Friday, July 31, 2009

hollis brown thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton has some pretty incredible transfers and illustrations. I like it. Very much. And for some reason that conjures up a line from a movie (thanks Bridget Jones Diary for the scars).

Read an interview with him here. He scores points for being influenced by Arrested Development.

[ Website ]
[ Flickr ]

no fuss, no glass

This is not a great choice if you're looking to protect something priceless but it's a nice option for your less cherished posters. The ReFRAME is affordable, simple, comes in a variety of choices, and allows you to easily change out prints. Check it out on Soundscreen.

lazy dominos

weekly prescription

This week I encourage you indulge a bit. Say hello to the genius that is a mini pie on a stick and listen to some tunes handpicked by Beck. And if you are in Austin let me please personally serve you a beer at the 512 Anniversary party. I will be slinging their brand new brew "One" from 2-5.

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Do -- [ Laughing Squid ]
Austin Event -- [ 512 Brewing ]

Thursday, July 30, 2009

jorge chamorro

Some interesting collage work by Jorge Chamorro. That's about all I have the energy to say. And that is my super lazy post of the day.


Counting never seemed more fun. If Feist had taught me my numbers I could possibly have grown up to be a happy little accountant (with debatable limited skills). Or just love muppets more than I already do. Either way, 4 is now my favorite number.

peter baker

Peter Baker is one of those photographers that seems to do no wrong. In fact, in trying to choose photos for this post I could have just closed my eyes and randomly chosen something and would have ended up with something worthy of display. This is when my photo envy veers into neon green territory.

See more of his photos here(you really need to seem them larger than I am showing here) also check out this interview over at La Pura Vida.

never ending polaroid project

It keeps going, and going, and going, and going. This is a project that started in 2001 and follows a pretty straight forward yet excellent idea. Take a Polaroid portrait and pass it on. The next person poses with the photo of the person before them, and on and on. You can see the full collection on Flickr.

Dry Erase Snap Frame [ Uma ]
Impossible Project T-shirts [ The Impossible Project ]
The Branding of Polaroid [ Giam Barba ]

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

meet my sponsor

I can feel the laziness subsiding, thanks in large part to my new Sponsor guiding me through my affliction. Like anyone else in recovery, support makes all the difference. Kseniya Yarosh (aka Ksen) is a Brooklyn based artist and blogger that specializes in making zines. My favorite is the I Love Bad Movies issue (I can't wait to get my mitts on a copy). I love movies, and can't resist a bad movie (I'm thinking of you My Chauffer, which I watched for the first time in years and years).

As part of her duties to keep the lazy at bay she has provided me with some helpful advice, which I will be posting on my website soon. I trust that she will have a watchful eye on me as well, making sure that I stay on the productive wagon.

Please, please check out her Etsy shop for her wallet friendly zines. She also a few blogs... one of which can be found here and the other here. The latter is particularly amusing; it chronicles two women in her neighborhood that have a tremendous fondness for wearing red sweaters and hanging out by the window.

To find out more about becoming a Sponsor go here.

(original photo from Kseniya's flickr)

Friday, July 24, 2009

awful library books

My eyes are about to explode from all the amazing joy they're taking in. Awful Library Books is my new favorite website, which I probably say about a lot of websites, but seriously this collection of crappy unintentionally funny books takes the cake. And I'm not the only one that thinks so. Just check out their Facebook group or their Twitter.

P.S. I really could have used that pantyhose crafting book when I was kid. I went through a tragic experimenting period trying to make dolls. They ended up looking like deformed potatoes.

[ Link via Urlesque ]

super fancy view master

Fuji has just come out with a digital camera that shoots in 3D, which they're called "real feel". I'm definitely intrigued. The sticker price is a bit out of my league, so I will have to remain curious. I'm also not sure it would be worth it once I get past the gimmick. Interesting breakthrough for the mainstream market none-the-less.

valero doval

This artwork by Valero Doval gets an A+ from me. It's silly and colorful but that's why it earns high marks. To me this series is sort of reminiscent of John Baldessari, an artist that I love. I don't know, maybe just a little bit. Not a bad comparison either way.

weekly prescription

There is no theme this week, unless you consider doing great things a theme. So learn how to swallow a sword, laugh like it's 1992, get funky, relax with a home brew, and if you're in Austin check out some illustrated art. Whew, you're probably so exhausted now. Go have another beer... you deserve it.

Read -- [ Alibris ]
Watch -- [ The State ]
Listen -- [ Phenomenal Handclap Band ]
Do -- [ Instructables ]
Austin Event -- [ Birdhouse Gallery ]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lunch finder

Not a terribly sophisticated site, Wheel of Lunch is still a fun (and lazy) dining decision maker. It's kind of like Urban Spoon but with more Pat Sajack and less slot machines.

need to want less: bouquet

This is 99% true.

salsbury smile

No real story behind this photo (truthfully feeling lazy about elaborating)... just makes me happy.

Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library has quite a few photo gems on their site. This image is from Ruckus! American Entertainers at the Turn of the Century. I also really like the Carl Van Vechten collection of Color Photographs of African Americans.

jpg -- color theory

It's been a while since I have entered anything into a JPG Magazine photo challenge. With JPG's previous limbo status I sort of got out of the habit. I am happy they are back in the swing of things though and with that I am back to the hopeless endeavor of trying to become published in an issue... of if anything achieving the slight satisfaction of being "hot".

If you want/can vote follow this link for the Color Theory theme. I also have this photo entered in the Gender Roles theme.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

jim hance/strangely drawn

Last summer I took pictures of a friend's wedding, which took place at the groom's house. Hanging on the wall was a terrific painting of the Goonies reimagined in Lonely Hearts Club gear. I took a photo of it as a keepsake of the awesomeness... I did not trust my memories alone to do it justice, plus this had to be seen by others.

Fast forward to a few days ago and I find a comment on my Flickr from the painter himself, saying that he was thankful for the picture as he never took one. Oh joy for finally knowing who was behind this masterpiece, but greater joy for seeing the extent of his body of work. The artist is Jim Hance (aka Strangely Drawn). Looking at his website so much looks familiar to me now-- I just never made the connection. I love, love, love his style and humor. And I love that I was able to give him a memento of such a brilliant and funny painting.

store front

I am becoming more and more predictable. Burstoid recently had a post about the book Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York and I of course immediately started drooling on myself. Photography... check; fading America... check; old signs... check... all combined to make a visual stew of tragic beauty that I will down like iced coffee (I would say water but we know that's a lie). I'm not sure that I should bother but nonetheless I feel compelled to dissect my extreme attraction to the beleaguered, helpless, and challenged things of this world (living or not).

less time, more fun, no hair

The other day I was on a local gallery's website. In browsing through their list of featured artists I found a link to a site called Shave Your Yeti. I don't know who made it or what the story is (does there really need to be one) but I know that I love it. Spend 15 seconds grooming the beast; you can't regret such a simple and ridiculous way to pass such a short amount of time.

why not

I seem to be inevitably drawn to time wasters and redundant variations of my Recovering Lazyholic persona. I could not fend off taking the plunge into Twitter or even Tumblr and now have gone and made a RL page over on Facebook. So if you want we can be friends over there... talk about the weather, what we're doing or not doing, and take dumb quizzes. Have I really built this up to sound great or what. Sure, of course, so now you can go here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

weekly prescription

Hard to believe that summer is halfway over. I would say it's all downhill from here, but the newness (and therefore joy) of swimming days and sultry nights is over and the death heat (or in the case of Texas, the SUPER death heat) is now upon us which makes the next month and a half seem extra long. It's time for some activities to distract from the dark side of the season. Jon Stewart is a great way to kick things off with his book Naked Pictures of Famous People. Then get goofy with a silly movie, dance, have some free sugar, and take in some art.

Read -- [ Naked Pictures of Famous People ]
Watch -- [ Wet Hot American Summer ]
Listen -- [ Animal Collective - Last.FM ]
Do -- [ Baskin Robbins - Do Something ]
Austin Event -- [ Diverse Arts Gallery ]

how hot is it?

Two things: 1) John showed me this a ways back (thanks for adding some wonderfulness to my world!) and I have meant to post for a while. You may or may not have seen it already, but now seems like a good time to (re)introduce 2) I censor the web page reluctantly. Duh, you can probably make out what it says anyway, but every now I have these fears that I'm going to offend someone against their will. I should get over it because there are no children that read this and I'm sure every adult that feels like visiting my blog has heard the f bomb more than once.

With that speech over with I ask you to now see how f'ing hot it really is. Go here.

need to want less: illusion

I am made of silly, cynical and a black hole of debt.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

r.i.p. kodachrome

Time can heal all, but time as we know also has a cruel downside, eroding, erasing, and evolving matter into extinction. This is a fact that I have not completely come to terms with; however as I age it will become harder to avoid.

Recently it was announced that Kodachrome, the brilliant film famous for rich colors and its durability (... and that Paul Simon song), is being discontinued. This can be added to a growing list of formats that can't seem to find a place in the ever growing digital world. Part of me understands, but the part that hates to say good-bye is saddened that one more piece of history is being relegated to the "obsolete" graveyard.

Image Credit [ Albert Tanquero ]

need to want less: destination

Oh money, why do you have to exist to make things more fun? And jobs, why are you so elusive? I get by but it would be nice to have less worry and more travel.

kitsune noir: miles gould

Kisune Noir has had a desktop wallpaper project going on for some time now. Artists create an image that is free to download and then featured on Bobby Solomon's website. Free things are always good, but great when it's something you really want. For some reason I find this offering by Miles Gould especially fantastic. It's so weird.

my ranch-ish

I have decided that if I had a cattle ranch this sign would be perfect for me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my name is earl

This is Earl. He's my boyfriend's cat. We have a love/hate relationship. He loves me when he feels like it and hates me when he feels like it. It's all very unpredictable. I have the scars to prove it. But I mostly kid here. I think we are truly friends.

yes please

This photograph is part of the Press Photographer's Year awards exhibit which will be displayed in London.

FYI: Before I die I must hug a baby elephant. Although that could result in a massive adorable overload and bust my heart. I am willing to take the risk.

Photo Credit [ Rosie Hallam ]

need to want less: embarrassment

Friday, July 10, 2009

weekly prescription

This week you can do some semi-do gooder things... smalls ways to try to give a damn, do a damn, hear something new, learn something new, and throw in an almost eco-friendly project. Be smarter and better-ish.

Read -- [ Good Magazine ]
Watch -- [ The Lazy Environmentalist ]
Listen -- [ KEXP -- PORTLAND ]
Do -- [ Design Public ]
Austin Event -- [ Rare Austin ]

Thursday, July 9, 2009

romka magazine

Thanks Joscha Bruckert for including one of my photos in the latest issue of Romka magazine! I think it's a great idea for a publication, photos that are personal favorites rather than an image that is considered to represent the best of your work, and I'm glad to be a part of the project.

While checking out Joscha Bruckert's work don't forget to also see his new book that is available for sale here. He's a really talented photographer.

Image credit for magazine cover is Katherine Squier.

the world according to godly signs

Steve and Pam Paulson's book Church Signs Across America has been around for a little while but it is new to me. The idea isn't altogether new either... taking pictures of funny/clever/meaningful and even mean church signs, but it doesn't gets old to me. It's one of those things that will probably never go away and will probably never cease to amaze; they always get my attention anyway, and I'm not really a church goer. I only wish there had been more Texas entries included here because I know there is no shortage every time I go for a drive.

art good enough to eat

It merely looking at art has become too boring for you I have good news... now you can also eat it. Check out the screenprinted AND edible designs of Sawa Tanaka.

1 minute photoshop: birthday

Let me just say that I'm glad this holiday week (yes, week... birthdays, weddings, the fourth) is over. I do just fine making an ass out of myself without the aid of shots.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mankind mag: the lazy issue

I'm excited and honored to be in the July issue of Mankind Mag. The theme is laziness, a subject near and dear to my heart of course. You can read my interview and see tons and tons of real/better artists for the low, low price tag of $1.99. Download by going to Design for Mankind's website (which is great by the way) here.

Friday, July 3, 2009

weekly prescription

To me this is the recipe for a great weekend. Throw in some swimming and BBQ and go.

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Austin Event -- [ ]

happy birthday seana!

Happy Birthday Seana! May it be the best one ever. And thanks for always being there for me (good times and bad).

Don't hate me for posting this photo.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have apparently been looking for a job and home decor in the wrong place. Khraigslist is where it's really at. I also now know where to get a time machine, how to bring a rabbit back to life, and find a guy to blow up a car. Yes. Yes. And yes. My birthday present came late.

all humans all ways

I do enjoy a good chart. Thanks for breaking it all down for me and making my organizing heart grow three times bigger.