Friday, September 28, 2012

secret club tags

This only manages to feed my illogical love for old motel fobs. Add to that, I love the idea of joining clubs. AND, when you order one of these suckers from Three Potato Four you get your very own membership number printed on it. If only I needed 6 different key chains. You can buy your own here. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Whoaaaa. Weird. YES! And so concludes my bizarrely excited outburst over this series of ventriloquist photos over on Buzzfeed.

factory 20

Welcome to one of my favorite places to window shop -- Factory 20. It almost hurts to find so many things that I "can't live without", and it's a bonus that they shoot their products so stylishly. My only gripe (other than not being a millionaire) is that I wish it was a bit easier to quickly peruse the site. I somehow doubt that the trivial rumblings of a penny pincher matter much though.

Crispin Finn

I of course love Crispin Finn's minimal and slightly retro approach, but also admire and dig their dedication to a color scheme. The UK based duo really has a clean, yet fun, style. I especially love this bag, this poster (of course), this tea towel, and this planner.

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