Monday, May 28, 2007

puppet de sock

Not a good looking fella (except of course the snazzy moustache). This is Victor the sock puppet. I love sock puppets. I love puppets in general (for some strange reason... parents, any help here?), but sock puppets I especially like. They're traditionally a little sad looking (in styling and materials) but they're also like the little engine that could, not realizing they're kind of ugly and quirky; they try to play just as hard. I'm being a bit liberal in my personification of a sock with eyes, but beyond the easy d.i.y. factor they represent to me making the best out of what you've got. Sock puppets are repurposed lost singles (unless you want to split a pair up for the sole reason to make a puppet) that go on to have a creative new lease on life. So simple toy, 10 minute project, or mascot... it's all great.

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