Saturday, May 17, 2008

color flip much better than mister nice hands

I originally stumbled upon this via Bobby Solomon's Kitsune Noir blog. Designer Rafaël Rozendaal creates interactive computer art. Although pretty simplistic, I'm drawn to the color and sort of nonsense of it all. Each project has its own dedicated site which you can navigate to from the directory on the RR home page. One, "Color Flip", is just that... "grab" the corner and the page turns, exposing a new color combo (sound of page turning included).

I'm also a fan of "Much Better Than This", which is two silhouettes (think Electric Company) kissing. When they kiss it's time for a color change. "Mister Nice Hands" is a favorite. Again pretty no frills... touch the fingers with your cursor and one of the hands pulls the other hand's finger. Yep. Maybe this speaks to my inner 5 year old. Whatever the case (or inner/outer age)or however telling, I like it.

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