Wednesday, March 28, 2007

tender mind + HBO = fond memories of crap

In writing this I realize I am joining the ranks of almost 99% of the female population my age. There is nothing remarkable or unique in proclaiming my love for certain things 80's. This little nostalgic exercise is not intended however to sing hallelujah to God for making "the Corey's" or get giddy all over again about dreamy 'ole James Spader (yes... long ago he wasn't too shabby).

I stumbled across an old movie title when looking for something today. In doing so I opened an old mental box of dusty early 80's gems. No-one around me recognized most of the titles that I excitedly rattled off... "ooh, ooh, and remember this?". So my purpose in writing is two-fold. One, to get the celluloid daydreaming over with without losing any friends as I go full speed down memory lane. Two, just to openly touch upon the fact that I have seen so many bad movies, and more notably that most were viewed when I was 9 or 10 years old.

The movies listed here are really not very good and they aren't even my favorites. For some reason though they make me smile and also wonder what the heck my parents were thinking. Maybe THIS is why I like TV so much... because I got to watch some twisted crap when I was just a wee thing. Hey, I think it all worked ok, but really.. . "Hot Dog: The Movie", which easily could have been called "Sex and Some Skiing"... that had to do SOME sort of damage. Ah, who knows. On a little black and white TV in 1985 that was about as good as it gets.