Wednesday, June 4, 2008

status report

I reek of cleaning agents, I am covered in a layer of sweat, and my house smells like a laundromat. I have literally spent all day trying to make my home less gross. It's funny how your house can still fall apart when you don't have a job. Should I even admit that?

I am exhausted, but treating myself to a well deserved Lone Star. So much more gratifying when you really work for it. Somehow in all of this I have also managed to tucker my dogs out, which is a bonus (no late night play time means sound sleep for me). I guess all of that following me around really drains a pooch.

P.S. If anyone is wondering, "Level 1" is on par with "Defcon 5"... in other words it's a good thing... although I suppose I set it up to be a bit confusing didn't I. Whatever, I got tired of thinking about it, so "Level 1" = "recovering lazy" and "Level 5" = "fallen on the bed". I have a feeling I'm the only one really paying attention...

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