Saturday, February 23, 2008

lovely & amazing

(photo by Indiana Caba)

(photo by Matthew Genitempo)

What a lovely idea for a website. The Ones We Love welcomes photographers to contribute six images of the person or persons that means the most to them, with the only parameter being that the shots should take place outdoors. Tons of artists have been enlisted so far. Have a few hours to spare, go feel the love.

the animal inside

(link to Helmo)

sewing chips

(artwork by Lisa Solomon)

tastes good

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

Goes down easy. Mischievous sugar high with a boozy aftertaste. Settles like pop rocks in your belly.

La Snacks, nice gents & a gal. Lead singer, Robert, is affable funny man disguised as fist pumping, finger pointing rocker. You should be ashamed of yourself if you don't check them out.

obssesive consumption

(illustrations by Kate Bingaman-Burt)

Top of the heap in my book. Photographer, Illustrator, Blogger Kate Bingaman-Burt, who has turned consumerism into a full time artistic occupation. I am a reluctant consumer, often finding myself in the throws of impulse spending, in turn feeling sometimes satisfied and a bit dirty at the same time.

I appreciate her playful, albeit admittedly obsessive, outlet. I'd like to think we're somewhat kindred spirits, but she spends less money and showcases it better.

Check out her Etsy shop for zines and drawings.


(link to Amy Chin)

Two of my favorites. Rotary phones and teal. Enough said.

flickr color: nurul

(photo by Nurul H.)

sent by eames

(© 2007 USPS Used with permission. All rights reserved)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

random photo of the day: home sun

truth in unintentional design

(link to Adliterate)

cover catalog

(image provided by Blue Lines)

If you are a lover of old book covers like I am then you should check out the website Book Scans.

obsession: childhood things

Today I bought an advance copy of The Red Balloon DVD. The Criterion release is not available until April, so unfortunately I'll have to suffer a bit as I wait at least another month to get my mitts on it. I remember watching this film as a child and adored it. As is my nostalgic nature I randomly recall such favorites and then decide I really, really need it in my life again. It truly is a beautiful movie, so in this case the obsession is well deserved. Next on my list of childhood things I never had or wish I had again and now want... Colorforms, Lite Brite, and a Tomy Snappy Shots. Ugh, I have a wanting problem.

phrase reduction

I read about this project on FormFiftyFive today and was immediately compelled to check out more on the designer's site kinkinerd. I get all goofy and gaga when it comes to what I can only call "word art". I'm sure there's a much more intelligent way of putting it, but eh, I honestly don't care.

In artist Nikki Farquharson's own words:

" A handbound book about simplifying well known idioms, proverbs, phrases and quotes.

I find it interesting that we are able to understand a message or meaning from a phrase that should not be taken literally.

By reducing these idioms to just three basic nouns, this does not completely remove our ability to understand the meaning connected to these obscure random words."

convenience store hunt

A few months back I proposed a little game to my friends. Take $25 to the convenience store closest to their house and buy some items following a provided list. I have long been amazed by and indebted to various neighborhood mini-marts. They have everything I could ever want, almost nothing I truly need (aside from the inevitable toilet paper emergencies), and are home to scores of miscellaneous treasures. Well, after much delay I FINALLY put the results together.

Behold finds from South Lamar & Panther (#1), 32nd & Red River (#2), 51st & Manor (#3), and Alamo & Manor (#4). The categories were as follows: "dustiest item", "cheapest toilet paper", "romance", "ugliest sunglasses", "bling", "brand I've never heard of", "item most useful to macgyver", "what's next to the register", and "wild card".

It's a little scary, but not surprising that three out of four are food items. Yummy. I personally can't wait to dig into those Vienna Sausages and test the urban myth that rotten weiners will cause paralysis. I'm not making that up, but I'll admit there's a chance I could be remembering it wrong. My favorite is #3. It's so old the price tag is brown. Now THAT will add some spice to your next meal.

Well one of these things is doing it's own thing. Thanks crazy yellow store for going out on a limb. Unfortunately the touch/feel vote goes to POM though.

See you take #3, then #2, move on to #4 just to be sure, and you're left with good 'ole #1. Congratulations! This convenience store sweep brought love and life into the world.

You know, ugly doesn't seem quite fair. These cheap bad boys rival any expensive pair (minus any pain and suffering that goes with the pricey variety when you lose them). They're the unsung heroes and sacrificial lambs of eyewear. I salute you... especially that snazzy pair bedazzled with snakes.

Bling = "diamond" earrings apparently. Poor Red River is too classy for the rest of us looks like. Their loss. Although I'm pretty sure they sell panties folded up to look like a single rose, so I suppose that whole class thing just went out the window. At any rate, they need to up the shine.

This one was pretty easy. Unless you're a professional shopper/consumer that is. For me it's a toss up between the Sweet Love of a dilapidated douche and a Foohy, Yikes eraser. They're both so very apt.

Welcome to the saddest installment of MacGyver ever. As he's battling ants he'll nail a tie down strap to a compass and circle us to safety in a bungee type motion. We'll all be saved.

What ISN'T next the register, that's the real question. In this case we can behold an apple, a Spanish terror magazine, some incense, and my favorite, a Hot Mama Sassy pickle in an embryonic type bag. I have been waiting months to rip this open and take a bite. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Anything goes, and everything fits the bill. Now I can't really appoint myself a winner, but I think you all will agree... a neon green electrolyte beverage for dogs called Rebound in a squished up dusty sports bottle is priceless. This easily could have fallen into several other categories but the sheer insanity of it best qualified it for the Wild Card spot. I gave it to my dogs and they have never been more quenched and refreshed.

And there you have it. I'm not sure which of us is the grand champ but even if I'm not victorious I have an awesome condolence prize in the form of 44 dazzling convenient store trophies (less one very rotten apple), which makes me a winner in my own right.

Thank you Seana, John and John for your help!!!

random photo of the day: coming home

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


(design by Kristen Doran)

Today I read a post on the blog Bloesem. Something about it got me thinking. Her point, or rather reluctant little thorn in her side, had to do with whether or not blogs should be copyright protected. She cited a site (not by name or link) that came quite close in ripping her off in content and styling. Naturally she's a bit irked and after some tongue biting got it off her chest.

As a would-be blog writer myself I naturally gave her plight some thought using the following scattered train. A) Who doesn't have a blog these days? B) That said, the likelihood of something truly original lessens and lessens as a result. C) What really IS original? I reckon almost everything creative idea that's passed through my mind is at best 50% original and of that half is consciously or subconsciously influenced by something I've seen, yesterday all the way back to when I was five. And D) We're on the cusp of some crazy new revolution that I can say I have first hand knowledge of being somewhat addicted to. The internet is infinity, opening up a ton of doors but quite often taking you there using the same narrow heavily traveled road built by five common facts of the day, one goofy viral video, celebrity scandal, and a handful of "now" and "it" artists that will hit every website and be forgotten tomorrow.

Not forgetting her beef, of course there is down right plagiarism (very different than inspiration) without a care in the world and that's about the lamest thing on the planet, but I try to remind myself it's the sincerest form of flattery... not that I personally am batting off the copy cats. I think the writer of Bloesem summed it up appropriately though, in saying that in the end the designer being highlighted on both sites ended up winning, which is really what half of this cyber journal business is all about. Kristen Doran certainly has a new fan in me.

snappy sippy

Darling and colorful espresso sized cups that for no practical reason have snap on handles or can be lumped together. Obviously I adore the extra touch, necessary or not. Created by INV/ALT Designs you can purchase some of their work on Etsy, see what's in the works via their blog, or see what they've done on their website. Don't you just love the past, present, future all at your internet fingertips.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

random photo of the day: astronautalis

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

making a statement

(artwork by Wayne White)

"summer's end"

(photography by Daily Dolores)

random photo of the day: san angelo

product placement

(link to Design Glut)

judging a film

I was first drawn in by the poster but now that I've seen the trailer I'm sold, counting the days. This film looks twistedly wonderful. Would it be a stretch to say it's something like A Clockwork Orange meets What About Bob?. Ok, maybe. One thing is for certain... that Michael Pitt scares the crap out of me. Coming soon!

Monday, February 18, 2008


silhoutte masterpiece theater

(artwork by Wilhelm Staehle)

in mourning

(image by Keico)

"Polaroid Corp., the Massachusetts company that gave the world instant film photography, is shutting down its film manufacturing lines in the state and abandoning the technology that made the company famous."

This is insane to me and not just because polaroids are one of my favorite things on the planet. It's POLAROID. It's a classic. I'm not denying the digital age has overshadowed this primitive photography, but I never imagined I'd see this day come. Time to stock up. Go here to read the full article.

turn on

(link to Design Public)

Pretty lamps by Pablo. And they're called "Tube Tops", which makes them double fantastic. Design Public is one of my favorite sites for window shopping. You'll find great items for your home, like pillows, bedding, and wall art. Enjoy the view. Affording much of it is a whole other thing.

becoming a dull girl

Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hairy wonderland

For one brief evening I had the privilege of experiencing a facial hair mecca. Beards converged and mighty moustaches duked it out, all in hopes of besting one another in categories like "best groomed moustache", "chops", and "freestyle beard". The ladies even got their own category (insert shudders and/or delight). The icing on the cake came in the form of "gnarliest beard", a category for die-hards only, with the winner taking home a trophy to back up what we all knew... "man, that takes dedication". David Lee Roth, in his wonderfully clad spandex heyday of 1985, I think summed it up best in the poetic solo triumph "Just Like Paradise". Thanks Misprint! And of course, thanks bearded gents!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

more of the same

On top of that, I am feeling sick. Boo hoo. Hope to update soon... and at the very least do something fun.