Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tomorrow is the big 'ole start of SXSW here in Austin, and also marks my first time in being a volunteer. I'm taking photos of... what I'm not sure yet. SX is traditionally a hectic time here in town and I usually do my best to avoid the craziness (and go to the free stuff). So this will be a new thing and frankly I couldn't be more nervous. Naturally I made myself a little checklist and hopefully that will help prepare me for the next week. All I want is to do a good job and not submit blurry photos. I'll see what I can do. Maybe somewhere in there I'll manage to check off "have fun".


Fern said...

Oh cool!
I waited too late to get a photo volunteer pass. Technically, you get to go to the badge/wristband only shows with your pass, right? Do you have a lot of shifts? I'm relieved the weather is going to turn gorgeous (crossed fingers).
I am also very much looking forward to the week and hope I don't get a flat riding around (crossed fingers again).

erin said...

i get a platinum pass with it, so that's pretty cool. not sure yet how much time i will have to actually use it though, but i'm sure i'll squeeze some fun in. sunday is my only day off.

here's to beautiful weather and no flat tires for sure!