Thursday, October 1, 2009

uppercase issue #3

I am so, so excited to be a part of Uppercase Issue #3. I have been/am a long time fan of their website (and shop/publications). For their most recent magazine they asked for submissions for a "Cover Me" project. Folks recreated an album cover in hopes of getting it published.

I did Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's "Now I Got Worry", mainly because it's a phrase that lives on repeat in my mind and at the same time (conveniently, and secondly) is a terrific record.

You can view a lo-res on-line version of the issue here but really you should lay down the cash for a copy you can spend some time seriously perusing. By the looks of things Issue #3 is, not surprisingly, full of great content.


SKH said...

How can we see your piece?

SKH said...

So yours got a half page . . . cool! (I can't read what it says about the cover, though.)

Anonymous said...

My papa ordered me a subscription for an early Christmas present -- I cannot freakin' WAIT to get it in the mail! And to see your album cover!!!!!!