Thursday, December 4, 2008

this is terrible

It has sadly been about a week or so since I've gone to the gym. For some reason my body is making up for it by eating more. Makes sense. Hurray for fast tracking self-loathing! But I think I might have unearthed the motivation I need to get in gear, and frankly I probably don't even need to leave my house... not with The Silver Foxes and King Exercise, Richard Simmons, in my corner.

This terrific slice of workout inspiration was found on Everything is Terrible, which by the way for the last few weeks has been one of my absolute favorite sites to get lost in the most ridiculous examples of video/t.v./film/what-the-hell crap I have ever laid my eyes and ears on.

As an aside, what gives with SAL Pacino naming his kid AL. Really exploring the options eh.


will said...

thank you erin for showing me the glory of this site.

Joshua said...

Are they on the Titanic?