Friday, July 24, 2009

awful library books

My eyes are about to explode from all the amazing joy they're taking in. Awful Library Books is my new favorite website, which I probably say about a lot of websites, but seriously this collection of crappy unintentionally funny books takes the cake. And I'm not the only one that thinks so. Just check out their Facebook group or their Twitter.

P.S. I really could have used that pantyhose crafting book when I was kid. I went through a tragic experimenting period trying to make dolls. They ended up looking like deformed potatoes.

[ Link via Urlesque ]


Nicole said...

oh man, these are great, especially diy coffins

erin said...

yeah makes for an interesting weekend project... a morbid and bizarre one, but interesting.

Hayley said...

wow, those titles just got funnier and funnier as i kept reading... hhahaha

erin said...

i know! fantastic website. i can't wait to see what they post next.