Saturday, August 14, 2010

website update: need to want


Just as I come back I will be going away. And by go away, I mean travel. For a few days the boyfriend and I will be in San Francisco. The timing couldn't be more perfect as Texas has finally realized it has some 100 degree weather catching up to do. So my snail-like web updating will have to come to a complete halt. In the mean time I figured I'd share one of the re-done pages. No new material really to speak of, just the same old, tired Need to Want series, which has come to the end of its road. Hope it's a better way to navigate when folks take a look-see.


GO said...

Ha, your stuff makes me laugh.

'The same old tired Need To Want'. Just seen it for the first time, (via Treehugger) it's amazing. The font's lush too. Trade gothic?

Check out some stuff by my friend Jon: similar vibe to you, I feel.

BTW the links on your website are bust.



erin said...

Thanks Tom! Will definitely check out your friend's work. The font is bebas. Oh and the website is in transition so I have disabled some of the links until I'm done tweaking.