Honda hybrid and not flushing the toilet as often as most normal people do (oh, the joys of living alone).

I hope everyone else was more successful.

P.S. The image credit for the above goes to Mark Weaver who in my opinion is an AMAZING artist. See more of his work here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shaun Sundholm

Shaun Sundholm is another really, really nice Flickr pal and extremely talented. He has a great series which he has grouped into a set called "You Probably Came Here to See This" (which alludes to the popularity) but also has great work outside of these. Check him out.

analog portraits

I know this has been floating around the internet for a while now but I couldn't resist bringing it to the attention of folks just in case you have not seen it. Not sure of the identity of the designer, other than their Flickr name (iri5) but he/she has created an amazing series of portraits using old cassette tapes. You can see more here.

another reason steve martin is #1

Ignoring most films of the past decade, Steve Martin is one of my very favorite people I don't know but wish I did know. His business card is another reason why.

[ via Neatorama ]

annabel elgar

I would best describe Annabel Elgar's images as a little bit dark, a little bit scary, a little bit twisted, but also great. If you're in the right mood you should consider looking at her portfolio.

[ via Picidt ]

share some candy

Pimping myself out is not something I'm totally comfortable with, however when someone approaches me to do so I can't really say no. Hidden behind the safeness of another person's project and a green light to advertise my photos I am happy to be a part of Reuben Miller's site Share Some Candy.

I equate it in some ways to other design/art/photo collectives, however less saturated (i.e. discriminating) and has consistently great content. Additionally contributors like myself are urged to post their own work which is a generous and complimentary opportunity.

I personally am more hyped that I can follow some truly amazing illustrators and designers. It's a medium I really enjoy but am not as good at keeping tabs on.

1 minute photoshop: hangover

I think if given the choice most people would rather be cool as a cucumber rather than pickled from the night before.

My ridiculousness seems to have no bounds.

Friday, April 17, 2009

andrea/girl hula

Andrea (last name unknown) has taken some of my favorite Polaroids. She really has a great eye for colors and patterns, all of which is perfectly captured using Polaroid film.

[ Flickr ]
[ Blog ]
[ Etsy Shop ]

brock davis

Sometimes the best ideas are so simple and you find yourself thinking, wow I could have done that. But you didn't and then you're faced with the extra genius of someone else having come up with the idea and have to appreciate their creativity even more. Brock Davis'Born With Googly Eyes series is one of those I-could-have-but-didn't-because-I-never-thought-of-it-but-it-seems-so-obvious-now-and-they-are-brilliant-just-because-of-that projects. Follow? Anyway, I really like these photos if that wasn't evident from my round about compliment. You can see more of his photographs on his Flickr.

[ link via My Modern Met ]

1 minute photoshop: affection

Thursday, April 16, 2009

when there is nothing else

I have been feeling a bit unmotivated/uninspired lately. I'm not going to beat myself up too much because I know it's natural and the creative drive is cyclical but it is at the same disheartening. Anyway in such slumps I post older stuff... things that I have rediscovered or have always liked. These are a few that I have always liked for whatever reason. I miss taking pictures of people as much as I used to. Sometimes.

subliminal messages

Jesse Wright, a really talented (and very nice) photographer that I have written about before, has created a cool series called Subliminal which I like a lot.

type wonderland

Here is a new website I heard about on and I believe it is created in part by the same folks behind the aforementioned site. It is called and is as they best put it "ffffound for all things type". You can read more about it here.

nobody forever

I like these handmade sweaters by Nobody Forever. I think you have to e-mail them to get pricing/ordering info.

how lazy can you be

Here is a handy two minute time waster, or I suppose a practical reference site depending on your needs. For kicks I looked up how walkable my neighborhood is on I think I got a 75% or something close to that. Having lived where I am long enough I already know that technically I can walk to a few places and this site confirmed that sometimes I should not be so lazy. Scoring is broken down by types of businesses you can walk to. I don't consider a record store to be a bookstore but whatever. Other categories include Libraries, Gyms, Drug Stores, Bars, and Restaurants.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this is what my envy looks like

I know very little about this photographer except that they are a super Flickr friend and I want to favorite all of their (he/she?) pictures. There are some truly poignant and sweet photos. I'm addicted. Go here to see what I'm fussing about.

snake eating its tail

This sort of encapsulates what I was talking about the other day. I'm sure I will be doing this someday... it's only a matter of time.

[ Danny Jones Design via Swiss Miss ]

1 minute photoshop: charity

I'm pretty sure this is self-explanatory. Just one step away from groveling.

buckle up

This is a great and clever way to recycle. Photojojo has just introduced to their store seat belt camera straps. I'm not sure how comfortable they are but I'd be willing to give one a shot (in T-Bird Teal hint hint).

birthday fun pt. 2

On the way back to Austin I had it in my mind that I was finally going to pull over and take a picture of this strange metal longhorn that is on the side of the road. Numerous times it has captured my eye. It's literally the middle of nowhere and there stands this shiny structure among many trees and an expanse of green grass. So we pull over and I find that if you look in the right place you'll see a sign advertising a Sculpture Ranch (apparently it has been there since the late 70's) down a one lane country road. With no time table we decided to investigate and head towards it. It was also free so really nothing to lose.

After about a 20 minute drive we found ourselves truly in the middle of nowhere, nestled in the hill country, and on a dirt road that led us throughout a scattering of outdoor monuments and artwork. It was seriously the best surprise that I've come across in forever. The sculptures were all pretty bizarre but ranged from mind bending sci-fi drugged out like to fanciful fairy tale like. We were the only ones there which added a surreal touch to an already weird atmosphere.

I didn't take pictures of everything on display but the above image is one photo as well as this, this, this, this, AND that. And for grins if you want to see John in a silly hat, standing next to ugly underwear in the presence of an American flag go here. Anyway, it's a Texas attraction that should not be missed (the park not John in a hat).

The birthday ended in Austin with lots of friends and fun. It wasn't my birthday but I had a great time and hope John did too.

birthday fun pt. 1

As I mentioned the other day (in my downer of a post) John and I went to Fredericksburg for his birthday. In case anyone doesn't know Fredericksburg is about an hour and half west of Austin (maybe a bit longer when you're me and don't pay attention to the road you're on). It's a small town with German roots, beautiful old buildings, lots of charm and also on occasion many tourists. Luckily we went during the middle of the week and I'm guessing a not so popular time of year.

I don't want to go and on about our adventures but I will say we sampled some good beer and delicious food, celebrated at a bar where we were the only patrons, stayed at a gorgeous winery, and did some shopping at a fabulous dime store. I will be the first to admit that I was strangely excited about the latter. To highlight, I found two hairnets that look like they were made in the 50's (you have to see them to even remotely appreciate... thanks again John for buying me a couple), heard a man in a horse shirt excitedly ask where the cat crossing signs were, and smelled the worst soap of my life (want to scrub up with eau de burning rubber).

If you ever find yourself in the area make sure you check out Rustlin Rob's which has the best array of condiments/sauces/dressings you will ever find (and you can sample each and every one of them).


This makes virtually no sense but I love it. For more WTF go to this site. "Plants" is my favorite (go to Works, Broadcast Commercial). Thanks Apples and Owls for originally posting this and making my day a little brighter.

Monday, April 13, 2009

1 minute photoshop: infolimic

Hello! I'm feeling a bit gross today as is the case occasionally. The last few days have been great, but I have allowed myself to get caught up in the world wide web, binging on so many images, information and ideas that it has all become redundant and nauseating.

So much so, I feel the universe is offering up only a couple of truths about life... that people are dumb (i.e. I'm going to climb in to a polar bear's pen), everything is on repeat mode and existing as the same thing in different places (which I am guilty of... Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc., etc.), humans consume and "connect" to the point that we're left with no choice other than to shut down or reject it all (even if only briefly). I am not inspired, I'm inundated and feel like there is poison in my mind.

I am clearly having an adverse reaction and it's making me cranky. I'm going to go play with my dogs and when I'm in a better mood will post some photos from John's birthday trip to Fredericksburg... and continue my road to hypocrisy.

P.S. Sorry.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i'm for sale...

And I'm totally going to shamelessly push this on everyone, even if it means every friend and relative awkwardly ends up with the same photograph hanging on their wall. Why, because this gal needs the dough. I do also happen to like the photo and am proud to have something worthy enough to be for sale.

The print is done with archival pigment on cotton rag, measures 11" x 16 1/2", and will be available for this week only on So if you're interested or know someone that may be you'll have to get it while the gettin's good.

Thank you so much if you happen to want one! And my landlord and the City of Austin thank you. Oh and my sweet, hungry dogs. Ok, they're anything but hungry... I just wanted to tug a few heartstrings to help sell myself. That's right, I went there.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

new old

I uploaded some random older photos to my flickr. I always liked this one (although I need to rescan it... looks kinda crappy quality-wise). How many times in your life do you see giant lizards walking around freely AND a couple casually having coffee right next to it. I guess often if you live in Australia, but this was a first and last for me.

gripe sheet

Sometimes I get grouchy. Sometimes I get grouchy and have no real good reason. And sometimes I do but I don't feel like talking about it is worth the trouble. For such situations I've created a gripe sheet for myself. I can write down my beef, get it out of my system and then burn it. Hopefully it will be that easy. If you need the same kind of help, and scrap paper just won't cut it, you can download it. It's nothing fancy but it's all yours.

[ download gripe sheet ]

lazy jane

A goodie from Shel Silverstein.

[ Image via Enyme ]

speaking my language

I have found a photographer that likes words as much as I do (there are actually probably quite a few out there). Check out Erin Jane Nelson's series "Words as Objects" here.

hair do

I really love this photo by Yijun Liao. It's part of Issue #6 of Bertha Mag.

Friday, April 3, 2009

1 minute photoshop: retaliation

I just keep going. I theorize that I was exposed to too many darling posters or message t's as a child. Maybe this is just part of some trend in design that I'm unaware of and I've been swept in inadvertently. Or maybe it's a great passive aggressive outlet. In the end I conclude that I just think a lot and I have an insatiable need to translate my brains into something visual.

If it can't be a list, a photograph, a nonsense post, or a dot on my tumblr site then all thoughts are left with this option... photoshop; they must go somewhere or everything gets clogged up. For someone that feels like they don't really want to be an open book I'm not exactly acting that way, even if it's behind the shield of technology. Welcome to 2009 Erin's self-awareness.

coiffed for fighting

I do adore versatile items. With this you can look good AND look tough at the same time. How does it get any better than that. Just sit carefully if you're into the 70's style back pocket toting thing.

[ Created by Lorenzo Damiani ]

comb composition

Photo by Jen Gotch. Someone WAAAAAY more addicted to taking polaroids than me. Proof positive, her blog My Polaroid Blog. She's got some pretty great stuff. This colorific comb one I continue to love.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

1 minute photoshop: monotony

website update

So just past the nick of time I got all of my SXSW photos together. I'm not sure what magical forces are against me but it seems every time I have a ton of photos to download and process my computer decides to be grouchy.

All in all I guess they turned out ok. I think it's really a matter of getting used to appreciating photos that I didn't think to take, or of a subject that is assigned rather than a project concieved by myself. I also still have a lot to learn when it comes to using a flash; I don't use one often, so have to wrangle it a bit when there is no other choice. My eyes are starting to crap out as well... perhaps. Focusing a camera in certain situations has been trying lately.

Anyway, the whole photo crew experience was fun and great practice. I still intend (maybe) to spout out some sort of music memories wrap up, but as more time goes by it seems pointless. We'll see. If you want to see a couple of the band photos I added to my website you can check them out here. Above is Riverboat Gamblers by the by.