Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thankgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it's a great day, which starts with loved ones and ends with a belly full of food.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

need to want less


Cheese and I go way back, and have had a long, though not always kind, love affair with each other. It is sometimes cruel to me (hello, stomach upset), and I sometimes treat it poorly (hello, processed cheese product). Lately I have been trying to upgrade my tastes and delve deeper into the world of artisan cheese. I thought to myself... if I enjoy something so much why not learn the most I can about it. So I've gone to an Antonelli's (aka paradise) cheese class and some beer/cheese pairings, and even picked up one of these Scout journals.

My aim is not to elevate my knowledge so that I can pass judgement on your Kraft cravings, because lord knows learning about the finer things doesn't mean I will shun the grosser things. And because my addiction runs so deep I find myself not eating better (i.e. good shit in moderation), but more. My passion has taken a visible form which is my pooch. Please, if you happen to see me shoving another cheesy delight down my gullet, I give free reign to knock it out of my hand or give me a scornful stare.

wiener wednesday

By Lillian Bassman

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

good medicine: the incredible shrinking woman

I feel like lately I've been writing a lot about my childhood obsessions. Well here's one more. When I was a kid I LOVED the 1982 movie The Incredible Shrinking Woman -- a zany tale, staring Lily Tomlin, about the perils of consumerism (or how Galaxy Glue will make you shrink). Over the years I've searched high and low for a DVD copy. Recently I was thrilled to find it on instant streaming on Netflix. I can't say that it's completely held up over time, but it's still a fun film with a kooky color palette; the cast appears to be dipped in an array of candy coated brights and pastels. One favorite is the mint green suit that Charles Grodin wears.

I almost wonder if Tim Burton was semi-inspired by the set design and costumes. Look through some of these screen shots and ask yourself if there's not a similarity to Edward Scissorhands.

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good medicine: seinfeld in color

Yes! I want more!

good medicine: twisted

Maybe it's because I just watched Inception again, but this series "Twisted" by Nicholas Sitton reminds me a lot of that topsy turvy dream world. See more of the set here.

weekly prescription

  • I have fond memories of watching 60 Minutes as a child with my parents. Maybe that's odd... I don't know. One segment I could always rely on enjoying was Andy Rooney's closing. Salty and big-browed, I was transfixed not so much by his image, but his insightful reflections on the everyday. He seemed simultaneously bothered by and beholden to the world around him. He's someone I wanted to know, but would be too afraid to talk to. I think his passing is a very unfortunate for us all. 
  • Another childhood love was Woody Allen. I'm creating a detailed map of my upbringing aren't I. Aside from his tabloid dramas and possible strange personal life his movies and books are some of my favorite things. I'm really looking forward to the PBS documentary about him.
  • Glee clubs... not so much. Glee clubs singing punk covers...  yes, please. A standout track is Dead Kennedys' "California". 
  • 52x52 is a wonderful project developed by artist Jessica Hische. The object is recruit folks to commit to donating $52 every week for 52 weeks to charity (a suggested charity, or one of your choice). The really great part is that you can also choose your own dollar amount if $52 is a bit too steep (which it probably is for quite a few/most people). Giving to others really couldn't be much easier. 
  • If E.A.S.T. Austin Studio Tour is something up your alley then you've probably already heard about it. So consider this a reminder, not a revelation. 

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

lazy sunday

I see lounging and HBO in my future, and that's about it. Oh happy Sunday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

film friday: numbers game

Today is 11/11/11. Some of you may consider this just another day, while others think evil has knocked on the calendar. More likely you are peeing in your pants waiting for luck to rain down. I'm not going to lie -- I probably fit into the latter. Yep, I still make wishes when the clock reads 11:11, and I love any excuse to buy into superstitious nonsense.

Hollywood finally got the brilliant idea to capitalize on people's fascination with just a few little numbers by making a movie centering on the phenomena. It's come out today and I'm pretty sure it will be pure garbage. Here's a few other films, that vary thematically, but share the distinction of being numerically titled, and are almost all crap. Note: 10 is the good kind of crap, you know, if you're into Dudley Moore and cornrows (and who's not).


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

good medicine: aled lewis

I hate using the word "cute", but this series by Aled Lewis is just that. But also funny, and clever, so that balances out the super saccharine side of things.

You can check out more his work here, as well as buy prints here. More images after the jump.

good medicine: missy prince

This feels like the millionth post I've done on Missy Prince, but come on, this photo is awesome (as they always are). Her photos never let me down. You can view her Flickr stream here. She also now as a shop featuring tons of wonderful original prints. Go gobble some up, and while you're there feel free to grab one for me too... you know, in case you're feeling strangely generous.

good medicine: 2001 lobby cards

There's no denying the gorgeous cinematography and imagery in the classic 1968 Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Most of the movie's stills could easily work as brilliantly composed and beautiful photos on their own. I recently found these lobby cards, that transform the stylistically streamlined future to a decidedly rosier vision with its water color hues. I like it.

More after the jump, as well as a fuller collection here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1 minute photoshop: determination


Seriously, some days it almost feels possible to get everything done. But then I need a good nap or extended sleep and everything gets derailed. How do people sustain constant doing? I'm going to keep trying to figure it out and if I discover the magic key to daily list domination I'll share my secret.

weekly prescription

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