Thursday, April 23, 2009

tonight's the night

I'm pretty excited about this. Tonight the Alamo Drafthouse is playing Weiner Takes All, a documentary about the rough and tumble world of dachshund racing. This weekend is Buda's annual Wiener Dog Races. I went once, a few years ago, and am debating whether or not I will attend this go 'round. It would be Boo's first time so I'm thinking maybe yeah.

If you are interested in buying tickets to the film go here. It's at 7:00 pm.

[ image credit Grain Edit ]

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Elizabeth said...

OMG! I want to see this. I went to the Buda races twice but Lulu never ran. My sister's dog, Ellie, did. Well she entered a race anyway. There wasn't actually any running involved. Ellie just stood there.