Friday, June 15, 2007

p.e. a. t.

I am 31 and haven't been in school in ages, so why do I still sometimes feel guilty or like I'm up to no good when I go out on a weeknight? Well, fortunately those silly thoughts quickly pass, partially aided by a Lone Star tallboy and the event de jour. Inevitably I have a great time and praise the freedoms of being an adult. Last night at The Mohawk is a prime example. It was AMAZING.

Party Ends sponsored one hell of a show. Two highlights... Astronautalis and Til We’re Blue or Destroy. The former is a one man rap monster truck. He plowed me over with his ability to make music out of simple solicited suggestions from the crowd. Add five shout-out words from the crowd, some beats, you get magic. I am awed by anyone that can make lemonade out of lemons, and on the fly. He also apparently watches a lot of Battlestar Galactica on YouTube, lives with his mom, and has hypnotizing neck... all OK in my book. I will follow you wherever you go (and, no, not in that creepy way).

The latter are just plain cute and fun. This was my second time to see them and was reminded why I loved them so much the first time. These guys filled the room (literally and figuratively). Layered vocals, multiple keyboards, double drums, plus a trumpet, tambourine, guitars, and more, they match their wall (think waves not bricks) of sound with boundless energy. A particular favorite song is "Crazy Tigers".

Music like this makes me happy. Thanks Party Ends for getting me out on a "school night", not that my arm ever has to twisted too hard for the right cause. More photos of the evening can be seen here if you so desire.

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