Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1 minute photoshop: determination


Seriously, some days it almost feels possible to get everything done. But then I need a good nap or extended sleep and everything gets derailed. How do people sustain constant doing? I'm going to keep trying to figure it out and if I discover the magic key to daily list domination I'll share my secret.


Rachel said...

I've been working with a life coach and she has encouraged me to get on a schedule where I am working and productive every other day, allowing for the distraction and fun on the alternating day. That way, after an intense day spent catching up with email and business stuff, I can go run errands, meet with friends, and veg with netflix the next. It's been a nice balance, and I am more productive in the end because the following day I am able to be productive again. You should try it!

JML said...

Some say it's just a matter of optimizing thyroid and adrenal health. In other words, relaxing. How often do you have cold hands?