Friday, May 16, 2008

the day

Today was a pretty awesome day. I didn't solve life's mysteries or win the lottery, but sometimes all it takes is a good lunch, a walk on a nice day, and some choice purchases. All of the above comprised my day. I did step into the danger zone a bit however; that being Waterloo Records, Precision Camera, and Room Service, places that cater to three of my favorite things.

I was a pretty good girl I am proud to say, considering the potential risk to my funds. What I am most gleeful about: a Cut Copy cd (because I didn't think I'd like it and to the contrary), a new lens (thanks for the replacement Adam!), Spanish flash cards, and the ultimate... the book The Complete Book of Absolutely Perfect Housekeeping (circa 1956). Chapters include: "Pros and Cons of Vacuum Cleaning", "How to Choose a Husband", "Triumph Over Beds", "Repairs Even You Can Do", and my favorite "Plain Facts About Bureau Drawers". Educational and empowering. So much to learn!

So successful day, and it's not even over. Proudest moment so far... using all my might I kept myself from buying a vintage teal butt roller machine. It was truly a wonder to behold. Oh well.

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johng said...

i saw the teal butt roller today. amazing. i had problems not buying all of those cool ass projectors!