Monday, October 5, 2009

the birth of the crayon

Does everyone remember this clip? It was one of my favorites (although I'm not sure if it was from Mr. Rogers or Sesame St.). I think I thought this is where all the Grandma's work... with a quite groovy soundtrack.

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ryan said...

that was so my favorite clip when i was a kid. it's so weird how it can take you right back. i think it was from mr. rogers, but i'm not sure. i thought it would be the coolest place to work!

Rocks In My Socks said...

Also one of my favorite clips. It's from Sesame Street. I always wished I could see where orange crayons came from in real life.

darcy; said...

remember it & love it. it's too mesmerizing, just like the opening credits of willy wonka & the chocolate factory.