Monday, October 12, 2009

salva lópez

Spanish photographer Salva López lives on a perfect pedestal in my mind. And because perfection is hard to narrow down to just a few examples I found it quite difficult to choose only a handful of images for this post. Each of his photos seems to be about one thing, honing in on a central subject that is simply and softly presented, however the whole composition never suffers. Whether it is a portrait, a forgotten landmark, or a common fixture, they all shine when captured with his lens. One of my favorite series is "Roig 26". To top everything off he is also a skilled illustrator. My envy is very visibly showing.

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ryan said...

i just want to say that this collection of posts were amazing! (i get the emailed version so it reads as one). i have this ongoing inside joke with "charlie", i'm a sushi fanatic, and i have a tattoo in Portuguese, so i'm familiar with "falta". also, i'm a photographer, so thanks for posting Lopez's work, it's breathtaking.