Tuesday, May 31, 2011

welcome summer

Technically it may not be Summer yet, but Memorial Day has just passed so I say it's close enough. The air smells like BBQ, the heat is edging toward the oppressive triple digits, and I have two swimsuits I'm mulling over in a virtual shopping bag. It's hot and this means I have popsicles on the brain. I have an internal clock that seems to strike at various times of the year, creating romanticized images of activities that I have an overwhelming desire to incorporate into my day. Right on time, I'm gearing up for my multiple viewings of Jaws and am ready to eat sweet treats while wearing my cut offs. Welcome Summer! It will probably be a short-lived joyous affair but I bet we'll squeeze in some fun before saying adieu.

Most expensive popsicle
Scratch and sniff sticker - Garfield & popsicle
Tangerine Lemon Basil popsicle recipe
Jan & Dean "Popsicle"
Favorite popsicle photo

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