Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new in the shop (sort of)

Well this isn't exactly new but the way these prints can be purchased is. Maybe it's the lazy in me, but instead of continually putting up individual prints, guessing what someone might want, keeping up with what I have on hand, I've decided to create an option to simply pick out what you want. Posters generally only take a day to get printed so they can still ship quickly. There are 28 to choose from, and can be bought as 10x10 for $25 or 5x5 for $7. And if there is a another design or size I can accommodate that as well. Available here.

uppercase magazine: last call for matchbook submissions

Today is Uppercase Magazine's deadline for "Inspired by vintage matchbox labels". I just love these old images and could play around with this idea all day. Of course I waited until almost the last minute though so only finished one, which is above. For inspiration check out this Flickr set which has over 1,000 examples of awesomely simple and colorful mini works of art.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

gobble gobble

Recovering Lazyholic is often a place for some "woe is me" silly angst but I'm going to take today to be a little cheesy and a lot sincere when I say that aside from the things I find to bitch about I'm truly thankful and happy to have the things I have. I'm also apparently thankful for run-on sentences.

I'm so very glad and feel blessed to have the friendships and loved ones that are in my life. And even if I can't eat well all the time, I eat. And I have a roof over my head. Can't ask for much more.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday today, is warm, safe, healthy and with someone you love. Eat some food, and get lazy too if you can.

P.S. the above image is by Craig Clark as part of R29's 3rd annual "By a Show of Hands" hand turkey extravaganza.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 minute photoshop: overemployment


Hello again! Remember me? I'm not even quite sure how much time has passed but it's been a while. I've become pretty good at this M.I.A. thing. Let me explain...

About a month or so ago I got a 2nd job. YES! As many are aware, since I'm so prone to bitching and complaining about money woes, I have been quite underemployed for some time. That's better than unemployment of course, but scraping by, having your utilities routinely turned off, and living off of pizza scraps gets a little old. So I was in luck when I scored an additional job. This means however that I work 7 days a week and at varying hours of the day.

Just as my number 2 job came along I also had an opportunity to move in with my boyfriend. So in my free time I packed, and packed, and packed, and then moved, and... well, you get the idea. I have a lot of stuff which amassed in a house that was bigger than I needed, allowing for even more stuff. The whole process was slow, and is even still a little underway. I have no plans to ever move again, so even if this house is sold down the line I hope the new owners like dachshunds and a girl with a room full of kitschy crap because I'm staying.

Now here I am, I think finally getting a handle on balancing it all, sort of. I stand by the sentiment that there simply isn't enough time in the day. I guess all I can do is try, and in the process squeeze in a little fun and relationship time.