Monday, May 25, 2009

more wiener time

Yes, I know I have a problem. I also know that all of this dachshund stuff appeals to almost no-one that is reading this right now. So thanks for allowing me to get this out of my system. Again.

German postcards

Dachshund pillow

Dachshund purse

I wonder if these dogs know these dogs

Dachshund ear buds


Elizabeth said...

you know I love it.

♡/ and other Accidents said...

HAHAHA the picture of all the dogs with the head pieces made my day - i laughed out loud when i saw it.

ps. thank you for your blog - it gets me off my A$$.


erin said...

elizabeth -- i DO and i am glad there is one person out there that loves all things dachshund like me.

love and accidents -- yeah those bonnet dogs are pretty hilarious. not sure if you followed the link underneath, but the dachshunds with sunglasses are pretty ridiculous too.

p.s. i'm glad you like the blog and that it gets you off your ass. ironically i am ON my ass when i write it so the only thing not lazy are my fingers. oh well. as long as someone is benefiting from it that is good.

Moira said...

I just discovered your fantastic blog through a friend. As a Doxie owner, I think there is never too much Weiner Time. I get it!

I posted the vintage postcard on my blog today and linked back to you.

Do a search for "Dachshund" on my blog at your will find lots and lots of Doxie art.

Best - Moira, Dog Art Today

erin said...

moira -- thanks! i checked out your blog and there is indeed some great doxie stuff there. thanks for telling me about your blog! and thanks for the link love.

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