Monday, May 24, 2010

the more things change the more they stay the same

This is from a notebook I kept in junior high and is evidence of:

A) More stuff I do not throw away
B) A history of list making
C) An obsession with things I shouldn't be obsessed with
D) Laughable commitment problems
E) All of the above

One guess. I make myself laugh. Especially teenage me.

1 comment:

Alison said...

wow. are you me? I not only make a large amount of sad-sack lists like this, which are clearly of no value to begin with because they fail so hard, but I also tend to file them away for later use, as if keeping the evidence of failure will outweigh failure itself? or maybe I am subconsciously punishing myself for my laziness by building an arsenal of meaningless crap in which I will one day drown, a la lonely cat ladies the world over?

only time will tell. in the mean time, I am procrastinating by reading your blog. it is very enjoyable!