Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lost tonight

Oh Lost, you break my head a little more with each passing episode, and as much as I used to pine for you my feelings have changed a bit. All that said I still can't wait for tonight's season finale. No matter how confusing you are you're still a great diversion in a somewhat otherwise dismal T.V. landscape (30 Rock I'm NOT talking about you).

By the way isn't this poster terrific?! I'm not sure who made it... I can only trace it back to this Tumblr.

UPDATE: Maybe this person made it?


Joshua said...

I think Jack is Jacob......think about that.

jen jafarzadeh said...

last night was ridiculous! I think the writers must be masochists. now another 8 months wait.

erin said...

yeah that is the cruelest part of it all. good or bad episode you still have to wait almost a year to see what comes next. last night was great though!