Sunday, August 12, 2007

beauty shopping

Not sure why, but I get a complete kick out of beauty shops... the signs, the names, the look, that is, not necessarily going inside of them. I like the old ones that never seemed to catch up with the times... places that look like old ladies still go there to get their hair set. More so I enjoy a good salon name. Don't think upscale, think bad puns. I want to put together a series of the best ones out there and started randomly driving around today to find them. So far I haven't come out with a lot, but it's just a matter of time.

Can you think of any? Let me know and I'm there.

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pakistanigrandma said...

i wish i had enough hair on my face (read: was a man), so that i could actually fully utilize a barber shop. oh well, such is the life of a prepubescent young adult.

there IS one in the crestview shopping center.